About a month ago, a colleague of mine asked me this vital question: is it possible to operate a USA Google Adsense Account from a country like Nigeria? – If YES, How to open USA Google Adsense Account.

The next instinct that came to me was to refer him to my blog (www.paulgeek.com.ng) but the moment I remembered I haven’t posted anything pertaining how to open a UK or USA Google Adsense account in Nigeria, I paused.

I was so confused.

Although I had started blogging, it never really crosses my mind that anyone could pose such a question to me, and this was someone I knew very well.

I gave him a ‘yes’ for an answer since am already operating a UK Google Adsense account from Nigeria but the next day,

I began compiling all the tricks I have been sweeping under the carpet for a long time.

Believe me, when I say, that compilation is the genesis of this article (how to open, verify and receive your USA or UK Adsense payments in Nigeria)

As you might have noticed, we always try to give the easiest ways you can navigate your way through this fast-changing era, which is the era of information.

If you are not informed, you will be deformed.

This article is here to give you the hot tips on how to open a UK or USA Google Adsense and how to verify your UK and USA AdSense account from here in Nigeria.

To cut the story short, all that you need to know about Google Adsense Account is right here. – how to open a uk or usa google adsense account

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Just in case you are still a newbie, Google Adsense is a platform that helps bloggers or webmasters to monetize their various blogs or websites when people visit such blogs.

It’s the easiest way to make money online, and I mean what I say.

I wouldn’t want to waste your time. Besides, time is money. So let’s just hit the road straight.

How To Apply For UK Adsense in Nigeria

It’s one thing to own a blog, and it’s another different thing to make money from the blog. What’s the essence of blogging if not to make money.

Your very essence of opening a blog won’t be achieved if you don’t know the easiest way to open an Adsense Account.

I hear a lot of people complain about how they’ve spent years trying to open or verify Adsense account

especially in a country of ours like Nigeria in which most people only know how to do things the hard way.

The good news is, you don’t need to go through the hard way because everything has been simplified.

To simplify the hard way it’s why I’m here,

and that’s what you would know after reading this article but before I dive into the details,

it’s good to know why your friends always find it difficult to get their Adsense account approved.

Mistakes You Should Run Away From With Google Adsense

1.  Step 1: You can’t wait to start making money.

I call this “money disease”. We all believe in the law of process but if you don’t, most people do. Come to think of it.

If God controls the power to create everything that’s in existence in a single day, why did he use seven days?

That’s because God himself believes in the process.

You can’t design or open a blog today and the next thing you are thinking of is getting an Adsense account.

It’s just can’t work, except you believe so much in miracles. You will get tired of seeing insufficient contents.

It will do you good if you wait patiently until you gather sufficient contents for your blog. Besides, the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

2.  Step 2: Copy and paste:

Come on! Don’t be lazy. You don’t expect Google to approve your Adsense account when you’ve copied and pasted someone’s work.

That’s plagiarism and a serious offense.

It’s synonymous to examination malpractice.

You should also pay close attention to Privacy Policy, Contact Us and the rest, just to be on the safer side.

Don’t take chances in trying to get your Adsense account approved.

I believe I have said enough of what you should avoid. Now let’s go straight to the steps of how to apply for UK or USA Adsense Account

How to Open a UK or USA Adsense Account in Nigeria

  1. Step 1: You must have a custom domain:

I call this “ the inevitable step” because google no longer accepts blogspot.com, which is bad news, even more, terrible in the ears of a newbie.

You shouldn’t waste any time in trying to cut corners because Mr google is always awake.

To make my point vivid, your domain should be something like this (www.yourblogname.com).

Mind you, don’t be in a haste.

After you’ve gotten a domain name and have linked it to your blog, you should relax your muscles for about three weeks.

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The dollars you are running after would always be available, provided you follow my guide( how to open a UK or USA Google Adsense Account in Nigeria)

2.  Step 2: You need a new email or Gmail address that is working.

When I say ‘new’, I mean, you have not to use the email to apply for Google Adsense in the past.

And if you have used before, be rest assured to see a red card from Google. Create a new email address.

3.  Step 3: Go to Google Adsense directory  

(https://www.google.com/adsense) and click on sign up. Now you have started the application– how to open a UK or USA Google Adsense account.

4.  Step 4: Input your website or blog’s home directory/URL.

Eg  yourblogname.net or any extension you have. And don’t forget to click on the enter key

5.  Step 5: Fill in the form that will appear

Your name; surname( you can use your pet’s name if you don’t have a surname); phone number

(you can use your Nigerian phone number, but ensure to include +234); country and finally your address, which is where most people get confused.

If you’ve never been to US or UK, the good thing is you have a way out, which is the essence of this article ( how to open a UK or USA Google Adsense account in Nigeria),

to provide a way where there seems to exist none.

You are going to employ the service of shoptomydoor.

You will be given an address when you sign up with them but you have to read this article to the very last line if you want to know what shoptomydoor is all about.

Don’t forget! ‘How to open Google Adsense Account in Nigeria’ is here to offer convenience.

