I really think now’s a pretty good time to get to grips with zenith bank account opening online.

If you like Zenith Bank services, or just think they’re the lesser evil of the banks we have here in Nigeria, you might want to open a bank account with them.

how to open bank account on phone

Afterall, Zenith Bank is not a bank to scoff at. It is one of the leading banks in the African region, and it is steadily growing.

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to open various kinds of accounts with Zenith Bank.

Zenith Savings Accounthow to open a student bank account in nigeria

To open a Savings account with Zenith Bank you’ll need to fill out an account opening form.

That has to be accompanied with passport-sized photographs (two of them), National ID or other valid means of identification, and any other document they would tell you of.

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If you’re hoping to deposit checks in the savings account in the future, then you’d need to bring along two referees.

Zenith Bank Account Opening Online: Open Zenith Bank Account Yourself

Zenith Current Account – zenith bank account requirements

If it’s a current account you’re hoping to open with Zenith Bank, just get ready the passport-sized photographs, as well as a valid means of identification and references from two independent people.

Zenith Diaspora Account

Are you based abroad, and would really like a Zenith Account? Well, you can get a Diaspora account. – zenith bank savings account limit

To open a diaspora account with Zenith bank, you’d need to fill out and sign an application form.

That has to go with your most current passport photograph, as well as your international passport, proof of residency (something like the copy of your visa) and your physical address.

Zenith Corporate Current Account

If that’s the kind of account you wish to open, the requirements include filling out and signing the account opening form, – zenith bank student account limit

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And bring along the certificate of incorporation for the business and other documents related to the business.

Other than that, you’d the identification and documentation of two members of the business’ directors.

Zenith Enterprise Accounthow to change my zenith bank alert number online

Let’s say you’re a sole proprietor or a partner in a business, you’d need an enterprise account.

To open an enterprise account with Zenith Bank, all you need is to submit a certified copy of the Application for registration (if you’re a sole proprietor) or a signed partnership agreement (if it’s a partnership business).

Conclusion on Zenith bank account opening online.

Opening an account with Zenith Bank is quite easy, no matter which accounts you wish to manage.

Other than the account types I’ve talked about above, there are many others; like the children’s account, the estate account, and many more.

In short, whatever account you wish to manage, you can easily open one in Zenith Bank.

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