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A lot of people would ask the question “what online business ideas 2020 can I be into at the moment?” more often these days, and you might be asking yourself that right this minute.

Now, I understand (as well as everyone else) that the recent times have called for that, and with all that’s going on around the world, the internet just might have a bit of succour.

Without mincing words, 2020 has been rocky for a lot of people;

with the global pandemic that has effectively kept everyone in their homes, there’s nothing like going to places of work for the time being.

People still have to make money, and keep their affairs running as it should, but now that they can’t even go to work, something has to be done, and done fast.

In the midst of all these, there seems to be a medium that isn’t affected;

in fact, it has helped in a way, and that medium has been the internet.

Literally 80% of workflows all around the world have found a way to move over to the internet, so there won’t be a total breakdown of operations.

Now, if you are like me, you would see the correlation between making money, the current global situation, and the internet.

A lot of online services would be experiencing a windfall in profits for an increased number of users.

So, while there are impediments to some of the traditional jobs,

online businesses are largely unaffected, and in some cases are blossoming.

This is the perfect catalyst for the creation of a lot of new online business ideas, in order to get in on the train which hasn’t been affected by the global issue.

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So, in this piece, I would be sharing with you the things that ought to be in place, if you are wishing to birth an online business ideas 2020, regardless of what niche it would be.

Online Businesses isn’t a Get Rich Quick scheme

Unless, of course, you are out to do something illegal, and scam people of their money, online businesses are not going to make you a millionaire overnight.

And it is important to bear this in mind before embarking on any online business idea at all;

don’t be carried away by fantastical tales of how someone became filthy rich just by doing something online in a matter of days.

Online businesses are just like any other business;

you sell a good or service, and then you get paid in return,

what would make you successful is the combination of hard work, strategy and consistency.

If you keep at the one business idea you’ve thought up, and you consistently find ways to become more efficient, it pays off eventually, in big ways most of the time but do not expect that to be in a matter of days.

Research a whole lot – Online Business Ideas From Home

It is easy to hide behind anonymity on the internet and claim to be an expert in a field you’re not; especially when the business idea isn’t something you have to get specific formal education for.

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However, people would get to find out the gaps and flaws in your service, and might just move on to another alternative.

This wouldn’t happen if you put in time to research the business idea.

There are a lot of variables to any business idea, and you need to know them very early, as they could make you or break you;

the other thing is that, research gives you a better command on your business, and in turn improved services.

Research shouldn’t be taken for granted,

even if the kind of product or service you plan to sell isn’t as tangible as the others.

Count the cost

It is quite essential that you take into account (literally) the things that would help bring your online business to life.

These include equipment, tools, manuals, etc. that would have to be present for the smooth operation of the business.

More importantly, you’ve got find out how much it would cost you, not just in money;

not every online businesses is small enough to just wake up one day, and venture into – some of them take a lot of time and resource, and you’ve got to ask yourself if you have them.

Also, you don’t want to start out underprepared;

this puts you in a disadvantaged position, and you would have to stressfully try to get out of there.

Having the right tools, equipment and materials would be the reason you won’t unnecessarily stress yourself.

Advertise yourself – Best Online Business Ideas 2020

Have you set the ball rolling on your online business ideas? The next thing you need to do is to get people to know about it.

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For example,

let’s say you’ve launched a website that is a meeting point for people who sell hand sanitizers, and those whom want to buy them,

you need to let a lot people know about it. Specifically, Hand Sanitizer manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

You need to advertise yourself, and make people know what you’re offering;

and since it is a serious online business, you need to reach out to a lot of people, and words of mouth just won’t be enough.

Utilise social media and channels, print out flyers and posters,

have your ads distributed across a number of ads networks; these are all in a bid to get more potential customers.

Conclusion on Online Business Ideas 2020: You Can Start Yourself [Self Guide]

While the world is cooped up inside, online businesses are thriving and perhaps if you’ve got an online business idea of your own, now is the best time to follow through on it.

Online businesses aren’t any less than the conventional businesses,

and the only real difference is the fact that one is on the internet, and the other is not.

Online businesses need to be treated every bit like a conventional business and as such,

it’s not something you just mindlessly dabble into.

Consider the points explained above,

and try to build your online business idea around what’s real, smart, and efficient.


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