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Let’s get this out the way; this piece would be about teen online business ideas 2020, that’s actually for teenagers.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that teenagers also get an entire post to themselves; the world is progressively changing, and as such, societal structures are experiencing it too.

Gone were the days when the working age was far into the twenties, and when teens only worry about college and schooling.

In fact, ironically, it is the same school that has prompted a lot of teenagers to try to find something doing for themselves; most teens could really do with source of income – however little – while they’re in school.

There are no doubt other reasons for wanting to make money as teenager, but as a young adult, I could confidently tell you how much I craved self-sufficiency as a teen; a whole lot!

The Internet has historically been the “hero with a cape”, coming in to save a lot of people with the convenience and increased efficiency to doing things – especially business –

What does Teen, Business and the Internet have in common? Easy. There are teen online business ideas that can are oh so perfect for… teens!

You (presumably a teenager) can be anywhere – literally anywhere – and have a business on the internet. However, you can’t just dabble into internet business like that (that could leave you frustrated pretty quickly).

Here are some tips – guides, if you will – to help you understand how to go about online businesses as a teen.

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Start Small

While as a teen, we do have lofty dreams and aspirations, reality is always in between (even if reality is what we make it to be).

This means that, at that point in our lives, we want to be accomplished financially as soon as we can, and whatever we plan to do towards that, we want instant gratification more than anything.

When it comes to online business ideas, Instant gratification doesn’t always carry over; people might be telling you how rich they became after a short while on the internet, but there is a lot more they aren’t telling you.

When venturing into online businesses, it is highly recommended that you start out small, and build from there; expectations have to be kept low as well.

This has been tried and true technique that ensures that the results are longer lasting, and less risky; more than half the time, internet moneybags started out small too!

Avoid capital intensive ideas

There are a ton of business ideas out there, it can be hard to choose which one. However, since we are talking about teenagers, we should understand that there are some limitations.

As a teenager, there is a limit to how much resources you have access to financially (unless you are born in rich family, or you’ve got a couple of rich relatives), so it is wise not to venture into an online business idea that would literally swallow your money.

Ideas such as Writing, Dropshipping and Blogging doesn’t require you spend a lot of money to start, and those are the kind of ideas you need. Not only would it free your mind to think about the other aspects of the business, you also get the prospect of a higher profit margin.

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A business idea which requires a lot of money is good, but you have to have that money at hand.

Sell Services More – Best Part of Teen Online Business Ideas

This is one way to make money more conveniently; selling what only you can provide (skills, and services), and you find out that it takes the stress off your hands.

For young teenagers, having to worry about things like supply chains, suppliers and distributors (something peculiar to ecommerce business ideas) can be overwhelming pretty fast, and is best left for when you are a bit older.

For now, you are better off offering services, such as freelancing, as you are only obliged to give what you have; and can readily get even when you are on your own. Working alone also means you don’t have to worry about paying employees and other advance paperwork – I honestly think that can be too much for most teenagers –

Don’t be desperate

Like I have hinted earlier in this article, the need instant gratification from online business ideas is higher for teenagers; since it is business, there’s money to be made, and teenagers (and everybody in general) want a lot of money.

This shouldn’t be the only drive for online business ideas, as it leads to desperation. Online businesses are not get-rich-quick schemes, so it is always advised that you keep expectations minimal when starting out.

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It is perfectly normal to have an online business idea not pick up for months after starting out; it doesn’t mean you are not getting it right (reverse is actually the case), it only means you have to put in the waiting time.

Conclusion on Teen Online Business Ideas Guide

Time are changing, and as a teenager, you might have gotten the memo.

You might want self-sufficiency, a financial foundation and so on; but whatever reasons you want to get into a business, the internet is there to offer some solutions.

Teen online businesses aren’t online businesses specifically for teens,

rather they are normal online businesses that teenagers can easily do.

Which means that you can make your findings on the type of online business you can try based on your niche, and see if any of the guidelines stated above can be applied to it.

If that is so, then you can carry on; it is a good way to start and get yourself familiar with the online business world.

Even if the profits would come eventually, it is not something you should think is “instant”;

there is the place of waiting time, as with every other kinds of business there is.

If it comes down to just one recommendation to teenagers on teen online businesses,

it would be that you should go for business ideas that fully exploits the flexibility that the internet offers you.


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