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There is no self-made man, and Facebook, for one, has really made our lives a sum total of the input of others, – how to view facebook without an account

contributing in one way or the other in influencing and shaping our thoughts and giving us the opportunity to stand on their shoulders to see the metaphorical distant far. 

Facebook keeps improving on its policies so that people can get engaged and connected to the world easily.

View facebook without an account

A social network such as Facebook probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day without

the encouragement, support, and contributions of the many who worked behind the scenes.

Facebook has made it so easy for users to search, even for non-active members who just want to read more about people’s profiles – View Facebook Without An Account.

Don’t be surprised to learn that you can search and sift through people’s Facebook accounts without having to log in,

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all you basically need is to follow my step by step procedure on how to view facebook without an account.

Facebook also has a proper Search Engine, very similar to Google Search Engine;

this will definitely make it easier for people who do not even have an account to view Facebook profiles, possibly for profile validity and just to follow their updates.

Indeed, A Million thanks go to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook for making the platform so easy for its several billion users.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and visit the Google website (which is at

How to view facebook without an account

Step 2

Type this line into the search box: “First Last”

Step 3

You would replace “First” with the first name of the user you’re searching for, and “Last” with the last name of the user.

Search results will normally show up automatically, if you have Google Instant enabled. If not, then click the “Google Search” button.

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Search results pertaining to the name inputted would turn up (up to 10 entries or more) and you can proceed to view the profile.


Facebook has really redefined social networking, and that has been beneficial to its users as much as itself.

It has become a hub for making serious connections without having to go all in.


Viewing Facebook profiles without having an account does have its use case.

For instance, the HR of a company might just need to do a quick Facebook background check on a potential employee,

it’s nice to know he doesn’t need a Facebook account to do so. 

Also, it could just be you were directed to check out someone’s Facebook profile for some specific reasons,

it’s easier to just search out the profile, without having to log in or sign up;

really helpful for when you’re away from your home PC or other devices you normally use.

In the end, the simple, understated feature of allowing Facebook profiles to be looked up without an account,

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makes the Social networking application a unifying force.

It gives people the feeling of unity and reachability, since they can check up and connect with users of Facebook without they themselves being a user.