Howdy there! I believe you and I are currently here, on this post, because you wish to know all about how to sell Upwork account,

and I am willing to tell you all about and set some facts straight while at it.

I’ll be honest with you all through, and you might be coming across some cold hard truths about selling your Upwork account,

so, you sit tight, and enjoy the ride! – upwork account approval

Trust me, at the end of this post, you’ll come away with a better understanding of what it means to sell Upwork account.

Can I sell my Upwork account?

If you’ve been asking how to sell Upwork account, I think you need to know if it’s even possible in the first place. – sell my upwork profile

In fact, the entire post revolves around the question of “Can it be done?” rather then

“How can I do it?” but in the end, it’s all for good reasons. -upwork sign in as freelancer

So, straight up, it’s technically possible to sell your Upwork account, but it’s absolutely WRONG, UNETHICAL and IMPRACTICAL to do so.

Sell Upwork Account

Now, hear me out on this one, give me your attention and let me prove to you why I say this;

I’m 100% certain this is the best way you can learn about selling your Upwork account,

and you’ll be better off learning of it from here rather than elsewhere.

Your Upwork account is generally a “personalized” professional profile of you on the platform. – upwork message

I say “personalized” because one account bears a profile that’s independent of another profile.

Putting it another way, it is your professional identity as a single individual on Upwork,

and then only you can be recognized as a professional freelancer.

Therefore, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that your Upwork account is too personal to be sold,

it’s like trying to sell your used underwear;

it’s might not be as accurate an analogy as I want it, but I believe you’re beginning to get the idea.

Your Upwork account is personal, and ideally shouldn’t be used by anybody,

so you already see why it is unethical to even think about trying to sell it.

But then, even if believe you can still sell your Upwork account anyway, you need to consider the question “Would people buy?”,

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because, quite frankly, they’ve got a lot of reasons NOT to buy.

Here are some of the reasons people have for not wanting to buy an Upwork account.

It would help that you know these reasons so that you can decide if you still want to go ahead with the sale.

It is easier to employ you in an agency

Ordinarily, this is the first reason NOBODY would want to buy your Upwork account.

This reason alone makes buying your Upwork account a really dumb move.

If they needed a professional freelancing account, they could easily just create an agency account on Upwork,

and add your profile as a business development manager for their agency. 

This is a better way for them since your experience is added to their agency account and ultimately enhances their own profile.

buy verified upwork account

So, you may try to sell your Upwork account, maybe because you think it’s got lots of 5-star reviews and a long track record of completed projects,

But the people you wish to sell to, are actually only interested in the person behind the profile,

and would just ask you to create an agency account and work with them.

Also, if you just want to sell the Upwork account for the cash, and you want to bail on freelancing

(I wonder why anyone would want to do that, anyway), you’re really going to be hard-pressed to find a buyer.

They cannot change the basic details of your profile

Let’s look at it from a logical standpoint; even if you manage to sell your Upwork account,

it’s not possible for the buyer to change some basic details of the profile on that account.

The new owner can’t change the username and some other verified details associated with the profile.

He can opt to continue to use it that way, but there is a higher chance that he runs into problems with Upwork pretty quickly. – upwork login

If the new buyer does run into problems with Upwork though, you (the original owner) can reclaim it,

by pretending that the account was hijacked from you by hackers, but that could lead to even deeper problems with Upwork.

purchase upwork account

We all can now see the amount of stress and risk that you and the buyer of your

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Upwork profile would be going through,

should you decide to sell your Upwork account.

Most people would not want to go through this stress and risk, and wouldn’t even think of buying your account if you’re selling it.

The account can get banned, eventually

At this point, I believe you understand this is obvious. Ordinarily, once Upwork discovers

any unusual activity going on with your account,

they ban it immediately.

And if you’re selling your account, the chances of getting a ban is higher, especially

when in the process whereby the ownership of that account is transferred to a new owner. – buy upwork reviews

For example, if the buyer of your account is not within your locality (say, in another country)

if he tries to update or change some details such as the bank details, or PayPal address,

Upwork can instantly lock that account,

asking the new owner to verify the original identity (that only you know).

Depending on how you sold the account,

the buyer might not be able to reach you for that information.

Upwork would ultimately ban the account indefinitely when they have reasons to think there are unusual activities going on with the account.

This reason alone is enough for you to know that selling your account isn’t worth the effort,

especially when it puts in a position where you can easily run afoul of Upwork Rules.

Why would you even want to sell Upwork account?

Let’s back up a bit here, and consider the question of why you want to sell your Upwork account in the first place.

All things being equal, it’s not a wise idea to sell your Upwork Account, in fact,

I’m telling you now that DO NOT sell your Upwork account for any reason.

So, let’s just say you are going away from freelancing for a long time,

selling your Upwork account isn’t the best option.

You are better off, leaving the account for the while that you’ll be gone.

Why? It’s because you can easily pick up from where you left off,

and then you would be off on a better start

(you’re not a new freelancer on Upwork anymore)

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And then again, why sell a money-making profile outright? Let say, you have an Upwork account that earns a humble $200 a month, 

Selling it for $3,000 outright doesn’t really make sense since the account can make for you $3,000 and more in just over a year!

It is unwise to sell off and active asset such as a professional Upwork account,

and it would just be a matter of time before the regret sets in, once you make that decision.


I understand that there are certain situations and scenarios that might warrant you to consider selling your Upwork account;

be it for quick cash, or you’re going away from freelancing or Upwork for a while.

But I’m just trying to make you consider some things before making the decision to sell your Upwork account,

and some other ways you can actually make money other than selling your Upwork account outright. 

For example, need quick cash? Why not bid for higher projects.

For example, if you’ve executed 100 projects that were within $150,

you could step up and start applying for projects of $300, $500 and above.

If you start applying for higher-paying projects,

there is a chance that you get some of them,

and then the earning capacity of your account increases too.

At the end of the day,

you begin to earn more from the account and be really glad you didn’t sell it off in the first place.

Let’s also say you wish to work for a bigger account or agency on Upwork,

selling your own Upwork account doesn’t always work.

The best-case scenario is that they buy your account and change the password, so you can’t get in again.

Even then, they might run into some issues with the account,

and you and they would be at a loss.

Why not just apply to work as a business development manager in their agency; that way,

they create a new agency profile for you or merge your current profile with their agency.

That way, you would be working for the agency of your choice,

while you still get to keep the ownership of your profile and your account.

This is a really smart move, at least,

it’s a lot smarter than just selling your Upwork account outrightly.


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