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Let’s discuss how to sell Xbox Gift card in Nigeria in the year.

Bet you didn’t even know that you can start trading in Xbox gift cards and make good money from it.

Xbox Gift Card is just like any of the other gift cards that you have (iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card and so on), and like them,

you can trade in it for the profit.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the ways you can start selling Xbox gift card,

and some of the places where you should be trading for the maximum profit.

Xbox gift cards can be sold in two forms: Xbox Physical card and Xbox E-code.

The Xbox Physical card (which of course can be seen, felt and touched) can be bought from stores.

To the Xbox gift card in this way, you need to take a picture of them and upload them unto the gift card exchange site.

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You can do this with or without the value on the face showing.

Then there’s the other way: Selling the Xbox E-code.

With this method, you don’t need to take a picture.

The code bearing the validity of the card is what you’d be sending over to the buying party, similar to how they do it with iTunes gift cards.

Generally, the rates of Xbox E-codes are lower than that of the physical cards.

Now that you’ve decided what method you want to sell your Xbox in,

it’s time to choose the site where you’d be selling your cards.

That website is They are into all kinds of gift cards, including Xbox gift cards.

They generally buy from individual sellers and they pay for your gift card,

regardless of if you have a receipt for it or not (however, if you have a receipt, the rate is higher), or whatever country the gift card is coming from.

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Wrapping up on How To Sell Xbox Gift Card in Nigeria

Yes, Xbox gift cards exist, and if you want to be the complete package of a gift card seller, you should consider selling this one too.

There are different ways you can sell the Xbox gift card, but it is up to you to determine which works for you best, or how flexible you wish to be.

Head on over to the site and start selling Xbox gift cards.


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