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Fact on how to start Poultry farming in Nigeria 2020 like you all know Poultry farming happens to be one of the highest yielding farming business you can find in Nigeria right now.

Nobody would find it easy to debunk that,

and what plan is there than to learn how to start Poultry farming right about now?

In this post, you’d be learning how to start poultry farming,

and all the other details you need to know about the business.

Getting Started on How To Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Like every other successful business, you can get yourself into,

it is important that you go in with a plan.

This is crucial to the life of the business, and it involves drafting up a business plan.

The business plan would consist of things like the type of poultry bird you wish to rear,

the area in which you wish to rear them, and the total capital you’d need.

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Of Course, Poultry business is all about poultry birds,

so you have to decide what species of bird you want to rear and sell.

If your preference is chicken (which is expected, given how common they are, and their higher value),

you can choose between the Layers (the type of chicken that lays eggs),

or the broilers (the type of chicken that’s solely for its meat).

Other poultry birds you can rear are Turkey and Geese.

Then the area of interest, where the poultry business would be established, has to be considered.

This is because the choice of location singularly has a substantial percentage of your start-up capital.

As a tip, it is generally discouraged that you get land for use of the poultry business in an urban area.

The chances of you running afoul of some existing environmental or health policies in urban areas are much higher than anywhere else.

Finally, the Capital. The aforementioned tips all point to this one in the end.

You’d need capital, and depending on the scale you wish to build the business too.

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As a guide, ready around N70,000 for the capital,

if you want a small-scale poultry farming (with a capacity of around 50 birds)

If it’s a medium scale poultry farming, you can have within the range of N500,000 and N5 million set aside as capital.

For something larger than that, you should have around N10 million for capital.

Setting up Poultry Farming in Nigeria

After you got past the planning phase, you can now begin to set up.

You can then get the land (in acres or plots, whichever one of them that isn’t too costly for a start-up)

and build the Poultry Structure (choose between the Deep Litter System, Half slats, and litter, semi-fold, or battery structures).

Then proceed to buy the actual chicks; these cost within the range of N140 to N300.

Make sure to buy healthy chicks from a well-known hatchery around.

Don’t forget the other tools that would make your poultry business run; like the drinkers, feeders, cages, coops and so on.

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Conclusion on How To Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria

While I might have simplified things for you, for the sake of your reading ease,

Poultry business is a really big deal than I make it out to be here.

However, if you can follow a well-laid out plan (like the ones I have in the post), you can really hit it big in no time in the poultry business.

The poultry business is one that you can get yourself into in 2020.

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