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Opay is making transaction easier for its users by introducing USSD code transaction.

For many of us, Opay is becoming increasingly popular in usage around us.

From ORide, to OFood and many more, it’s becoming hard to see someone who hasn’t heard of Opay or its offspring.

Now, they’ve taken their game even further, which is good news for customers.

They’ve brought the USSD code transaction, which wouldn’t require Internet, and would inadvertently make transactions easier for its users nationwide.

In this post, you would be learning how to use Opay USSD to make your transactions, as well as the codes you’d need to facilitate that.

Opay USSD Code: Opay Introduces USSD Code For Fast Transaction

The USSD that Opay has introduced is *955#, and with it you can do a lot of things.

Things like if you wish to send money to another Opay account or a bank account, buy airtime, or deposit money into your Opay account.

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You can also use it change transaction PIN, as well as see help whenever you need it.

Given that the USSD doesn’t need internet connection, a lot more users (short of saying all the users) can now be afforded the convenience of making Opay transactions anytime, anywhere, on their phone.

Wrapping up on Opay USSD Code, Ofood, Oride, Ostreet

You know Opay. They’re everywhere now, with several offspring services offered

(they recently launched OCar, which is poised to go after Uber and Bolt’s lunch).

It’s one thing to keep rendering services, and another thing to make those services more convenient for the customers,

and that’s exactly what Opay is trying to achieve.

With the introduction of USSD code transaction, Opay transactions just got a lot easier.



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