Have you got your Galaxy S9 Plus acting upon you? You could be contemplating on how to hard reset the galaxy S9 plus.

In this post, I would be elucidating on those various ways.

First, you need to know that are two methods to reset your Galaxy S9 Plus. The Hard Reset and the Soft Reset.

The Soft Reset

A soft reset can be used when the galaxy S9 Plus is frozen up and unresponsive.

Your data and files on the device would be untouched by the soft reset.

To carry out a soft reset, simply hold the Volume Down and the Power buttons for approximately 10 seconds.

Around that time, the device should restart and return to a normal working state.

The Hard Reset

The Hard Reset, as you might have guessed, a bit harder in effect than the soft reset.

What it does is return the galaxy S9 Plus to its factory default settings.

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This means all your data and files would be wiped.

Normally, the Hard reset is used for the things a soft reset couldn’t fix.

There are two ways to carry out the hard reset;

the first one is used when the phone itself is powered off.

It involves holding the Volume Up and the Bixby button, and then pressing the Power Button as if to put on the phone.

Release the buttons when you see the Samsung logo appear. You would shortly be taken to the Android Recovery menu.

While there, navigate your way (using the volume up/down keys) and select Wipe data/Factory reset using the power key.

The second way is used when the phone is powered on and can be operated.

Simply open into the Settings, then the General Management. While there, tap on Reset, then Factory data reset.

Choose to Reset, and then Delete all and that would be it.

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There are times that the galaxy S9 Plus would need a reset, and you’d urgently be in need of hard or soft reset methods.

With the explained methods above, anyone can quickly and easily soft or hard reset Galaxy S9 Plus.


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