Twitter is all over the place! Or, put it in a better way, everyone’s all over Twitter! As far as social networks go, here we go Make Money with Twitter

Twitter has become pretty trendy, and more and more people are hopping in on a daily basis. But with the growing popularity of the platform,

people are beginning to see the business opportunities, and the potentials Twitter offers asides being a social network.

how to make money on twitter 2019

So, you might find yourself searching for the ways you can monetize your presence on Twitter, and a sure method on how to make money on Twitter.

Look no further, as you’ve come to the right place! Here, we explain why Twitter is a good platform for making money,

and also, you would find the COMPLETE guide on how to make money on Twitter, explained in details, and presented in a relatable and logical manner.

We hope that, at the end of this article, readers would apply the methods they find herein, and find themselves on the money-making path.

So, suit up, and let’s get right in!

Why Twitter is a fabulous platform to make money

Right now, Twitter is one of the trendiest social networks there is. With over 300 million

active users every month (even that number is steadily increasing), it’s also becoming one of the biggest social networks there is.

Now, it is common knowledge that people are the life blood of any business, and wherever

there is a large number of people, there is an equally large business opportunity lying in wait.

how to make money on twitter 2018

Twitter provides an environment of millions of people, so, there definitely is a HUGE business opportunity lying in there, you’ve just got to find it.

Thankfully, we’ve found quite a number of ways for you, and we’re sharing, just to make things easier.

Before we start reaming out these methods, we would like to state that you would need ONE thing in order to make any

Twitter money making strategy to work for you: Followers, lots and lots of followers.

Use whatever (legitimate) means necessary to increase your followership.

How to make money on Twitter

How To Make Money With Twitter Using Digital Marketing

Become a Twitter Official Partner

We start the list with the more “corporate” method of making money on Twitter. It entails getting into a partnership with Twitter

through the Twitter Official Data Partner; you would have to get in as an organization, rather than as an individual

(that’s why it’s corporate in nature), and has to be an organization that’s involved in advertisement and marketing.

If your company qualifies for the partnership programme, it is really beneficial and financially rewarding.

make money with twitter bot

However, the terms of acceptance is kinda fickle; which means, sometimes it’s open to all, and at other times, it’s only invite only.

Make your findings about the programme, and see if your company can get in.

You may have noticed that this particular method isn’t for individuals, and it’s specifically

just for corporate organizations who are into advertisement and digital marketing.

So, you might want to look to other options if you don’t have your company yet.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another nice way of making money on Twitter. It is very easy to get

your way around affiliate marketing, and what’s more? It’s for everyone! Basically, you refer

your followers to some product or services that you are affiliated with, and get paid as your followers make purchases through your referral.

To start, all you need do is to register with a suitable affiliate marketing platform, and be an affiliate marketer to one of several products and services;

you could also contact some companies of your choice, and request an affiliate link from them.

Post the link to your followers, and influence them to buy that product or register for

that service through that link, once they begin to do so, you would get paid a certain commission.

twitter making money

You could sign up on popular affiliate networks, like Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliates, Konga Affiliates and so on,

and once you get accepted, you pick a product or service you would like to be an affiliate marketer

to (consider how it fits into the theme of your Twitter activities), and then get an affiliate link.

You then tweet about the products, and use several creative ways to actually “sell” the product or service to your followers,

and once you’ve shown them reasons to patronise the product or service, ensure they follow through the affiliate link so that you make your money.

One of the ways to ensure that you have a better chance of earning from affiliate marketing, is by focusing on a particular niche,

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and promote that niche through Tweets and Retweets, niche could be Tech, Sports, Fashion, and so on.

sponsored tweets

Once that is in place, it is easier to approach companies in line with your preferred niche and ask to be their affiliate marketer;

also, you have a higher chance of your followers making purchases or signing up through your link,

since they understand that it’s something related to what you’ve tweeting about for a while.

The success of affiliate marketing on Twitter depends on how well you engage your followers (after, of course, garnering lots and lots of followers),

and you just need to keep engaging them with Tweets related to the products you are an affiliate marketer of,

etching it in their consciousness every time they are on your feed; that way, you have

the chance of the larger part of your followership going through your affiliate link and making that purchase or registration.

Sponsored Tweets

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on Twitter, and that’s because of the unique feature Twitter has: Tweets.

