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I remember attending a public lecture on entrepreneurship and various skills to start a side business. It’s been a long time from when I attended this lecture but I still have a vivid picture of everything that transpired during the lecture because of a simple truth that was revealed to its attendants.

The truth is nobody can pay you what you are actually worth in life except you pay yourself and that’s the more reason why you need skills to start a side business so that you can start paying yourself what you are actually worth.

Believe me, when I say, your boss won’t make you rich. You are just an employee whom he has to roll out dollars to every end of the month, and don’t forget that you can also receive a call from him in the middle of the night that you have just been fired. And that’s the more reason why you need skills to start a side business of yours.

You need skills to start a side business in other to grow that income of yours. Not just any skill, but skills that actually match your talent and passion.

A lot of articles have been writing on various skills to start a side business, and other get-rich-quick formulas but what those writers, or coaches, or whatever they choose to call themselves will never tell you is that the single and most important skill to start a side business is the skill to determine your area of strength and passion.

You need to know what you love doing and the corresponding skill that matches that area, and this is where I think most would-be entrepreneurs have failed.

Yes! You need skills to start a side business but what skills do you need to start the side business? is the question that must be answered before venturing into anything, and that’s why I would begin this article by telling you the plain truth.

 The first skill you need among the set of skills to start a side business is the skill to determine what you are good at or your area of passion

Know your passion

This would be the first skill I would advise any would-be entrepreneur to have among the various skills to start a side business.

The skill of being able to know what you are good at, what you actually want to do is the determining factor for the success or failure of your chosen endeavor.

There is cliché that says “when the going gets tougher, your passion will keep you get going.”  And I believe this is a very simple skill to start a business every prospective entrepreneur should have.

It only involves you sitting down at the corner of the room to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, what you actually love doing, and trying to match it with its corresponding set of skills to start a side business.

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After you must have done some soul searching, some skills must have popped up in your mind, and this is where the most interesting part of this article comes in; how to channel those strengths of yours into skills to start a side business.

I believe I’ve done too much talking.. Now let’s get down to the skills to start a side business


I would start my list with freelancing because I think it’s the easiest way, and among the easiest skills to start a side business, there is. It offers great flexibility and minimal working hours so that your main job doesn’t get disrupted. I am sure you won’t want your boss to fire you for coming late to work.

I am a beneficiary of freelancing myself and I can tell you it’s very important for you to consider using it as a way to earn money from among the various skills to start a side business.

Skills to Start a Side Business and Make Passive Income

If you are into writing like myself, or designing, marketing, and the likes, it’s time you begin building a client base to showcase your work.

Clients don’t work base on promises or abstractly, they want to know your level of competence by seeing what you can do which is why I advise you create a portfolio website where you can easily display your work such that even the blind can attest to whatever you got going for you.

A good reputation, which should come from a strong client base is necessary if you ever want to not depend entirely on that paycheck of yours, which is normally not sufficient, and by the time you collect the paycheck, there is already a mountain of debts hanging on your throat.

Online coaching

I decided to bring it second on my list of skills to start a side business because it involves self-development and developing others at the same.

It’s a double-edged sword in the sense that when you coach people, you help better their lives and in turn get paid for it.  

You will require a good human relationship skill to excel at this, owing to the dynamic nature of human beings.

Some websites which serve as a template such as Savvy and  have been developed to make life easy for you by giving you an already built-in community of people who wish to work on various types of skills.

The good thing about online coaching is: once you’ve made significant progress on your online coaching business, packing it into a more scalable version such as an online course won’t be a big deal anymore.

Online Courses

This is also a topnotch way you can sell that skill of yours to the public. After you must have mastered and gained sufficient hands-on experience from the online coaching business, you should also consider creating online courses to cover those people who don’t even have time for their families.

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They are always very busy and you should consider creating online courses in the form of packages to keep them occupied even in their leisure time.

Although you might spend a lot trying to start it up, I tell you it’s well worth the investment. It’s one of the best ways you can channel your skills to start a side business in this twenty-first century.

One of the best resources you can use to learn how to launch an online course business is teachable. It’s very easy to learn and coupled with that is the fact of it being the first of its kind platform to power your course content once it has been created.

So don’t dull yourself, my friend. There are so many ways and skills to start a side business, and creating an online course platform is a way you can increase your paycheck that is always being taxed before given.


I know you saw it coming but permit me to say, blogging, is the most lucrative place you can channel your skills to start a side business into.

A lot of people make millions from blogging depending on the type of traffic you got going for you. Why exempt yourself from this great opportunity offered by the jet age?

All you need is a personal computer, most importantly, the ability to create powerful content on a daily basis.

Yes!  You heard me…. create powerful content to drive traffic if you ever want to succeed in your blogging.

choose the particular niche you want to go into, and this is where your passion comes in because if you don’t like what you do, your chances of success are slim.

If you want to be a content writer like myself or an SEO expert, or a social media advertiser, that’s fine but be rest assured that all these things take time to build.

They don’t happen overnight. Besides, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Social Media Sponsored Post

I believe you spend hours every day on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook but what you don’t know is, these things called social media can fetch you a lot of cash, I mean cool cash if only you know what to do with them.

Social Media Sponsored Post

I was surprised when I read a post sometime last year saying, Cristiano Ronaldo, who happens to be the most famous footballer on planet earth raked in more than €80 million in the year 2018.

I am not saying you become a Cristiano Ronaldo in other to make such money because your fame matters in terms of social media sponsored posts.

I am instead of acknowledging the truth of starting small in any endeavor.

Start building your audience from the very little friends you have and before you know it, you start having thousands of followers and that’s when people will begin to pay you to sponsor their post among your large audience.

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These things don’t happen overnight as earlier stated. You have everything to lose when you decide to quit your job.

By the way, you sure don’t like seeing the angry-looking face of your boss but my friend, the patient dog always eats the biggest bone.

I am sure wanna consider social media not only as a tool but as a skill to start a side business…

Advertising Agent

This should be a no-go area for you if you are the type that was always shy of speaking before your mates in high school.

You need to have good human relation skill to excel in this area.

Advertising Agent - skills to start a side business

No matter how good your products or inventions are, once you lack the spirit to convince people that your product would solve their needs the most, then you are in deep shit.

You might consider creating a physical product but that product can only stand the test of time if you have good marketing skills.

Marketing skills would be handy in your skills to start a side business.

Physical Products

physical product - skills to start a side business

This comes last on my list because of its dependent nature on your ability to market and advertise your product.

You can choose to outsource the marketing and advertising aspect if you have a competitive product. That shouldn’t be a big deal. 

Who said you must be a master of all trade for you to succeed in life. You just have to make sure people are always paid well after working for you.

It pays to pay well, and that might be a way of creating a good client and customer base, which is the essence of the whole thing.

Conclusion on Skills to Start a Side Business

Believe it or not, entrepreneurship is always attached to some elements of risk. You shouldn’t avoid taking risks, but you should avoid taking uncalculated risks. 

There are so many skills to start a side business out there especially in this fast-changing world of ours, a world powered by computers and various forms of technology.

The ball is now left in your court to decide which aspect you wish to key into, which should be guided by what you like and the corresponding skills that match the area.

There they are!

The various ways and skills to jumpstart a side business for you not to be at the mercy of your boss.

Do well to visit our blog.

PAULGEEK INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES and his team are working tirelessly to keep you updated with the latest business ideas of starting a side business.

See you next time, and bye for now.


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