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I welcome you all to something special and wonderful! I know you must have been wondering about my engagements lately – Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria.

Well, I am here for a very specific reason to do my little part in sharing valuable knowledge about Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria.

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Actually, I aim to teach you as much as I can about Digital Marketing and how you can start your own Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria for free in 2019.

At this point, you might be wondering, “how can I possibly teach Digital Marketing, which is worth millions of naira, for free?” (digital marketing courses in nigeria)

“And, what exactly do I aim to achieve doing so? – best place to learn digital marketing in nigeria

How Learning Digital Marketing can Help you?

I believe that most of us understand, or at least, realise the current situation in Nigeria, and how unemployment rate has spiraled downwards in recent times.

This has led to some of the youth population resorting to shady businesses, such as Advanced Fee Fraud, Scamming, Spamming, etc.

and that has led to the desperate need to help the situation, however way we can manage.

So, this is just me trying to teach and show people the ways around Digital Marketing,

because, obviously, the era we are in is a digital era, and it would really help if more people (youths, especially) key into

the digital scheme of things (through Digital Marketing) and alleviate the near-dire unemployment in the country.

Who Am I to Teach you Digital Marketing Right?

Before we start, I would like to tell you all a bit about myself, and perhaps answer the question “who does he think he is to speak about Digital Marketing?”

I have been directly involved in Digital Marketing for 9 years, and I have my portfolio on various websites;

I am a paid consultant, a blogger, a trainer, and a speaker.

I’ve been privileged to speak at several different locations about Blogging and Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria

I’ve also been privileged to have worked with and encountered students and experienced professionals alike,

and I’ve been able to put them through on Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria, such that most of them are now actively utilizing that knowledge.

They’ve started to apply it in their resumes, and also in other ways they can use the knowledge to create more opportunities.

So, basically, I’ve been able to create a small but functional cycle of youth empowerment system,

and I feel obliged to share right now the things I’ve learned along the way.

how to start digital marketing business in nigeria

So, let us move to breach on the course (let us just see it as “Introduction to Digital Marketing 101”),

it is no doubt fresh course, the latest you’d be getting around on the topic, and to cap that all up, you’re getting it free here.

It is important to start it all by explaining the meaning of Digital Marketing first, Digital Marketing is the process of driving more customers

to a business using digital methods and satisfying the specific digital need of that business.

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It’s 2019, and whether business owners realise this or not, there is a specific digital need for their business,

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and their business needs a digital presence in one form or another,

because, no matter how much customers they may think they’re getting, they can get a whole lot more with the aid of digital marketing.

The one thing Digital Marketing is based upon is the internet, so, basically, you would be

leveraging on the far reaching features of the internet to get more coverage for a business.

Since the internet has made the whole world a “global village”, and the last thing a business wants,

is to be caught out of all the features that comes from this inter connectivity.

prospects of digital marketing in nigeria

Digital Marketing is also the application of current digital trends and happenings to a business outlook with the purpose of boosting sales and patronage.

If I’m to put it another way, Digital Marketing is the strategy that’s fit for businesses existing in this era,

because, it no longer matters anymore if you still print posters and flyers, or distribute

pamphlets to people, or telling them about your business by the traditional word of mouth

people are more involved digitally – they all go online through their phones and computers, and they basically get almost all their information from the internet.

It then follows that a business focuses on making its presence known digitally and strive

to drive potential customers to themselves using Digital Marketing, because, let’s face it,

how lucrative is digital marketing in nigeria

Digital Marketing is probably the surest way to get more and more customers in this digital era.

Even outside the business world, people are already utilizing Digital Marketing you could imagine,

politicians are already applying Digital Marketing in some ways, to get closer and interact with their potential voters,

and even go on to garner massive votes in their favour.

leading digital marketing agencies in nigeria

The government itself would try to popularize a policy or a new regulation by using one of the many applications of Digital Marketing,

so that a percentage of the citizens would become aware in the most natural way (maybe they came across it on social media, or have been directed to a site where

they would find that piece of info while they were on their normal browsing activity)

There are so much opportunities that Digital Marketing opens up to people, and I’ll be taking out time to expatiate every detail of the whole course,

so that at the end, you readers won’t have the excuse of lacking the business idea or having the business opportunity.

Right now, Digital Marketing in Nigeria opens up so much employment opportunities; you could work anywhere form a proper career in Digital Marketing,

to being a full-time freelancer – you could even begin to help other freelancers sort out their

customer influx and you’d become some sort of a “freelancer’s freelancer”.

digital marketing trends in nigeria

I would let you in on the ways you can become a full time freelancer with the knowledge of Digital Marketing, but that would be later in the series.

