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I bet you don’t know that you could make someone you are calling pay for your call on Airtel for the call session!

Okay, maybe you might have heard of it, because it’s been around for a while.

Airtel has this service called Airtel Call Connect service that basically allows you to pass the call session bill to the receiver of that call. So, you make the call, and the receiver pays for the call.

So, I’d be telling you how you can get this service; as you might have guessed, it’s only for Airtel users only.

Getting right into it, you’d be really surprised to know that it’s extremely easy to use the service.

All it takes is dialing the person’s number with the ‘#’ before it. For example #08081111111.

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That’s all! And when the receiver picks up the call, the bill of that call would be on him/her.

9mobile has a similar service called Receiver Pay Call Service.

There’s a caveat though, and it is that the Airtel Call Connect would only work for Airtel-to-Airtel calls.

It’s strictly an Airtel affair, and can only be used by Airtel users.

Conclusion on How To Make Someone You Are Calling Pay For Your Call On Airtel

Just dial the number and put ‘#’ in front of it, the call goes on normally, and at the end of it, the owner of the number gets billed.

Don’t forget though, that this is strictly for airtel-to-airtel calls; but maybe in the future, it might be open to other networks.


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