While we were all asleep, MTN quietly dropped a sweet new data plan – the MTN 2.5GB for N500 data plan.

This is a wonderful development, and it is as if MTN listened to the please of its users about how their data has been expensive,

and their competitors are already changing in their own ways.

Everyone knows that data should be cheap and voluminous, but the network providers have been reluctant to give that to us.;

and since they have begun to take the cue one after the other, it is expected that MTN tow that lines too.

With the 2.5GB for N500 data plan from MTN,

users can now at least have cause to use the network for more data operations.

In this post, I would be showing you the code to use, to get the plan, and what the specifications are.

To start with, the 2.5GB for N500 gives you what it says it will give you.

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The plan is actually a slight upgrade to the existing data plan which gives you 2GB for 2 days.

For existing users, that was what they get whenever they subscribed to the plan (2GB) while new subscribers get 4GB.

That has changed a bit, with a 500MB increase on the base volume.

That means it’s 2.5GB for most people, while it’s now 5GB for new users.

However, (you know it’s coming!) the duration of this new data plan has not changed, even by a single second.

It’s still the same 48 hours you get from the old data plan;

now that is really small, for the amount of data you get.

But if you want it for some fast downloads and stuff,

you totally shouldn’t be bothered about it.

To subscribe, you’d need to use the MyMTN app; if you don’t have it (seriously?) you can download it here.

While in the app, you log in your details, and click on Hot Deals, Daily.

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In there, you’d find the 2.5GB for N500 data plan, and you simply pay for it.

Wrapping up on MTN 2.5GB FOR N500

The new 2.5GB for N500 data plan was quietly released by MTN recently, and you can get it now.

For users and subscribers of the 2GB for N500, this new plan wouldn’t be totally new, since it is just a slight upgrade to it (an addition of 500MB).

This also means that the duration of the data plan remains at 48 hours, just like its “older sibling” plan.

This is a bit too small now that the data volume is a bit higher. If only MTN had increased the data duration period,

even by 3 days, it would have been a really dope data plan.

But, be that as it may, if you use huge data amounts in a short while, this plan should still be welcome.

Besides, most users of the MTN 2GB for N500 data plan are mostly data sprinters,

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so having 500MB more wouldn’t necessarily convert them to data marathoners.

For all the other MTN users, there now exists the MTN 2.5GB for N500 data plan, so check it out when you can.



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