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We’ve come across several comments and posts from people who would like to know how to make money with WhatsApp,

and, if, for some reason, you don’t know by now, it is very possible to make money from WhatsApp. whatsapp earning method

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We’ve taken it upon ourselves to guide and teach our readers how to make good money online; it’s a job we gladly do, with all pleasure of course!

So, today, right now, we would be sharing ways which you can make money by using WhatsApp,

for those of us who are really wanting to know (those with the question “what’s up with this WhatsApp money-making thingy anyway?”

how to make money on whatsapp in nigeria

As most people must have known by now, WhatsApp was bought a while back by Facebook (there is a lot of history between them though), and

while Facebook has allowed content creators to make money freely for a while now, (they do that by creating some kind of partnership platform, where

Facebook would help them make the money, and they in turn pay some form of commission) get the whatsapp earning app

they’ve not extended that feature to WhatsApp just yet (which is kinda disappointing).

how to make money with whatsapp business

But the reality is that, there is still a way around making money in WhatsApp – there is always a way, for those who are determined.

Basically, WhatsApp doesn’t provide a direct method to make money with a WhatsApp account,

but there are other unofficial methods (which are legit, by the way) that can be employed.

How To Make Money With WhatsApp Using Digital Marketing in Nigeria

As we begin with this guide, it would be important to note that you’d need a few things ready beforehand.

First, you need a buck-load of contacts in your phone book (seriously, the more contacts there is, the better, and, there’s no such thing as “too much”),

you will find out quite soon enough, that you would need as many people as possible (as with most businesses out there),

and unless you have a butt-load of contacts, your earnings would be minimal. To help with your contact lists, you’ll need to join several WhatsApp groups.

The ways to make money on WhatsApp

After then, you would need to engage the people on your contact list with contents, good contents;

I would actually leave the readers to figure their own definition of good contents (it helps in the way of creativity that way). whatsapp earning apk

So, we move on to the actual ways of making the money on WhatsApp, they are quite a number of ways, and I would take time to explain them in detail.


Starting right on the list, is probably the easiest and the most popular method to get money off of WhatsApp.

It’s so easy, everyone’s clicking on short-links these days, and somebody, somewhere is making money from it!

What’s a short-link anyway? Short links are simply shortened links to a particular website

they are more or less like the shortened version of the actual link to a web page, a typical link would be kind of long, so, short links substitutes that.

how to make money from whatsapp tv

To get started using this method, you’d need to look for contents; information and tips that would be hugely helpful, and that people would love to read about.

After that, you will copy the link to that content, visit (and login to) a URL shortener, paste the copied link, and shorten it.

Then, you will take your shortened link (by means copying, of course) to your WhatsApp profile, and share it with your contacts and groups.

how to make money with whatsapp very easily

You could also use the Status feature on WhatsApp, and post the shortened link on your status, so that everyone can see it at once.

When your contacts visit the content through that link, they would see some adverts before getting to actually seeing the content; and that’s how you would earn your money.

how to earn money on whatsapp business

You can make substantial passive income if you use link shorteners for your many contacts, perhaps the only thing

could stand in your way is the fact that you may not be paying attention to the number of contacts you have;

there are a lot of people who have tons of people on their phone book, and they interact

with majority of them but still don’t know how to monetize that interaction.

It could even be the reverse, where one has the knowledge, but still hasn’t thought through on how to get more people into their contacts.

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Therefore, you would need to know that the more people you have on your list, then the more the chances of earning on WhatsApp.

Some of the best link shortening sites you can use (and they pay promptly and well) are Link Shrink, OUO and Shortest.

Visit any one of these link shortening sites and register, then start shortening links and make money!

Affiliate Links

Here’s another way to hit it soft on WhatsApp, although it is a bit intricate than Link Shortening.

You can make a lot of money from your contacts, provided they have quite the purchasing power.

So, here’s how it goes: you’d need to belong to a specific kind of group, with a specific kind of interest.

So, let’s pick tech, for example, you can talk about a particular trend in tech with a WhatsApp group that’s tending towards tech; it could be a new tech product, or a new service.

Then you’d go over to an affiliate network, and hook up with them (and by Hook up, I mean register and have an account with them),

find the link to the tech product you’ve been talking about, and then, copy and paste that link in the WhatsApp group.

how to make money with whatsapp message

Once members of that group click on that link to make a purchase that product, you get commission, and like

the aforementioned strategy, the more people you have on your phone book (or the number of WhatsApp group you know).

So, this strategy is hinged on the purchasing power of your target audience, and the specificity of the product topic.

