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SimbiBot e-Learning Platform offers Senior Secondary School Students a personalized learning experience in all topics of any departmental subject through 5 distinct methods:

  • Flashcards
  • Simplified Lesson Notes
  • Video Lessons
  • Interactive Questions
  • Evaluation.

SimbiBot also encourages learning in a fun way with their Brain Combat where students can duel one another in any subject of their choice. It seeks to engage students and help retain what was taught.

Name of Company: Simbi Interactives

Type: Privately owned.

Year Founded: 2018.


Alternative to SimbiBot: uLesson e-Learning Platform

OverviewSimbiBot offers students a personalised learning experience both online and offline and caters for all learning styles (visual, audio, and audio-visual).uLesson offers students holistic learning experience, using videos only to teach Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Founding Date20182019
TypePrivately owned.Privately owned.
Subjects AvailableMathematics, English Language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Government, Commerce, Economics, Literature-in-English, Geography, CRS, IRS, Agriculture, Financial Accounting, Civic EducationMathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
Learning StyleFlashcardsSimplified Lesson Notes Audio readerVideo LessonsVideo Lessons only
EvaluationOver 22,000 past questions divided into interactive questions and evaluation.18,000 practice tests, quizzes and free past questions.
Reward for LearningSimbiBot rewards students with Activity Points (AP) which can be gotten for each learning activity in the app. SimbiBot further added a leaderboard grouped into – daily, monthly and all-time; to bring out the competitive spirit in students while having fun learning.uLesson rewards the student with badges at different stages of learning.
Learning AnalysisReport-card-like for the student and guardian alike to access the learning analysis the time spent learning, progress and achievements.Report-card-like for the student and guardian alike to access the learning analysis the time spent learning, progress and achievements.
Predictive LearningArtificial intelligence that tells a student what topic he/she is weak in after an exam. This is based on the questions missed more while taking the exam, so that the student can go back to learn the weak topic.No artificial intelligence. Redirects the student to video lesson of every question missed.
Data CostsMostly offline – Flashcards, Lesson Notes, Interactive Questions and Evaluation can be used without data subscription. 
Video Lessons, Brain Combat, Learning Analysis require data subscription.
Requires data subscription.
Device CompatibilityCan be used on any Android device.Can only be used on Android devices of 2GB RAM and above.
Subscription for AccessN1,500 for a month.N4,000 for 3 months.N10,000 for a year.N2,500 for a month.N6,000 for 3 months.N18,000 for a year.
Total Funding Raised$30k$3.1m
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