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When the word Blogging comes into play, the first thing that comes to mind is the picture of a young, bored, enthusiastic writer. – How to start a blog and make money.

who releases his thoughts into words as a means of self expression. Lol, I think I’m doing that right now.

I know you’re also perceiving a picture of a techy nerd who sees blogging as means of exacting his passion.

starting a blog in 2018

blogging tips 2018

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So you’re wondering how that same blogging (which seems to be a cliche in the 21st century) is going to be beneficial to your business.

Are you in the throng of believers that have websites to hold on to and feels blogging is not the way?

Truly, blogging may not be the way, but it’s an additional way.

blogging for beginners

So like I was saying having your website, make it great, design it beautifully, get amazing contents, it’s all good. – how to make money with blog for beginners

Without a blog, you may not be able to get the needed attention on the internet.

Wonder why that happens?, Well you’re just in time for the right information.

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how to start a blog for free

SEO/ Traffic Generation

Search Engine Optimization is a factor that enables your website attain a reasonable amount of Google ranking

and gives it an edge over other businesses when searches go on internet search engines.

SEO helps your business generate traffic, however, this cannot happen without words.

The world is ruled by words, the internet is ruled by words, our businesses can literarily levitate to the next level through words, SEO cannot be achieved without words.

The place of words in your business cannot be overemphasized. Yes, it has an extreme role to play in your business

The projection of your business to the world in the minds of your potential and present customers is a result of the foreplay of words.

Knowing that SEO cannot be achieved without words, and that blogging is an essential composition of articles made up of words

Let’s examine the reasons why you should try blogging today

Blogging as a business, is also a means of recognition

It’s gives your business the opportunity of being ranked as an authority, It doesn’t matter your profit margin,

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As long as the internet is concerned, you’re still an authority.

Blogging is a profitable venture

I’m not telling you this to make you rush at this opportunity. No. Of course blogging is sacrificial and requires daily commitment but it doesn’t end there.

Blogging is very profitable.

By having a blog that ranks, you have the opportunity to get adverts being featured on your blogs, and we all know that adverts cost a lot

Blogging provides that budding email list

There’s a never ending list of email subscribers on your blogs as you make it more relevant to your readers.

Remember Brian Clark’s quote, Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.

You get boost with the new release of contents

Imagine a world where you have a new perspective of contents projected on your business everyday.

This is literarily marketing your business through words everyday. It takes me back to the SEO/ traffic factor,

the more self generated contents you have on your business, the more traffic it generates on the internet.

Keywords gives the edge

The SEO factor is component in this reason SEO enables posts show up when queries are put into search engines

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Essential keywords are relevant for business boost. For someone that sells phones, your blogger should be aware of the product, price, battery and storage quality etc,

but most importantly the name of the product should be a major keyword in the entire post.

While advertising a Samsung product on your blog, the name Samsung needs to come out majorly in your posts. This is due to the fact that Samsung is a keyword.

Whenever, the word Samsung goes into the search box, your website has higher chances on the search list.

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So the next time you think about topping the list, try blogging.

I’m surely not trying to convince you to try blogging, I’m saying take blogging as the next way for your business.

My Advice, get your business a professional website, the world is mobile… your customers are mobile…

isn’t it about time for YOU to go mobile? Get An Exclusive Professional Mobile Responsive Website From My Website Designers.

Kindly drop your comment below for contribution and for the benefit of other readers…

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