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During this lockdown (and going forward), you need to have the knowledge on how to transfer money from your FCMB account to other banks, so that the frequency at which you have to go the bank (or the ATM at that) is drastically reduced.

I believe the majority of people now realise that you actually don’t need to physically in the banking hall of your bank, to make a transfer transaction from one bank to another.

That, and more, can be done from a mobile app, or USSD.

The convenience is very profound, and you could save a lot of time just using these mediums;

especially in times like this when gatherings in banks is discouraged.

Also, if you reside in area where the nearest FCMB branch is far, the mobile app or the USSD code is a godsend;

same for people in suburban and village areas.

Now the case to be made here, is how to use these mediums, and that is why this kind of post exists.

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FCMB now has direct mobile transfer support; which means you can now transfer money from your FCMB account to other banks from any device you have.

All you need is the USSD code, and even that works on all the major network providers.

Now, the USSD code; it is simply *329#. To use it you just need the use the string *329*Amount*Account Number#; this initiates the transfer transaction process.

The coolest thing about the USSD code is that it doesn’t require the internet – perfect for places with poor cellular connectivity

FCMB Mobile App

As you can see, the above option is quite easy, but if you still want something else, the FCMB mobile app exists.

All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or the Play Store,

open it up, register and start using.

It doesn’t require that you type out a string of codes,

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you simply tap your way through everything as you make the transfer of funds from your bank to another; Easy-Peasy!


It’s honestly old school to travel to your FCMB bank branch all in the bid to make transfers from your FCMB account to other banks;

with the USSD code, and mobile app options,

literally anybody (including those in villages and countryside) can learn how to transfer money from FCMB to other banks, and actually use it.


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