6. Step 6: On the Adsense dashboard, you will be given some codes.

You will Now copy the code, and paste it below the head tag of your blog or website. Remember to paste the code in between the header open tag, and the header close tag

7. Step 7: Return to Google Adsense page,

Click on “verify property” to confirm the pasted code.

Alright! Now you are done but am sorry to say this: you must wait for Google to approve your UK Google Adsense account.

If you don’t have patience, you need to get some from those angry neighbors of yours because it might take 24 hours to get a reply.

You will definitely get a reply as long as you’ve followed my “how to apply for UK or USA Google Adsense account

How to Verify UK or USA Adsense Account in Nigeria

After you must have opened an Adsense Account, the next problem is how to verify the UK or USA Adsense Account.

Am sorry for using the word ‘problem’ because it won’t be a problem when you follow the steps on how to verify UK or USA Adsense Account in Nigeria.

Just like how Nigeria is a difficult place that hinders many creative ideas, the same goes for getting a Nigeria Adsense Account verified.

You know its quite difficult getting approved for a Nigeria Adsense for bloggers in Nigeria here and for reasons best known to Google Adsense team.

Nigeria is indeed a funny place.

This realization is what has made many Nigerian based bloggers look elsewhere for solutions to their problems

Many Nigerian bloggers, these days use UK and USA Adsense for their website monetization

as a result of its easy approval rate and equally, cheap price when it comes to buying from an already approved person.

How to Open Google Adsense Account in Nigeria

Since Nigeria is part of the commonwealth countries, UK is the easiest and the most commonly used.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with details, so I will just go straight to the steps.

For those people who have unverified AdSense accounts from the UK,

all you need to do is to get a UK or USA address to which Google can send a verification PIN to;

it would help if you have contacts there, so they can help you get the Pin for you.

If you don’t have contacts in the UK/USA whom you can use their address to get your PIN,

1. Step 1:

The first thing to do is to create an account using your email address and a password at www.shoptomydoor.com

It might interest you to know what this shoptomydoor is all about Shoptomydoor

Shoptomydoor is an online delivery service.

They deliver several goods and items bought overseas and ship them to various countries in a few days and they have been reliable for the couple of years they have been in service.

At shoptomydoor, you can receive items in two ways

Either as a delivery in your location

As an email to your email address.

usa adsense account

Step 2:

Fill out other necessary and required pieces of information like age, country, state and zip code alongside your mobile number for phone verification.

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Step 3:

Verify your phone number with the digits you’ll receive from an unknown reply source

Your shoptomydoor account has been created

Step 4:

Log in to your account using your email and password and your dashboard will appear before you

Step 5:

Link your debit card with the account for payment of shipped items.

You now have the various addresses of UK USA and China

Now go to the warehouse and you’ll see the different addresses provided for your UK, USA and Chinese warehouse.

Step 6:

Copy the details of the UK warehouse exactly as it is, and then go to your Adsense account.

Step 7:

In your Adsense account, click on menu icon at the top left of the Adsense dashboard

Step 8:

Tap “settings”  and click “payments” from the drop down menu

Step 9:

Click “manage settings” inside the payment page

Step 10:

Change the address. While changing the address, put your shoptomydoor details (the address you copied)

exactly as it appeared alongside your zip code, street address, city, and your name.


If it’s an existing Adsense account, tap the “pencil icon” to edit the address; and if you have requested a pin before, you can request new pin again and fill the above address

Step 11:

Click on save.

If you have never gotten to the pin verification threshold: €8 for UK Adsense,

the pin will be sent upon reaching the verification threshold but If by chance your pin has been generated and sent before,

wait for two-three weeks, and once the generate new pin notification has popped up,

then generate new pin but change the address first and edit it to your shoptomydoor.

Step 12:

Go back to your shoptomydoor dashboard. The work isn’t finished yet.

You can tell shoptomydoor about your new incoming shipments which is very easy.

Step 13:

Go to your shoptomydoor dashboard and click “tell us about an incoming shipment”, fill in the required field and finally click on “create a new shipment.”

Once the new pin is generated, you will receive the notification via the email used for signing up for your shoptomydoor account that a new item arrived in your warehouse.

Step 14:

Go to your shoptomydoor account through the email sent to you and click on deliver your item either by email or by home delivery.

Email delivery is best chosen as it is not a bulky item.

A $10 (#3600) payment is initiated on delivery through your credit card linked to the account.

In less than five days your Adsense verification pin will arrive in your email and you’ll verify your account for no high cost and at your own service.

You can also use Travelingmailbox.com in receiving your pin.

Once your pin arrives the given address, it will be scanned to your inbox. Before they scan and send the pin to you,

they will request that you should upload your ID.

In Conclusion on How to Open and Verify USA or UK Google Adsense

If you’ve gotten your UK address and postal code form there, you’d then go ahead with the registration process with Google AdSense.

There you go! I believe you now know how to open the UK or US Google Adsense account and to also verify the account but am not done telling you what you should know.

You heard me.

