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I believe you must have been hearing it’s possible to transfer airtime to bank account for real.

Even if you haven’t, I’m very sure you must have wondered at some point in time if that’s even possible.

Well, transfer airtime to bank account is quite possible, and useful too.

Maybe you have excess airtime which you’d rather not want to waste, or maybe you over-recharged,

Knowing that you can get back the money equivalent o the airtime is quite welcome.

However, the problem is people don’t really know how to go about convert airtime to cash.

Which is why I’m here to show how it’s really done.

If you want to convert your airtime to real money, here’s what you need to know:

Use Zoranga App

Transfer airtime to bank account

The first thing about converting airtime to cash is to download an app that allows you do just that.

One of those apps is Zoranga. It’s a simple easy to use app that is compatible with the 4 major networks.

With Zoranga, you can easily convert airtime from MTN, 9Mobile, Airtel or Glo to real money.

To get started, sign up on Upon completion of the signup, sign-in.

Click on the Make Deposit option when you see it. You should see the Deposit with MTN Share and Sell and Deposit with 9mobile transfer.

Click on either one of them, depending on the corresponding SIMs you’re dealing with.

Enter the mobile number you want to send the airtime from.

You would also be required to another number, to which you would be sending the airtime to.

Input the amount you want to send, and then click on Deposit then Confirm to confirm your transfer.

Now, refresh that page in the next 5 minutes to see if that transaction has been successful.

Once the transfer is done, you’d then start the process of getting the money into your bank account.

Select the Transfer Money option, and then Input your bank details. Then just transfer the money to your bank account.

Conclusion on transfer airtime to bank account

To convert your airtime to cash, you’d need an app to help you do that.

While I have talked about Zoranga, there are tons of airtime apps that are just as good when it comes to converting airtime to money.

Some of them include CheetahPay, Airtime Flip, AimToGet.

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You could try out these apps, and see if which one of them offer you the best value as far as converting airtime to money is concerned.


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