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MTN is back again this time of the year, with its MTN YouTube Video Streaming plan, which allows you to stream YouTube videos for some hours.

Now, a lot of people have heard of this plan, but now it’s easier to hop on in- via SMS.

For those who don’t haven’t heard of it, the YouTube plan is a Time-based data plan which allows you stream YouTube videos from your phone for a specific time.

Since it’s time-based, you could watch as many videos as you’d like within the specified time.

Now, there are several ways to get YouTube plans, but they all involve texting the number 131.

There’s the 1hr YouTube Pack which gives you 1 hours of YouTube video streaming, and valid anytime within 24 hours. It costs N150 and the code to text is VP1 to 131.

The 3hr YouTube Pack gives your 3 hours of YouTube Streaming time, and is valid anytime within 24 hours. You’d have to pay N400 and text VP3 to 131.

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Then there’s the Night plan, called YouTube Night Pack. It lasts from 12am to 5am (basically the hours of the night).

It can be activated anytime within 24 hours, and costs N50. Text VP5 to 131

A new night plan is available now, identical to the aforementioned night plan but having 7 hours instead of 4 (11pm-6am). However, it costs N200 and to get it, text VP7 to 131.

Conclusion on MTN YouTube Video Streaming Pack

Time-based YouTube plans are relatively rare, so it’s really nice to see MTN making it available once again.

All you’ve just got to do is take advantage of it, by texting the aforementioned codes to 131.


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