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Are you in the university (studying, obviously) and are looking for how to make money as an Undergraduate in Nigeria?

Well, come along with me as I show you through some of the business ideas you can try out, and be a businessperson yourself.

Now, I’d like to state that the ideas you would find here aren’t particular about the capital needed, rather it’s more concerned with the geographic, economic or social opportunity that you can take advantage of, and build your business around.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Transport Business – how to earn money while studying in college

Transport Business -  how to earn money while studying in college

Most university campuses (except private universities) have transportation problems of varying degrees.

How about you solve some of that problem and make money whilst at it?

You would need a vehicle of course: if you’re lucky to have one already, that’s a huge plus, however, I won’t advise that you buy a vehicle outright unless you can find a deal that is very convenient for you – hire a vehicle instead, it’s more economical overall.

You would have to register to be a transporter within your school premises; most of the time, it’s the Student Union Government of the school that manages transportation, so you would have to find out from the appropriate quarters on registration procedures.

After registration, work begins! Pay attention to the fact that students would always want to beat the rush hour for lectures, which is where you go in for the cut; the goal is to make the rounds during those times as often as possible.

As time goes on, you gain experience and discover more ways to increase your income.

A word of advice: make sure you have the right balance between schooling and this business, which is why I would only recommend this idea to more senior students since their academic obligations are relatively lighter at higher levels.

Food Business – how to make money as a student in nigeria

Everyone eats. And in school, students would always eat, above all else.

In fact, there might already be a lot of food vendors in the school already, but that shouldn’t bother you; you can set out with your own food business.

Food Business -  how to make money as a student in nigeria

Normally, you would need a spot from where people come to patronize you, but that won’t be necessary once you apply some smart strategies.

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The most important thing is the meal you would be selling; if it’s good food, people would buy regardless of where you’re located.

For a start, find a way to ensure that the food is prepared with consistency; you might cook at your house for a start too.

Then, get the word out about your business, this would prompt orders, then you fulfill those orders and repeat the process.

When done right, your demographics would expand past just students, and you would have more people willing to pay for the kind of ingenious service you can render. – how to make money online

This would naturally translate into more income and the need to expand – at this point, you might not be able to meet the demands all by yourself, so you would need more hands.

In short, this is a business idea that could grow to large proportions once set out well.

Also – pro tip – try to extend your service past the times that others have theirs; like late-night hours, it could really be a huge deal-breaker for a lot of customers and a Unique Selling Point over your competitors.

When your own business is available at times when others are not, best believe you’d have customers flocking.

This business is more suited for female students because women are considered to be more at home with cooking.

I think anyone can be in this business regardless of gender because once you’ve got sharp business skills and can be consistent in your meal quality, people patronize you.

Photocopying and Typing services – How To Make Money As An Undergraduate

Think about it, you could be the one-stop guy for everyone who wants to type and print in your department and some other places in the university campus.

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Not a day goes by without a printing job done within the university premises, and the situation is such that “the more, the merrier”; more photocopying and typing services means more money and satisfaction for those involved. – How To Make Money As An Undergraduate

With a photocopying business, you can make money from something you yourself ordinarily spend a lot of money on as a university student. – how to make money as a student in nigeria universities

As an even more profitable move, you should situate your machines and equipment around lecture halls and academic offices.

You would have a substantial number of people – student and staff alike – patronizing you in no time.

You would definitely need a photocopying machine, and a PC for this business; these aren’t cheap, so if you’re really lucky to have someone hand down the equipment to you, or you have enough money to buy them yourself, you may proceed. For others, you can try something else.

Academic Materials Sales – How To Make Money As An Undergraduate

Books? Of course! You’re in an academic environment where academic materials would forevermore be used. – how to make money in college without a job

Now the major point to hold before starting out this business is that, no matter how many more people are already into the sales of academic materials, you can also make your own gain.

Provided you do something unique: give people strong reasons to buy from you, and not from random shops located everywhere in the school. – how to make money in higher institution

Be creative; deliver the materials to your customers instead of having them walk to your shop. If you can’t get a shop, speak with someone who has and work out a partnership deal.

You can even brand your merchandise, or offer convenience; anything that brings more people to patronize you is welcome.

Trendy clothes/shoe sales – how to make money in college online

The probability that you have a shirt or blouse or something on right now is very high; I’m almost certain that you’re wearing something right now as you read.

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That gives you an idea of how important clothing really is (that is if you didn’t know it’s one of the three basic necessities of a human being)

Now, you must have an idea of just how immense the need for clothing really is, even more so with the youths who are the majority that attend universities in Nigeria.

You, being a smart person, can jump right into the middle of all of that, and set up a clothing business.

If you are the type that likes to go the extra mile, use your products to set up a trend, and stock up on clothing and shoes that are already the “in-thing” on campus.

Is it Vintage? Plain? Or corporate, make your findings on the types of shirt people are looking out to buy.

You would be setting yourself up for a lot of income and patronage if you study how the market works.

Also, be in the position where people come to buy from you so that they save the time needed to go to some major clothes market; your profits would be off the roof if people buy from you instead of going to the market themselves.

Pay attention to supply. Have two or three suppliers that would ensure that you don’t run out of stock; one thing that kills the business is when people don’t get what they want.

Conclusion on How To Make Money As An Undergraduate

All things being equal, you can do almost anything you wish to do, and for a student in any of the Nigerian universities, this holds true as well. – how to make money as an engineering student

More importantly, you should be looking out for ways that extra income helps out with your expenses as a student.

Above are some of the most lucrative business ideas that you can do while you’re still in the school.

Study them, and you would find that it takes passion and access to the initial capital and equipment to set up these businesses. – How To Make Money As An Undergraduate

But it would be worth your while if you do try them out; start making income with the business ideas that you can totally do while you’re in a Nigerian university.


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