Back when I was an intern in my 300 level days, I immediately got hired as an intern

once I showed them I could help them drive in more customers with Digital Marketing;

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they were content with the steady stream of customers they were already having, and

I only had to show them just how much more they could be getting if they applied digital marketing,

I educated them on how little they had to pay to get their brand out there, and the various smart ways they could employ to attract new potential customers.

So, you see that Digital Marketing immediately gives you an edge, whether as a professional or an individual who’s just starting in business.

digital marketing opportunities in nigeria

I would need you to take my word for it, that what you would be getting here is the real deal, and it’s the standard that’s attainable anywhere else

(although, you’ll pay in most other mediums, but here, it’s free); the course itself is really,

really, trending at the moment, everyone has caught the “digital bug”, and some folks have realised how much of a gold mine Digital Marketing in Nigeria

has become, so, thinking about it more objectively, it would be a real privilege to find such a valuable course such as this one, for free.

digital marketing jobs in nigeria

So, we move to talk about Digital Marketing Jobs in Nigeria. According to Google Search Engine and other similar applications,

it’s been found that Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, and unbelievably true.

Digital Marketing in Nigeria has several facets,

to which one can focus on as time goes on, and Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria is not only to be used in a career environment,

it can also lead to a sustainable self-employment.

Honestly, if you’ve started earning big form Digital Marketing, it’s almost impossible to turn back,

and one would well be on the path of being a successful entrepreneur.

I’m a testament of what can be earned through Digital Marketing in Nigeria; I earn up to $500 from coaching and training sessions

I organize on Digital Marketing, and that’s just the teaching aspect, I earn from other applications of Digital Marketing as well.

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing in Nigeria ?

Maybe you might be wondering “Am I not too old for Digital Marketing?” but I’m happy to tell you that there’s no age limit to Digital Marketing.

From a boy who’s still in Elementary School (there’s this interesting story I stumbled upon on

Facebook about a Japanese young boy who’s making over $100,000 from Digital Marketing),

to a man in his early fifties, Digital Marketing is practically for everyone! All you even need is your laptop, a smartphone and a stable internet connection;

as you can see, these requirements are easily accessible to most people, and that makes Digital Marketing a very low-cost venture.

The only real task you’d need to carry out in Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria, is to learn from mediums such as this, and not take every

little piece of information for granted (since you’re not losing anything in any sense, instead, you stand to gain everything).

What is the Best Way to learn digital Marketing?

You might also be wondering “How best do I learn Digital Marketing?” – I know, I keep pre-empting questions, and answering them myself,

but this is just me trying to explain this concept in a way that would be best understood by the readers, and so,

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I put myself in their minds, and try to answer the questions they would most likely have.

Myself didn’t get the chance when I first started; I started the journey into Digital Marketing alone, and had to learn most of the strategies all on my own,

where to study digital marketing in nigeria

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I know I wouldn’t make some of those mistakes if I had this kind of information I’m currently giving.

But, now, I am trying to share my experience and knowledge on Digital Marketing with you all,

so that you won’t have to go through the journey without adequate information, like I did.

Try as much as you can to gather as much information as can from here, and not resort to spending money on it elsewhere.

digital marketing agency in nigeria

You see, it is very easy to pay a lot of money for this very same course, and still not get the proper value for money

and at that point, you get disappointed, and start thinking “I’ve not gotten enough, even after I spent so much”.

We are offering this course, for free, and that’s for a reason. Anyway, this should be considered a very valuable package.

digital marketing solutions in nigeria

I have painstakingly made this whole course into a series, where you will have several parts explaining

in full details everything (I mean, everything) there is to know about Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria.

It wouldn’t be all clogged up and jumbled together, but would be separate, and each facet would be taken one after the other,

until we are extremely confident that our readers come away enlightened in the end.

And then, again, the whole thing wouldn’t just be all ‘talks’, we would be giving practical elements too, at the end of each parts,

so that you the readers would engage themselves in the things they get to read on here.

online digital marketing in nigeria

To help with the initiative, I have brought together a team of people, who, together with me,

would walk and guide the readers through the learning process, we’re committed at this point to being with you inch of the way because,

after all, we exist as a site, to empower people in the humble way we can.

You can hit us up in the comment section, to let us know what you think about the course and the general concept of Digital Marketing Business in Nigeria.

In Conclusion on this Chapter

You can also find us on the various social media outlets, to see and learn about the things we stand for,

and our drive to better the unemployment situation in Nigeria.

We would really like to engage out readers, because that has been the goal all along;

to inform people about the business ideas that can be turned into an income earner for everyone.

The next part of the series would be coming up shortly, and we urge us readers to stay tuned for it, as this is a journey that would benefit all at the end. Till next time, stay blessed, people.


  1. Hi! I Hope you are good. Such an informative article. But after reading this article and like more my observation is that designing the right digital marketing strategy is essential for all businesses, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to do it. There are many digital marketing platforms and all platforms are not created equally when it’s come to different types of content.


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