Sponsored is actually a way to make money off of Twitter, by just tweeting; apparently,

there are company brands that are willing to pay for you to tweet about them. All you have to do,

is to create an account with sponsored tweets, and set how much you can charge per tweet,

then the website would match you up with brands that would likely need your services and done!

paid tweets

You tweet and they pay you. As popularity increases, it’s the companies that would contact you directly for you to make sponsored tweets about them.

The fun part about Sponsored tweet is that anyone is eligible (provided you have a large follower base)

and you can really earn a lot of money by just tweeting, which looks a lot like earning a lot from doing virtually nothing!

The only thing needed of you is to keep a constant online presence on Twitter, and then

keep increasing your followers; even these don’t seem like hard work to most people.

Short Links

You can implement short links service on your Twitter account in order to make some money.

What you do is to copy links you wish to share, shorten them on a link shortening website, and post the shortened version of the links in your tweets.

Now, if anyone clicks to open the link in your tweet, it will show them some ads and then redirect them to the actual content they’re hoping to see.

You then get paid per the number of clicks the links have garnered, it’s a pretty neat way to make money on Twitter.

how to make money on instagram

However, Short Links are not exactly the type of money making strategy that would enable you “hit it big” or

make huge amounts of money within a short time, it is a passive income earner (and a good one at that), and

a good way to earn money if you find it comfortable sharing lots of contents on Twitter.

Perhaps, you can make something substantially big from short link if you already enjoy a high level of popularity and have a huge follower base.

Sell products

You can make money off of Twitter by just selling stuffs of your own. In actuality, Twitter would be helping you quite a lot if you decide to sell your own products on it.

All you have to do, is to create a Twitter profile for the products you wish to sell, and then, make tweets about them, promote them, and drop links to your products everywhere you can.

And when you want to extend your products reach even further than your followers, Twitter could help with Twitter Ads.

Twitter Ads would run an ad for you for a fee, in order for you products to appear on more people’s timeline (more people other than your followers).

Looking at it critically, this would help you make a lot of money; for instance, you’ve got smartphones to sell,

and the profit you might have made from selling three smartphones is $300, if you take out $100 of the profit and run a Twitter Ad,

it would yield more customers, which would in turn yield faster turnover. Other than Twitter Ads,

you could employ other means of getting word about your products out there; like using trending hashtags

to expose your products to more people who are actually potential customers, or you could

partner with popular influencers, to help you advertise your product to their own followers.

Even if you don’t have your own products to sell, you could get into Dropshipping, and promote it just the same way you would if it were your own product.

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All you just have to do is to open an online shop on a platform (like Shopify, for example),

list products from other suppliers and manufacturers, and when a customer makes an order on your shop, it gets redirected to the manufacturer or supplier,

who would then act on the order, ship it, and give you your commission of the transaction.

With this, it goes to show that you can sell your own products on Twitter, and that doesn’t even

mean you have to go out of your way to look for actual, physical products to sell – you can do that at the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

However, it can be seen that this strategy doesn’t entail directly making money from

Twitter, but rather, using Twitter to make more money from selling your own stuff.

Anyway, they are very similar in nature, and it still goes to show how veritable Twitter is in making you money online.

Drive Traffic

This strategy is similar to the one we’ve previously explained. You use twitter to bring more people to another site (like blog or a YouTube channel),

and then that would in turn make you more money. If you’ve got a blog, or a YouTube channel

(or you are intending to get one of these), then, you could share your contents on Twitter.

Use trending hashtags to make more people discover these contents, and influence people to click on the link to your site or channel.

As you start experiencing an increase in traffic, you can then make money off of all those traffic by using ad services such as Google AdSense.

As implied before, this strategy is better suited for people who have a Blog, a website or a YouTube channel (or intending to have any one of these).

Twitter is more than capable to deliver the much needed traffic, provided it is used efficiently and optimally.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Networks

Another way to make money on Twitter is by implementing Pay per Click (PPC). It is incredibly easy,

and it’s the kind of strategy that sees you making money with minimum effort.

Basically, all you need to do is to sign up on a PPC network, and they would generate a link for you

to share on your Twitter account, and then they pay you for every click it receives, as simple as that.

It does come with its risks though, in fact, most people consider it to be a high risk option.

Pay per Click is highly sensitive, you could easily get yourself banned once the network suspects some disallowed activities,

like you clicking your own link all by yourself, or lobbying people to click on the link for you.

Worse still, it’s not a high-paying venture, and certainly not for people who may think it’s just not worth any effort.

