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You will be learning how to share VPN Hotspot, right from your phone.If you’ve been using VPN for whatever reason (any reason at all, I’m not judging), you’d have discovered that you can’t share your data using hotspot.

It’s meant to be that way, since you’re on a Private Network (Virtual Private Network, get it?)

However, you can shareVPN hotspot with the steps I’m about to show you.

First, you’d need to download a VPN Hotpot App (I’d recommend the one that plainly says VPN Hotspot by Mygod Studios)

The job of the app is to make changes to your device, which would allow you share your VPN connection using Hotspot.

However, these apps would require that you root your device; if you can’t do that, nothing’s going to work.

Now, as far as I know, VPN Hotspot by Mygod is the only VPN Hotspot application that has the least chance to break your Internet, or worse, brick your phone.

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This is because it was designed to make minimal changes to your device’s system.

Even at that, however, anything can still happen, so no one can guarantee that nothing bad would happen (not me, not the Blog, not even the developer of the app himself).

How To Share VPN Hotspot From Your Phone With Simple Method

Now, after installing the app, and granting it root access, it’s basically plug and play from there.

From the app’s interface, you can share VPN Hotspot with other devices

You can even share VPN Hotspot behind set corporate firewalls.

You could even use it to do things like bypass tethering limits, but that would require that you use a good paid VPN in the first place.

Conclusion on How To Share VPN Hotspot

Who knew all it needed to share VPN Hotspot was an app? Tech is really rad these days!

But it’s not entirely as easy as it sounds; in fact, it isn’t for everyone.

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For starters, you have to root your device; if you’re not a fan of rooting, this just isn’t for you; the VPN Hotspot app requires root access.

Then, there’s the fact that anything can happen while using a VPN Hotspot app, although VPN Hotspot by Mygod is one app that messes with your phone’s system the least.

If you can bear those in mind, you’re good to go and get to share with other devices.

Don’t forget: I, as well as the blog, don’t guarantee 100% flawless operation when using a VPN Hotspot app on your device.


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