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Let me tell you something you might consider unbelievable. I made sales of over 250 million Naira and raked in several millions of naira in commission, selling properties in Lagos.

And I was just a Corp Member! My Name is Shobowale Lukman

250 million naira

When I was posted to Lagos in 2017, I had no idea what the state had in store for me.

I had just graduated from the University of Ilorin where I served as the Student Union President.

But as a man overflowing with zeal and a disciple of the gospel of extra,

I had just one option;

to make the most of any opportunity the service year comes with.

After all, “You Only Serve Once”

Fortune smiled on me and I got a call from my current boss who scheduled an interview with him.

My happiness knew no bounds

It was an interview invitation but I interpreted it as “congratulations, you just got the job”

Entering my “extra mode”, I went to the interview with a copy of the book I authored in October 2017, “Emerge“.

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I was deliberate about it as the book talks about the power of positioning, visibility and strategy. You need the three when you don’t have any relative work experience.

What was supposed to be an interview turned into a friendly conversation and I got asked directly

if I wanted to be paid 200 thousand Naira as a Corp member or a lesser amount which will come with

other benefits like 10% commission on any sale made.

Talk about dicey situations.

I sure made it through so I will be telling you how to make the right choices when you get into such tricky situations.


You can already guess that I was offered the job.

I was to get a sizable commission on every sale.

My initial PPA was an NGO but owing to the new development,

I crossed over into Real Estate while possessing a next to nothing knowledge in marketing as at then.

Properties Worth of 250 Million Naira Journey

All I had was my convincing power and the really strong will to succeed in the venture.

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I settled in fast, sprung into action and immersed myself wholly into the sales/marketing role. My first pitch to a client resulted in a 2.5 million naira property sale.

Oh, it was so refreshing! Getting my first commission and reinforcing the “I can” belief. It meant a lot to me as a Corp member.

I pulled off my second sale and it was pegged at about 67 million nairas. By this time, the reality of what it takes to be a sales and marketing expert had started dawning on me.

The company bought me my first car and handed me the opportunity to travel outside the country on an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai.

It was a delight!

I went on to make sales totalling over 250 million Naira, all as a Youth Corp member.
By now you are probably wondering what the purpose of this story is.

Specifically, I am putting it to you that you can cultivate and hone your sales and marketing skills so as to earn a living by it as a student,

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fresh graduate or Corp member especially in the bubble called Real Estate.

To this end, I am putting together a master class that will train young people on how to market real estate products and services.

It goes beyond learning how to make sales.

The aims of the master class include strategic positioning, mentoring and the introduction into a real-life experiment that is designed to change orientations for life.

For as low as $25 USD, you’ll be coached and equally drilled to understand what it entails to be an exceptional salesperson.

A discount of 5 USD is available for the first 10 people to book a slot amidst other side attractions.

When is it happening? Saturday, 20th – 21st of September, 2019.

To book a slot, please follow the link below.

250 million naira as a corp member


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