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“Am responsible for what I say, but you are responsible for what you understand and how you feel as a result of what I’ve said” is how I choose to begin 7 ways to stay motivated at work when underappreciated because of the importance of our personalities in terms of staying motivated at the workplace.

A coworker once said that to me after I failed to meet a deadline earlier scheduled. In fact, the statement was an eye-opener for me in the sense that, human beings, whether your boss, your colleagues or coworkers will sometimes say unpleasant things to you, things to demotivate you naturally but how you feel (whether motivated or demotivated)  largely depends on the meaning you made out of what they’ve said, and the meaning you make out of what they’ve said depends on your personality.

I believe ways to stay motivated at work when underappreciated is beginning to make more sense

Wish I’ve known these little secrets about self-motivation. Crave I knew ways to stay motivated at work when underappreciated from the onset.

Urge I knew that self-motivation doesn’t just depend on the validation received from other people but the validation you receive from your self.

 If I had known that self-motivation, even when unappreciated, largely depends on me and not others, perhaps I wouldn’t have done some certain things I did in the past. I wouldn’t have to go back home and yell at my wife after a terrible day at work. Poor women, they always take the blame for whatever happens at work.

The reality is that human beings are always dynamic, and this dynamic nature is the reason why you shouldn’t depend on others to stay motivated at work when you feel underappreciated.

Some people are naturally motivated at work even when they feel underappreciated. When they are undergoing difficult times, they still know how to stay motivated at work. “ don’t allow him to get under your skin” is what they constantly tell themselves whenever things don’t go as planned. This largely depends on their personalities and I think it’s the best way to stay motivated at work when you feel underappreciated.

You can’t keep going back home with depression simply because your boss failed to acknowledge your many hours of work or your potentials because if you do, it will be of a great disservice to your health and mental well-being. – when employees don’t feel valued

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The Pros and Cons of Underappreciation

Assuming you were to give one of your employees a 100k bonus as a reward for his dedication and hard work, and you decided to give another employee some words of validation and acknowledgment, and not only that, you also deemed it fit to invite him and his wife to your house for dinner.

Who, would you think would feel more motivated? 

Perhaps that should have been food for thought except for the fact that a lot of studies have shown how the second employee will feel more motivated. This further clarifies why words of appreciation such as “if it weren’t for you, we would have lost the contract. Thank you very much, Paul. Your effort will never go unnoticed” is very important and deemed necessary in every organizational structure. Such words of encouragement could send any employee to the moon, except you are a Nigerian. Anyway, I digress

A lot of studies have shown that people who receive little to no validation and encouragement in the workplace suffer from depression, mental health problems, and posttraumatic stress.

According to a Gallup poll of American workers, 70% of people report feeling a lack of appreciation and validation from their bosses. This kind of feeling does lead to low productivity, high employee turnover, and low performance.

Feeling demotivated and underappreciated is nothing new in the workplace. Some scientists went further to say, feeling demotivated is part of the job, as only one out of ten employees reported to like their bosses in a survey conducted in 2015.

Let’s get on with ways to stay motivated at work when you feel underappreciated by your boss

Create Your Own Personal Goals – feeling unappreciated at work letter

Your boss is still your boss, and that’s a fact you have to accept as painful as it sounds. Now your boss won’t give the validation or appreciation you need. It’s now left for you to take matters into your own hands in other to stay motivated amidst demotivation, and this you can do by setting your own personal goals to achieve before the end of the day, week or even months.

You should schedule that before the end of the month, you will win at least five contracts for the firm and once you’ve accomplished that goal, believe me when I say, you don’t need your boss validation or encouragement for you to stay motivated. It will come naturally as a result of achieving something worthwhile. – feeling unappreciated at work meme

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A word of caution: your goals should seem unprecedented, impossible or difficult to achieve. That way once accomplished, self-motivation will have no other option but to set in.

Focus on Small Victories – feeling unappreciated at work quotes

Once you’ve set the goals you wish to accomplish, you need to focus and celebrate your small victories along the line as you make progress. Since you planned to win at least five contracts for the firm before the end of the month and you’ve already won two in the first week, you should focus on this small victory by celebrating it, such as taking your wife out for a dinner to serve as an apology for all your previous nagging.

When you focus on small victories, you can stay motivated at work when underappreciated.

Exercise before work

Exercise is good for maintaining good health, no doubt about it.  If you can discipline your self to run around the courtyard at least 20 times before going to work every morning, there is certainly going to be a reduction in stress due to demotivation.

Always make sure you keep a track of your progress. Even if turns out you fail to exercise, probably you woke up late, have a way of making back the lost period.

Recognize the Significance of Your Work

Your work should be of value to you in the sense that you see it as a necessity for the survival of man. If you don’t value your work, others won’t do it, and if in turn, they don’t value your work, you will neither be valued.

Your work and the value you attach to it is directly proportional to the value you receive outside. Perhaps that’s why medical doctors are valued. – do you feel valued at work

7 Ways To Stay Motivated at Work When Underappreciated

Be nice

I got this concept from a book written by professor Benjamin Carson. In his book, THINK BIG, the letter “N” means “Nice” which means you should be nice to people at all times, including your boss. You shouldn’t go about frowning your face during your working hours. Your risk being fired by your boss once he gets tired of seeing your angry-looking face

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Speak up – undervalued at work letter

Instead of frowning your face, you can summon the guts to approach your boss and tell him how you feel as an employee of his. He won’t harm or kill you. 

The funny thing is, he might be unaware of your grievances or personal grudges against him. Besides, he ain’t God by the way. It’s only God that can read your thoughts without revealing them.

Please try to see how you can talk to your boss in a friendly manner. Again I repeat, in a friendly manner. You shouldn’t risk shouting at your boss, else your children will get kicked out of school if you don’t have a side business or long term savings…. Stay safe.

This tactic should be the last you resort to due to its fragile nature. Just seeing the face of your boss might make you want to unleash your anger at him

Discover and encourage self-confidence

It takes self-confidence to approach your boss in other to table your grievances. A lot of motivational speakers encourage the importance of having self-confidence on a regular basis.

Why not practice it daily, or at least encourage others to see its importance?

You hardly succeed in any endeavor if you don’t think you can succeed. And to think you can succeed means you have the self-confidence in you to succeed. – not feeling appreciated at work quotes

There is no substitute for having self-confidence in life. A lot of employers pay their employees just for the level of self-confidence they display during their working hours.

If you an employer out there reading this article, know that it pays you more when you constantly organize situations to encourage and validate the performance and productivity of your employees.

If you an employee out there reading this article, know that you can still stay motivated at work when you feel underappreciated by following the aforementioned points. Know that you always have a way out of your predicament, and I trust in God that you will make the right decision.

Do well to visit our blog for more updates. Staying updated is the essence of this blog, as having the right information, not just any type, is power.


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