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If you’re hoping on How To Sell Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria this year, then this post is for you.

Not many people realize that you can actually trade in Google Play gift cards – in fact, even fewer people know that Google Play has gift cards.

This post hopes to open your eyes to the possibilities of venturing and making it big time in Google Play gift card trade.

As we move on in the post, you’d find out how you can trade, where to trade, and the going rates.

Getting Started on How To Sell Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria

To get started, you need to know where to sell or redeem Google Play gift cards first, before knowing where to buy Google Play gift cards.

Confusing, yes, but the reason is clear: you can get Google Play gift card (or any gift card for that matter) from a whole lot of places.

A simple single search on the search engine on where to buy gift cards turns up a ton of results.

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And you can get your gift cards from any one of them, there’s no bad site for buying gift cards per se unless the site you go-to is a scam.

However, there are worse places to sell your gift cards, which is why it is important that we talk about it for the rest of this segment.

If you have your Google Play gift cards you ready to sell, choose the site to approach wisely.

This would enable you to get your money’s worth, and some profits, after the sales of your gift cards.

After a substantial experience with gift card trading, there’s only one website I can recommend for your Google Play gift card sales.

And the website is and they would buy your Google Play gift cards whenever you’re ready to sell.

They accept a wide selection of gift cards they buy from individual sellers.

They’ve been in the game for long, and while I’m not marketing for them directly, they do have huge credibility among a lot of customers.

The payment is instant, and the payment option is very flexible.

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Going Rates Still on How To Sell Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria

When you are about to sell your Google Play gift cards, it is essential that you have in mind the going rates of exchange at that point in time.

This is so that you don’t get paid less for what you have in the value of the Google Play gift card you have at hand.

Typically, the going exchange rate for Google Play gift cards are $100 Google Play gift card for within N30k, £100 Google Play gift card for within N29k, €100 Google Play gift card for within N28k.

Now We Trade…

How To Sell Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria [Easy Money Guide]

Armed with the right information of the going exchange rates, you can now trade on

It is an overall easy thing to do. Just get the process right, and you’d be literally smiling to the bank.

First off, reach on WhatsApp; the link to the number is on the official website.

That they use WhatsApp is for better interaction between you and them.

However, if you’re not all about that life, you can easily trade on the website directly (create an account, and you’re ready to go).

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Whichever route you choose to go with them, the next thing to do is confirm the rates; typically, you should get on of their agent’s reply to you within minutes.

They’ll give you the full list of the rate they buy at that point.

Use the rate calculator on the site (and your own rate calculator) to be certain of how much the Google Play gift card you have in hand would earn you eventually.

If all is well with you (which I’m sure will be, with those good rates), you can then proceed to sell.

Simply upload the card to the site. Wait a few minutes (don’t worry) for them to verify the card status and authenticity.

When that’s done successfully, you receive a bank credit alert for your money. That’s all!

Conclusion on How To Sell Google Play Gift Card in Nigeria

If you’ve got what it takes to trade in Google Play gift cards (which is the cards themselves), you might as well start trading now!

With great gift card sites like, you really would seamlessly sell your gift cards in no time at all.


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