Find people you are sure are likely to buy something if told about it. If you could convince them about a certain product,

and they buy, then you make your money. At this point, take note: that it is important that

you make useful conversations about the product before sending links to those products, and if you have a lot of contacts,

that would be a lot of effort, but would be easily worth it along the way (if you’re having, say, 25 people from your 500-member WhatsApp group purchases from your link, it’s a good start.

how to earn money by whatsapp and facebook

Make sure you don’t go pasting links unsolicited, you could come off as a desperate affiliate spammer.

And also, make sure that the products you are sharing the links to, are physically available at the times the buyers need them.

There are a number of good affiliates networks you link up with, and find a wide selection of products you can share;

the like of Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate and Commission Junction.

Sell your own products and skills

As a direct substitute to affiliate marketing on WhatsApp, you could actually sell your own products and/or skills, provided that you have them ready at hand.

This is another way to make money from WhatsApp, and take a full control of how much you’re earning.

You could create a business profile, and share it (in form of a business card, or something like that).

Approach WhatsApp groups that you’re sure are likely going to be interested in the things you offer.

It doesn’t even necessarily have to be that you produce or manufacture those products yourself;

how to earn money from whatsapp share

you could do Drop-shipping, and link up with a source that has all those products, so that orders go through you to that source, your contacts land in the online store, and the supplier attends to their orders,

while you get your commission after a successful transaction. Create links to the Products on an online store (the one you have yourself, or one which you’re Dropshipping for),

and share it with your contacts, let them know they might be getting a huge discount if they’re making their orders through you.

You can also sell your skills too; all you need do is to put word out on WhatsApp (through your status, or broadcasts), or better still, join

WhatsApp groups that are similar to the skills you are offering, and then advertise yourself there

(you know, like joining a Recharge Card WhatsApp group if you sell Recharge Cards yourself)


ClixSense is a website that pays you to complete surveys, and do other things like watching videos, play games and so many other things,

so you might be wondering “what has that got to do with WhatsApp?” well, you will find out in a bit.

So, it is true that ClixSense will pay you when you complete surveys and watch videos, but then, it will also pay commissions for referring people to it.

how to earn money from whatsapp video

Basically, when you sign up for a ClixSense account, you instantly get a referral link; you can then share this link to various mediums, which, in this case, happens to be

WhatsApp. So, the more people sign up on the site through your link, the more bonus points you get (which would then translate to more money in commissions).

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Just ensure that you try to complete the surveys that you can access on the site (truth is, you can’t be qualified for all the available surveys,

how to make money on whatsapp with google adsense

but those you’re qualified for, ensure you complete them. Surveys would earn you money, small at first,

but it accumulates over time, provided you’re consistent with your efforts.

Some of you might be having doubts as to the fact that ClixSense is a Pay To Click website,

and most PTC websites don’t pay as much as they promised;

but ClixSense has been tried and tested to be reliable.

They do pay as much as they promise.

how to earn money by sharing messages on whatsapp

Since it is free to join, therefore, you don’t have anything to lose when you start, and when

you’re in, you can receive your earnings as easily as possible (receipt of payment is typically within 5 days!),

and speaking of Payment receipt, it is recommended that you use Skrill; it is very easy for ClixSense to transfer to a Skrill account,

and it is even easier to withdraw the money in to a bank account here in Nigeria (this is unlike PayPal, which restricts Nigerian users, and obviously has issues with Nigerian users)

how to make money by creating whatsapp group

WhatsApp provides a perfect tie-in for a PTC website such as ClixSense, especially when you have a lot of people on your WhatsApp contacts List,

or Maybe you belong in a lot of WhatsApp Groups, this is a perfect way to leverage on that and make some money for yourself.

It’s worth it to try ClixSense out, and even if it won’t work out immediately (heck, it is not a Get-rich-quick scheme anyway),

but it sure would pay a lot for those who stick around long enough.

Become a WhatsApp Business Marketer

This is also a very easy one. In fact, it is so easy, it is almost too easy! Most people find it hard to believe (maybe because it isn’t too obvious)

but there are people who have found the means to use their WhatsApp contactship to help promote businesses,

and all they needed to do that is the huge number of contacts they’ve been able to garner over time. So, if they’re doing it, then we can teach you how to do it too!

As you might have guessed, this business strategy is based solely on the huge amount of contacts you have.

