Now is the best time to activate the 500MB for N50 on the MTN Pulse Night Browsing plan. – mtn 1.5gb night plan together with browsing on beta talk

If you’ve got an MTN SIM, you really should be using the Night Browsing plan, if you download stuff more often. – airtel night browsing code

However, the data volume you would be getting in the plan has changed a bit, I would soon explain how.

However, there used to be the 500MB for the N25 option before now, but it has been scrapped.

glo night browsing

To get the 500MB for the N50 plan, be sure you’ve migrated to the MTN Tariff Plan.

To do that, dial *123#, then follow the steps afterward to successfully complete the migration.

Once that is done, recharge your line with N50, and then send the text “NIGHT” to 131.

Another way you can use to subscribe is by dialing *406# and selecting the night plan afterward.

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You receive a success message confirming your subscription. You’re good to go!

Two things to take note, however: the subscription would last just 4 hours (That’s 12 am-4 am), and you can only make the subscription once a day.

Conclusion on night plan for mtn yafun yafun

I can safely say that the MTN Pulse Night Browsing plan used to

be a great data plan to use for the night.

Since when they scrapped the 500MB for N25, Night Plans on the SIM has become less attractive.

However, when you look at the competition, they’re pretty much around 500MB for N50

for their night plans (except for Glo, which still keeps its night plan at 1GB for N200)

It’s a really good, and I recommend it, at least for MTN Pulse users; even though I really am not impressed with the 500MB data cap.



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