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I think things need to be cleared up on whether Upwork is a legit or scam place to be as a freelancer.

Lots of people would like to know if Upwork is a reliable and sure freelance marketplace.

Now, this isn’t just for the freelancers looking to work on Upwork, but also customers who are looking to pay for services on the platform.

Let’s get right into it, and prove the legitimacy of Upwork.

Background Check

We should start from the very beginning of Upwork; and of course, when we do that, we find a bit of history.

Upwork Global Inc. started out in 2015, as a rebrand of Elance-oDesk. It is a registered American company, with its headquarters located at California.

Before that, Elance-oDesk operated as far back as 1999, so technically, Upwork is one of the oldest freelance companies in the world.

You can’t call a company with such rich pedigree a fluke, because they aren’t; Upwork has been in the game for long, and quite a legit freelance marketplace.

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Numbers don’t lie

When we also consider the numbers Upwork deal in, you’d realise they are one heck of a legit company.

More than 17 million registered users on the freelance marketplace, and over 10,000 applications from freelancers every single day.

How Upwork works – If It is a Upwork Legit or Scam

The process of getting unto Upwork is also so organised, you immediately get the feeling that they’re different from your run-of-the-mill freelance marketplace.

If you’re a freelancer, you’re required to create a freelancer account on Upwork.

After that, you build your profile on the account, uploading a full portfolio of the projects and tasks you’ve previously been involved in.

You basically have to make your profile look like a real-life Résumé.

Then you apply for approval. Approval on Upwork grants you the opportunity to apply for jobs.

Once your account has been approved, you’ve become a bonafide Upwork freelancer and can begin rendering services based in your skillset.

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Services such as Web Development, Content Writing, Translation and so on, can be offered on Upwork.

For Clients looking to hire freelancers, you’ve got the option to register as an Upwork Regular, Upwork pro, or Upwork Enterprise.

The level of features and access increases from Upwork regular to Upwork Enterprise.

After choosing the account you want, you simply fund it and carry on with posting jobs and hiring freelancers.

Conclusion on if Upwork Legit or Scam Freelance Marketplace

All the listed reasons are enough to prove that Upwork is a pretty sure freelance marketplace.

However, no freelance marketplace is perfect, and Upwork isn’t either.

Due to the huge number of applicants they have to deal with everyday, it’s hard for Upwork to get everyone in at the same time.

This then means that only the best sets of skills, and the most demanded skills get to be picked.

So, there’s the chance that you might not get approved on Upwork, because your skillset isn’t in demand, or there are more qualified applicants.

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Do read up on How to get your Upwork Profile approved, it would help you through the application stage.

In all, Upwork is a really good freelance marketplace for you, and despite the fact that it might be a bit harder to get approved, it is still one of the surest and most reliable freelance marketplace for both buyers and service providers.



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