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SEO is one of the most used terms in digital marketing. Everybody wants to optimize their website for SEO. But only a few truly understand SEO tips to rank high on google. SEO is like autopilot.

Once your website is ranking high, dollars will start rolling in.

I now you have read several contents on SEO.

But I have summarized on-page SEO in 5 tips. If you can apply them, your website will be rolling with the big boys on google first page.

The world does not know what you truly need until you ask.

SEO tips in Nigeria are what I will be sharing today since the majority of my Nigerian readers are requesting for it.

Companies and bloggers in Nigeria are really in need of SEO tips in Nigeria especially

for a newly designed website or blog because they need to rank on Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, and


Which is going to improve the Local and Small Businesses on the Search Engine when people are searching online especially their target related keyword.

No one wants to be called a novice anyone in Nigeria, where we have a lot of websites and blogs,

we are all competing to get to the top like The Tops Website and blog in Nigeria

There are several SEO Companies in Nigeria that want to sell their services to you either through Whitehat SEO or Blackhat

However, before you proceed to their companies here are the basic SEO tips in Nigeria you need to do on your own first.

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That remind me before I start probably you don’t know the meaning of SEO we are talking about.


It is an easy means of getting traffic from a free organic and editorial results of public network search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, YouTube, and others.

Web pages and local contents or videos get listings and are ranked based on the relevance of the content (as considered by SEO) for users or customers.

This is why I have provided 5 SEO TIPS to rank your website like magic in a few days.

1. Step 1: Create significant contents for your website

A lot of people today write on any topic without consciously knowing what people want to read.

Relevant content gives your website the value it needs and it increases as much as the quality you deliver do.

This is one of the cheapest SEO Tips for gaining website ranking like other commercial websites because it increases your traffic once customers get the keywords they search for.

seo tips in blogging

It is important that you repeat the keywords to ensure effective use of the SEO Tip.

Once you have identified something your readers would always want to read on the content you are about to write on, you insert the keywords more than once.

This will make your website pop up on Google amongst others with the same needed content.

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There are many other SEO Tips and this is just one of the tips.

2. Step 2: Ensure the harmony in your websites page titles and contents. This SEO tip is useful for all bloggers.

It should contain the keywords a reader or customer would type into the search Google engine.

You can effectively take advantage of this SEO tip by evaluating the words, want to write about EXAMPLES OF FAST FOOD PREPARED UNDER 5 MINUTES.

You should know that your keywords here is Fast Food and this should not be missing on the page title and tags of your website.

This is one of the most effective SEO tips to gain better traffic and later ranking.

3. Step 3: Metadata description should be a summary of what your website is all about.

This is more like an attraction for your readers.

You don’t keep it long, you make it short and simple. It is a concise description of what you have on your website.

So add your keyword phrases into your metadata pages. It has its own advantage.

You can definitely increase your site ranking on SEO with this. It is an SEO tip that works for all bloggers.

Ensure to add an alt text description to the images of your website.

For some phones that have only text screens, this will be an addition for traffic.

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This SEO tip ensures that the keywords which you have known is used on every image uploaded on particular content on your website.

If you take an image to add to your fast food post, re-edit the image and save it with Fast Foods. This SEO tip is needful but a lot of bloggers reject it.

They do not know that it allows the search engine to locate the page easily.

4. Step 4: Do not ignore what you use to save your webpages filename. – SEO tips in Nigeria

When you squeeze the words together, it has no value.

That is, instead of fast foods. (yourwebsite), you can split the words with a slash mark or a small dash.

This makes each word accessible for ranking on SEO. Another value I will add as an SEO tip is the links on your website.

Some bloggers are fond of making use of click here to read the inaugural speech of Malcolm X instead of typing the keywords there as the link itself.

When descriptive links are used, it makes SEO ranking easy and quick.

In Conclusion on SEO TIPS in Nigeria

Also, it improves traffic, which is what you need to get a top ranking.

All these are part of the major SEO tips for your website to rank high and fast like magic.

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