YouTube is good and is fine. YouTube has a large fan base and YouTube is a money-making platform for a lot of people. – youtube alternative 2018

And wonderfully, making money on YouTube is overrated, especially now that it had changed its policies. – youtube alternative

YouTube is a popular video-sharing site for bloggers. But the platform is very competitive these days;

especially if you are new in your niche. For this reason, we have come up with YouTube alternatives to earn you $1000 per month…

Stay with me, I will show you why you need to engage in YouTube Alternatives to make money online.

youtube alternative for kids

There are of course many alternatives to making money online aside YouTube,

I will, however, share knowledge of 7 with us here so that you will understand them and begin to make your cool money without a choked up platform called YouTube.

Viewers only need something to see, as well as game lovers, love to see games and enjoy the thrill of it.

conservative alternative to youtube

I am telling you that there are other platforms already created aside YouTube where you can make your COOL CASH even without stress. Stay with me.

Youtube Alternative

1. Have you heard about Vimeo yet?

alternative to youtube 2019

Vimeo is a classic video sharing website on this earth. It simply outclasses YouTube in every sense.

Vimeo, which is literally the word ‘video’ with ‘me’ was launched in 2004.

Vimeo does not compete with Youtube should in case you ask why should you try Vimeo when YouTube still has the largest fan base.

If you are a film producer and the bad quality some videos on YouTube has displeased you,

I just got a platform for you, where you can discover and share creative works alike with your colleagues.

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youtube alternatives unblocked

However, Vimeo isn’t only for creative film producers, it is for everyone who wants to share their videos which I will regard as a creative one.

Vimeo was created for this purpose.

You only need to explore Vimeo before you can know.  If you are that person that loves to create videos,

it is the platform where you can sell your videos to video producers. This is why this YouTube alternative is also called Vimeo on Demand.

Vimeo is more beautiful because it covers life experiences.

You make videos, creative videos of your life and other peoples’ lives and share it on Vimeo for promotion.

This is how you promote your art. And, you can monetize these videos so as to earn massively.

2. Do you know about FLICKR VIDEO?


I catch your hands down. You know about Flickr before, so you are saying is it not a photo site? Is it not for unprofessional photographers?

Flickr is surprisingly an online platform that allows you to express yourself wildly through photos.

Do you know a picture speaks a lot as photo apps do? A journalist can do this to express himself.

You can, as a common photo lover, can do documentaries with Flickr and EARN! This is called long photos which are about 90 seconds.

youtube alternative free speech

However, if you upload a lot of videos per month although you can only upload 2 as a free user,

you get to make more money by subscribing and thus uploading more to earn more.

With Flickr, you can meet a lot of people planet-wide! who may be interested in hiring you and paying you for promotion of their brands.

When you promote their brand with your short videos, you certainly get paid for it. Flickr is a money-making alternative to YouTube. Try it out.

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3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is that website you’ve been looking for. It is an internet website that is more YouTube-esque.

Dailymotion shares the same type of layout and video categories.

Dailymotion is a French-owned site launched in 2005 with max uploads at 150mb and allows video uploads of about twenty minutes in length.

video websites like youtube

Dailymotion motion is popular in Europe, Asia and Africa as it offers and promotes professional clips featured in columns.

The money you can make via Dailymotion also spam across having a large audience and making of unique videos.

If you are a blogger who takes solace in making videos as some take solace in writing, create unique content and monetize it.

4. Brightcove

youtube alternative

Brightcove is a good place to enjoy and explore the video quality world.

If you want your online content to be accessible to good audiences, you should try Brightcove.

Brightcove allows you, as a YouTube alternative, to make money by making your video seen, however, it goes beyond this.

You can advertise for companies and share advertising revenues with such companies.

If you have a large audience, you can make as much amount of money you make on another video website.

5.  DTube

alternative for youtube

Dtube can simply be described as a decentralised video sharing platform that runs on the Steemit platform.

And, Steemit is a social media platform just like Facebook and Instagram but this works as an affiliate to Steem Blockchain Technology.

Steem is also a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. that means, before you can DTube,

you must have had a Steemit account which will enable you to log into your

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Dtube account using a private posting key that is made available to you when you open a Steemit account.

When you use Steem, users earn Steem Cryptocurrency which can be converted to Bitcoin and then sold,

with the money deposited into your local bank account or any online payment method you provide.

youtube alternative app

With your Steemit account, you can then log in to D.Tube and start uploading your videos.

To earn on Dtube, an ads-free website, you only need to upload original contents.

And you can also earn by upvoting, sharing and commenting on other peoples videos.

As noted above, you will be paid Steem Crypto-currency for every video you upload.  

You get paid on DTube when your videos get upvoted (the more upvote you get will increase your Steem power).

However, earning on Dtube is short term as you can only earn on a video within 7 days.

If you are smart, you will make a lot of money on Dtube even by commenting on other people’s videos in your free time.


BREAK.COM is also a video sharing website like YouTube.

It is a wonderful alternative to YouTube with a fact that if your videos make it to the front page of the website, you get to earn 2000 dollars!

With, you can share high-quality videos, share games and even pictures.

You should realize that money-making platforms are also entertainment and documentation platforms too. pays via PayPal.

7. The last alternative to YouTube that I will suggest to you is MetaCafe

alternative for youtube

Here, this alternative to YouTube will allow you to earn more than you will earn on your YouTube videos.

Where YouTube pays you for 1 dollar on 1000 video views, you’ll get yourself 5 dollars instead.


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