However, it’s actually worth effort, considering the fact that it is a decent passive income earner,

and then, you’re not really paying anything to set it up to keep it running.

So, yes, we can still recommend this strategy to people, who would like to make some money from Twitter without much effort.

Work for Twitter

What better way is there to make money from Twitter than actually working for Twitter?

Well, yes, it is very much an option to work Twitter and be in a career with them. If you have the skills and the talents you think they would need,

it is definitely worth it to apply to work for them; you just might become gainfully employed and be well on your way on a career path.

Twitter has been known to take good care of their employees, with good salary packages, and other bonuses.

However, if we are to consider Twitter relative to Nigeria, the prospects of working with Twitter from Nigeria is near inexistent.

For one thing, Twitter doesn’t have any physical office here in Nigeria, at least, yet.

Therefore, working with Twitter would mean travelling out of the country – and not everyone is capable of doing this.

Therefore, this particular option is more suitable for people who are more open (and capable)

to the prospect of travelling out of the country, and are interested in the idea of making money from Twitter by working for Twitter,

and also have the right skillset and talent Twitter is looking for. For the others, they are better served by other options.

Finding Leads

This strategy is what we’d like to call a “secondary strategy”. It involves the use of specific search keywords to find potential customers.

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Twitter has a robust search engine, and coupled with its 300-million-plus active users, it is teeming with specific keywords which might be useful to you and your business.

All you need do is to search for these keywords, and act upon them; this might get you a potential customer for your business,

and give you the ability to manually bring in sales, and control the number of customers you’ll have to deal with.

how to make money with twitter followers

For instance, you can search for keywords like “need a new iPhone”, “I need a reliable data reseller”, “I need small chops around Ikeja” and so on,

make sure it is related to your kind of business (or at least something you can offer upon request).

You start to see people who have tweeted something related to those keywords, or even exactly the same thing;

then you home in and make an offer in reply to these tweets, telling them you can meet their needs,

or suggesting the places they could go to have their needs met if you yourself don’t have what they need –

although try to be the point from which they could reach the person who would meet their needs,

so that you would likely be in line for a commission. Gradually, you start to gain more customers.

This option is obviously for folks who already have businesses, and would like to use Twitter to boost sales, exposure and recognition.

Social Media Management

If you love social media, and are conversant with its intricacies, this option is for you.

You could become a social media manager for companies that have their presence on Twitter.

You could help them manage their Twitter accounts, boost their online reputation, and get paid for it.

Your job description would entail you receiving and responding to customer queries and building the company’s brand on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, you need to have the skillset and a considerable level of expertise to be able to qualify for the post,

and you don’t need to worry about looking for companies to work with, you could put word out there (tweet about it, actually)

that you’re a Social Media Manager waiting to be hired, and get people to retweet it until a company that needs your service discovers you,

or you could just become a freelancer, and approach freelancing platforms for companies who might be needing a Social Media Manager.

You could even go further by searching through job boards to see which company is currently hiring a Social Media Manager.

how to make money on twitter 2019

As mentioned earlier, you need some definite level of skill to be able to qualify for the post at a company,

in fact, you would need to have a very robust portfolio (Places you worked before, your

past achievements in social media management, and so on) before any company takes you seriously.

Apparently, this option isn’t for people who are looking for a quick way to make money from Twitter,

but for those who have steadily built the skill over time, and are now looking to use it to gain employment of some kind.

Sell your account

This option is one we would like to call “last resort”, it involves selling off your Twitter account, with a huge amount of followers,

for a fee, to an interested buyer. It’s a nice option to take when you have a Twitter account with lots of followers,

but want to move on to something else; it could even be that you already have several accounts with lots of followers,

so you felt you don’t need an account anymore. For whatever reason there might be,

you can sell your Twitter account for serious money, depending on how much followers it has.

It is important to state that this option is a rather destructive. You would be selling off a Twitter account which has a several money making potential

(if you looked hard enough) for a one-time fee – this seems to lack business sense, especially

when you consider the fact that the account to be sold must have accrued a lot of followers, which could easily be transformed into a steady income earner.

However, one might have genuine reasons to sell a Twitter account – imagine having to leave social media for one reason or another,

or a case of multiple accounts you can no longer manage. Then, in those scenario, it is totally

okay to sell your Twitter account – that is why we call it the “last resort” for when all else isn’t working out.

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