Use every means you can to get a lot of contacts (we’re talking about thousands and tens of thousands of contacts), you will then use this as a leverage with companies you wish to promote.

how to earn money from whatsapp share

So, basically, you’ll approach and make them an offer (like “I can help you reach 5,000 new customers via WhatsApp, Contact me if interested),

most of the time, interested entities would approach you (you would even be pleasantly surprised how many people are interested in that sort of thing),

and once there’s an agreement for your service, all you then do is design a good plan to

help them advertise their products and introduce them to your WhatsApp audience.

how to make money with my whatsapp

Payment isn’t anything elaborate, you don’t need any additional payment platform (unless the situation calls for it),

and you get paid based on the agreement between you and the business you’d be promoting.

If you play your cards right, it is almost certain that you’ll hit it big with this strategy in no time at all, and you could become an influencer in the future too!

Pay per Download

This is probably the weirdest of the strategies to make money on WhatsApp, and worse still, it’s the most under-utilized of all of them.

With the Pay Per Download option, you upload some files, such as music, games and videos on some website,

then you’ll copy and paste that link on your WhatsApp Status, or share it with your contacts. You will then get paid for every download they do. It’s that simple.

Even more, most of these sites (on which you uploaded you files) would like visitors

to fill out a survey or view an advert before they proceed with the download.

how to earn money from whatsapp in pakistan

This is how they make the money to pay you for each download – so, you know the more traffic downloading your file, the more money for you.

There are several ways you can implement Pay per Download on WhatsApp. For instance, you could belong to several computer science related WhatsApp groups,

then you could easily upload some relevant files (such as EBooks, Tutorial videos, and so on) and get paid as people download them.

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how to make money daily on whatsapp

You could even upload videos (say, comedy videos) to some sites, and post the link to your WhatsApp friends (whom you’re sure have shown interest in the video beforehand).

Examples of websites that allows you to upload contents are, and many others.

Perhaps, what makes this strategy unpopular is that fact that it is generally thought that people don’t pay for something that they know they can get for free.

But the thing is, with Pay per Download, they are still not paying anything in the technical sense of it.

how to make money by using whatsapp

The contents that you have uploaded would be downloaded for free (unless you deem it otherwise), and it would only cost people data,

but when they download, you make your money based on the fact that the site on which

you have your contents, make money from your contents! So it is a win-win situation for everybody, although people don’t realise it.

how to earn money with whatsapp group

Other than that, you would still have to pay attention to the kinds of contents you upload:

upload contents that are popular with people but not that easy to get (like EBooks on a particular trendy topic),

so that it would be easy to convince people to keep downloading from your link (so that they don’t have to stress themselves to somewhere else)

Bring Traffic to your Blog

This strategy entails using WhatsApp as a means to an end, and not the end itself. We’ve been talking about how to make money off of WhatsApp,

but this one’s different; we would be using WhatsApp to bring people to a blog which would in turn, make the money for us.

A lot of Bloggers are doing it already, so it’s okay to show you how.

As we all know, Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, and as typical of a blog,

you would always need the traffic (people that keep visiting the blog). WhatsApp comes in handy when it comes to meeting your Blog’s traffic needs.

how to earn money with whatsapp status

For instance, you might be running a Celebrity Lifestyle Blog, and then you share every post on the

blog with your friends and urge them to share with their other friends, soon you’d have a handful of visitors coming over to your blog; if you do it right

(by writing short, catchy summaries below the link that you share), your shared post might

how to make money with whatsapp status

All of these would naturally translate to more money for you. You could even go a step further and create a group (or groups)

where you’d invite and engage the members with discussions around your blog posts,

that way you ensure that a handful of people would keep coming and coming to your blog through WhatsApp.

App referrals

This strategy is the most passive way of making money using WhatsApp, and sadly, earnings are minimal from it.

But still it’s worth the effort, as you would be getting something with literally nothing (heck, who doesn’t like something they don’t have to pay for?).

So, basically, all you need do is to download an app, get your friends (and other people)

to download the app through you (referral), and you start earning, as straightforward as that.

how to make money online with whatsapp

You just download the app, and share the referral link you’d be given to your many contacts on WhatsApp,

get them to download the app with your referral link and you then get paid. Most of the time, apps are just newly launched,

and are in need of downloads, are those that offer referral systems; but that doesn’t mean some other existing apps don’t offer it as well.

how to make money with whatsapp account

The problem about this strategy is that there is no definite number of apps that allows you

to earn from their referral system (in fact, even those that allow it, may not do so for long),

so it’s up to you to search around for apps that currently pay from a referral system.

Another problem is the fact that not all app referral systems that pay actual money; some may be inform of recharge cards and the likes,

but still, it’s still something, especially when you consider that you’re not paying anything for it.

So, you will just have to find apps that pay actual money from their referral system.


WhatsApp is really veritable tool for making money; whether making money directly from it, or by making it a means to another earning end.

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