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I am 100% sure (could be more) that you must have read about how to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria before now.

And that’s just fine, at least, you’ve come away with information which you might or might not have put into use.

Now, this is a new one, and it’s brought to you right at the beginning of the New Year,

so you can have a refreshed and updated idea on how to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria as of now.

In this post, you’ll learn where you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria and the general price system of Bitcoins.

Where to get Bitcoin

In the business of Bitcoin trade, you only really need to know one site for your sales and purchase.

This doesn’t have to be just any Bitcoin site you come across, which is why there’s only one website I’d be recommending, and I’m quite positive most people would too.

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The site is

The site is a Bitcoin exchange website that has such amazing credibility when it comes to Bitcoin Trade.

They’ve been able to reach a high level of credibility by simply providing such a good rate for the Bitcoins you want to sell, as well as great customer support and a fast delivery/response.

To tell you the truth, they are perhaps the best Bitcoin exchange website you can find out there.

Visit the website, and get done with all the preliminary registrations and start trading, no stress, no fuss!

Bitcoin Rates

You might want to know and keep track of the going rates of the very thing you wish to sell, which is the Bitcoins.

The general price behaviour of the Bitcoins are very variable,

and they will determine when you buy, as well as sell.

And you’d definitely want to trade when you feel like you’d be making the most profits.

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Currently, the price of Bitcoin is around N1,872,360 for 1 unit of Bitcoin.

Now, while this number is mostly accurate, don’t take my word for it.

The price changes by the minute, and by the time you’re reading this,

there must have been a variation to the number I have given.

You look into the rates and wisely make your calculations on when you have to sell the Bitcoins you have or buy at the moment.

Wrapping Up on How To Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria

Bitcoin trade is not really new,

but there are ways you can do the same thing differently.

That is why I’m letting you in on information about selling Bitcoin,

like the site you need to be on for your Bitcoin trade,

and how you should consider rates (before anything else) when you make the decision to buy or sell.


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