Warm greetings to you, readers, I welcome you to paulgeek.com.ng. However, today, I’m going to be discussing and teaching you all how to open a UK Google Adsense and how to verify your UK and US AdSense account from here in Nigeria.

As you probably already know, this site has been turning out helpful articles on Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Blogging, and their likes.

Just in case you are still a newbie, Google Adsense is a platform that helps bloggers or webmasters to monetize their various blogs or websites when people visit such blogs.

how to apply for uk adsense in nigeria

In other words, it is the easiest way to make money as a blogger.

I’m hazarding a guess here, that you’re interested to know more about this;

Well, I’m here now to put you though, and possibly guide you on how you can go about it.

This tutorial would contain all the necessary details on how to open UK/US AdSense account verification from Nigeria.

How To Receive UK Adsense Payment in Nigeria

Come to think of it, have you ever wondered why people still choose to know

how to open a UK google AdSense and how to Verify UK/USA Google Adsense,

even when Google now approve Nigeria AdSense?

Well, that’s because a lot of these people think that the CPC rate for a US AdSense is much higher,

or that Nigeria AdSense Cost per Click rate is too low. – how to verify uk adsense

I will give you a more credible answer as to why the UK/US AdSense account is more favored over Nigeria AdSense. – how to use uk adsense in nigeria

As of 2012, blogging was still at its infancy, and assets are very easy to get approved.

For instance,

if you’ve just created your blog site newly, and you apply for Google AdSense by copying the code snippet you’ve been given –

and paste it in your blog codes,

your application and assets would get approved within mere hours. – uk adsense pin verification

However, things changed,

Google reviewed and changed their policies as more people began considering blogging as a form of business

(by the way, you should check out my other article How To Start A Business With Blogging in Nigeria 2019)

It’s 2019 now, and Google would only approve your AdSense account based on 2 important criteria

  1. STEP 1: Your website has to look professional
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What this implies is that you need to implement the good design in your website,

use good-looking and well-balanced templates.

So, if, for instance,

you’re not paying enough attention to things such as Site Design Optimization and Accessible Points,

Google wouldn’t approve your site [you can contact me for website design, or if you want to redesign your blog and get it approved quickly]

  1. STEP 2: You don’t do “copy and paste”

If Google takes a look at your site, and sees too many “copy and paste” contents, it wouldn’t approve your site.

You’d agree with me that it’s kind of awkward in times like these, to still engage in “copy and paste” – usa adsense account

When it is becoming increasingly easier to come up with your own contents.

All you just need to do is to make your contents in line with what they’re searching for.

That shouldn’t be too hard. Take, for example, you’re in the business section of blogging,

you just have to make unique contents filled with business-related keywords that people are most likely to search for.

how to open google adsense account in nigeria

how to open a uk google adsense

Then take it a notch further, and create a brand for your blog site.

So, these are the 2 criteria that Google has baked into its 2019 policy,

for when you wish to get your AdSense account approved quickly.

I’m sure you know that Google AdSense is by far the easiest way for bloggers and webmasters to

make money from what they do. (Google is Popular everywhere in the world)

Now, I’ll focus on the sets of people who want to know how to open a UK Google Adsense and also people who have unverified AdSense accounts from UK or USA.

Just like how Nigeria is a difficult place that hinders many creative ideas, the same goes for getting a Nigeria Adsense Account verified.

You know its quite difficult getting approved for Nigerian Adsense for bloggers in Nigeria here and for reasons best known to Google Adsense team.

You know its quite difficult getting approved for Nigerian Adsense for bloggers in Nigeria here and for reasons best known to Google Adsense team.

This realization is what has made many Nigerian based bloggers look elsewhere for solutions to their problems

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Many Nigerian bloggers, these days use UK and USA Adsense for their website monetization

as a result of its easy approval rate and equally, cheap price when it comes to buying from an already approved person.

how to open Google Adsense account in Nigeria

Since Nigeria is part of the commonwealth countries,

UK is the easiest and the most commonly used.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with details, so I will just go straight to the steps.

For these people who have unverified AdSense accounts from the UK,

all you need to do is to get a UK or USA address to which Google can send a verification PIN to;

it would help if you have contacts there, so they can help you get the Pin for you.

If you don’t have contacts in the UK/USA whom you can use their address to get your PIN,

The first thing to do is to create an account using your email address and a password at www.shoptomydoor.com

It might interest you to know what this shoptomydoor is all about


Shoptomydoor is an online delivery service.

They deliver several goods and items bought overseas and ship them to various countries in a few days and they have been reliable for the couple of years they have been in service.

At shoptomydoor, you can receive items in two ways

Either as delivery in your location

As an email to your email address.

Fill out other necessary and required pieces of information

like age, country, state and zip code alongside your mobile number for phone verification.

Verify your phone number with the digits you’ll receive from an unknown reply source

Your shoptomydoor account has been created

Log in to your account using your email and password and your dashboard will appear before you

Link your debit card with the account for payment of shipped items.

You now have the various addresses of UK USA and China

Now go to the warehouse and you’ll see the different addresses provided for your UK, USA and Chinese warehouse.

Copy the details of the UK warehouse exactly as it is, and then go to your Adsense account.

In your Adsense account, click on the menu icon at the top left of the Adsense dashboard

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Tap “settings”  and click “payments” from the drop down menu

Click “manage settings” inside the payment page

Change the address. While changing the address,

put your shoptomydoor details (the address you copied)

exactly as it appeared alongside your zip code, street address, city, and your name.


if it’s an existing Adsense account, tap the “pencil icon” to edit the address; and if you have requested a pin before, you can request new pin again and fill the above address

Click on save.

If you have never gotten to the pin verification threshold: €8 for UK Adsense,

the pin will be sent upon reaching the verification threshold but If by chance your pin has been generated and sent before,

wait for two-three weeks, and once the generate new pin notification has popped up,

then generate new pin but change the address first and edit it to your shoptomydoor.

Go back to your shoptomydoor dashboard. The work isn’t finished yet.

You can tell shoptomydoor about your new incoming shipments which is very easy.

Go to your shoptomydoor dashboard and click “tell us about an incoming shipment”,

fill in the required field and finally click on “create a new shipment.”

Once the new pin is generated,

you will receive the notification via the email used for signing up for your shoptomydoor account that a new item arrived in your warehouse.

Go to your shoptomydoor account through the email sent to you and click on deliver your item either by email or by home delivery.

Email delivery is best chosen as it is not a bulky item.

A $10 (#3600) payment is initiated on delivery through your credit card linked to the account.

In less than five days your Adsense verification pin will arrive in your email and you’ll verify your account for no high cost and at your own service.


You can also use Travelingmailbox.com in receiving your pin.

Once your pin arrives the given address, it will be scanned to your inbox.

Before they scan and send the pin to you,

they will request that you should upload your ID.

In Conclusion on how to open a UK google Adsense

If you’ve gotten your UK address and postal code form there,

you’d then go ahead with the registration process with Google AdSense.


  1. hey, bro, I am from India and wanted a UK Adsense account but unfortunately, shoptomydoor.com is not cheap and reliable available for our country is there any other alternatives for getting the pin


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