There is still something very important you haven’t heard in my story;

which is, after seeing those dollars rolling into your Adsense account,

how then can you receive or withdraw your hard-earned money?

The money you’ve been staring at all this while in your screen but can’t wrap your hands around.

To make my point vivid:

How Can You Receive or Withdraw Your Money From Your Google Adsense Account Here in Nigeria?

Just sit tight and keep reading, because that’s what you would know after reading this segment

(how to receive or withdraw your money from your Google Adsense account in Nigeria)

I believe you must hear of the words ‘PayPal’, ‘Payoneer’ and the rest of the online account platforms.

Just in case you are not familiar with them, I will have to disturb you with details, which you probably don’t like.

I will focus on Payoneer alone, which you will need and just to ease your pain.

Besides, ‘how to receive or withdraw UK or USA Google Adsense account earnings in Nigeria’ is here to make things easy for you.


how to open payooner

Payoneer is a global payment platform that enables numerous organizations to pay their workers,

make purchases online and conduct other money-related transactions worldwide. It’s Just like the internet form of banking.

When you register for Payoneer account, you will get USA or UK bank account details depending on the one you choose.

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This bank details will enable you to receive payments from Google Adsense.

Before I go into the steps of ‘how to receive UK or USA Google Adsense payment in Nigeria,’

You need to know how to get your Payoneer account so as to see those dollars rolling in.

How to Open a Payoneer Account

Just last week, my brother asked me how to open a Payoneer account here in Nigeria.

And I told him that the procedures are all the same, including UK and the rest of the world.

What you should do is to specify your country, and that’s what differentiates the procedures

It might interest you to know that you can also open Payoneer account using your company name or as an individual.

There some things you need to have on the ground before you consider opening a Payoneer accounts

The details you need

1: A working email or Gmail address

2: Postal code and residential address

Ensure you use the correct postal code because that’s where your MasterCard would be shipped to. It will be good if you check for your postal/zip code if you live in Nigeria

3: Your local bank account details will be requested for

4: Means of identification( e.g voter’s card, National ID, international passport, drivers license)

After you’ve acquired the above documents, let’s dive into the steps of ‘how to open a Payoneer account’ without wasting much of your time

How to Open a Payoneer Account

Two sign up buttons will appear on the homepage. Don’t get confused, just click on anyone

  • Step 2: Fill in your personal details in the spaces

Your details must correspond with that on your means of identification

  • Step 3: click on next and fill in your contact details

Indicate Nigeria if that’s where you live. Please don’t forget to enter the correct address because that’s where your ID would be shipped to

  • Step 4: click on next, and enter security details

This is where you will choose a password.

Enter a security question and provide the answer for it( this is used to confirm identify)

  • Step 5: Enter your local bank account details.

Just in case you don’t know your SWIFT/BIC, Google Search your bank BIC. E.g GTB SWIFT code. Get the BIC of your website or blog

  • Step 6: Click to agree to terms and conditions and pricing fees. Click submit

If you have followed my ‘how to open a Payoneer account’ correctly, you will get a congratulatory message and an email confirming that your application is in progress

Your application should be concluded in less than two working days.

Now you’ve successfully opened a Payoneer account. I bet you have if you have followed my ‘how to open a Payoneer account’ guide.

The big question now is: how can you request for a Payoneer MasterCard?

I bet you, it’s a very easy process but the problem is, you have to read further.

How to request for a Payoneer MasterCard

  • 1: log in to your Payoneer dashboard
  • 2: Click on ‘order a Payoneer prepaid MasterCard’
  • 3: Fill in the details, agree to terms and conditions, and click ‘order’

A minimum of 30 dollars should have been deposited into your Payoneer account to complete this process.

The duration of shipping varies from 3-4 weeks.

We must have digressed for quite some time now. Let’s get back to our main subtopic of discussion, which is:

how to withdraw or receive UK or USA Adsense earnings in Nigeria.

I will Just go straight to the steps.

You should be angry about your time being wasted.

How to receive or withdraw UK or US Adsense earnings in Nigeria

  • 1: First log into your existing Payoneer account
  • 2: Select “received payments from USA or UK companies” and copy the details of the account. The Payoneer account gives a USA checking bank details which include( account number, routing number, debit card, name of bank)
  • 3: Log into your USA or UK Google Adsense Account
  • 4: click “payments settings”, then click “banks”
  • 5: Fill in the details acquired from your Payoneer account into the form that appears.

Select “checking” in “action type” space

  • 6: Google will send 0.38 dollars just to verify your Payoneer account and to authenticate the person.
  • 7: As long as you have followed my “how to receive or withdraw UK or USA Adsense earnings in Nigeria”, you will see the dollars staring at you in your Payoneer account within 3 days

On the 21st of every month, your Payoneer account will receive your Adsense payments( if you have followed my how to receive UK or USA Adsense earnings in Nigeria guide)

That’s it. But remember, we always try to keep you updated with the latest information about blogging, website and your comments will assist in serving you better.

Do well to drop your comment…


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