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You could really do with the know-how on how to create a Facebook page for your business, and that’s something I can assure you that you’d realize as you read through this post.

As it is, your business could be doing really well on its own, but it can be better once you involve social media into it.

Most people know that, but with the vastness of the internet, they don’t really know where to start from – what’s worse is that some persons would take advantage and muddle things up for them the more.

That really shouldn’t be the case, and that’s what I will be showing you today in this post.

Facebook is so huge in most people’s lives that they really don’t realize how much more powerful it can be if/when they involve it in their business lives the proper way.

But it is what it is. I can reliably tell you that Facebook alone could get you sweet traffic for your business much more than you’d expect – you think something like 750 impressions per day? I’m talking about 7500; 1000? Think 10,000, when you do it right.

While I won’t call it an outright necessity (it almost is anyway), you really would be doing your business a world of good by making it have a presence on Facebook.

Having come into the knowledge that Facebook can really do all of that, what next to do? Well, simple! You open a Facebook page!

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Facebook page is like the normal Facebook profile that you’d open for yourself, only that this one has more functions more suitable for businesses.

Let’s get into how you can create a Facebook page for your new business (or an existing one too)

What’s your Business category?

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your New Business [2020 Guide]

That’s the first question you should be satisfied as you move to open a Facebook page.

What does your business best fit into? Luckily, Facebook has options you can easily choose: Local Business, Company or Institution, Entertainment, and so on.

Check them out (the list is kind of long), and when you have picked, you can then narrow down the “job description” of your business.

Having satisfied this, just type in your business name and move on to the next step.

Description in brief

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your New Business

You would have to tell us what the business is all about, and now is the time to do that.

You should find a section where you can summarise the description of your company; it can only carry 155 characters, so be concise and brief.

Also, there’s the place to add your business website, if you have one, for when you wish to easily share your Facebook page on your website.

Pictures will do!

If you didn’t know already, a profile picture makes your profile unique; and by context, your business would stand out if it has a profile picture.

Design one for your business, take a picture of the staff or something that’s representative of what your company does, and if you already have any of those, now is the time to upload.

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Normally, when you’ve inputted the basic info for your business, you are then taken to a page where you can add a profile photo to your Facebook page in development.

Who are you aiming at?How to Create a Facebook Page for Your New Business

Profile picture? Check. Basic info? Check. But what about the people you hope to have their attention for your business?

Yes, you have to specify your target audience, for more effective reach of your business.

You can determine your audience by gender, location, age, and other interests. When you do that, you get more specific reactions and impressions which would go a long way for your company.

Remember the finer details

Of course, you’ve put your company name and address, but you shouldn’t stop there.

You need to tell viewers grainier details such as opening and closing hours, and price plans for your goods or services.

This would show that you mean business.

Add Media and Invite friends

Show more of what your company does, and if you’ve got images or videos that do that, upload them to your Facebook page.

And when you’re done with that, get all your friends to visit your page; Facebook lets you invite them, so you don’t have to worry too much. Just invite them (as many as possible) from your personal connections; it helps in two-fold – they might enjoy what your business has to offer, and they can forward the page to people that they think might also like it.

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Manage tabs

By now, you get tabs that allow you to see how people interact with your page; how they view your media and visit your shop sections.

Now, you can control how these tabs can be viewed, and what tabs the audience’s view.

You can automate some tabs to show more prominently, possibly to promote an event that your business is organizing or your shop where you display your merchandise.

The shop tab is actually very useful as it lets users shop on your site, without actually leaving Facebook.

Finally, add a Button

Buttons allow you to decide what the user does on your page, so put one in your Facebook page.

It could be a simple contact us button, or a download now one; Facebook allows you to define what your buttons can do, and if you ask me, I’d say that it is the biggest addition to your page, and your business generally, since you are then exposed a whole wide potentials as far as patronage goes.

Conclusion on How to Create a Facebook Page for Your New Business

Your business needs a Facebook page, and it’s gradually becoming a necessity.

If you worry about how to go about creating a Facebook page for your new business, worry no more, check the aforelisted steps and you’ll be fine

In conclusion, social media opens up a wider patronage potential for businesses, and it is easier now than ever to start benefitting from it.

A simple Facebook page could be your gateway to more audience and it would be a smart move to learn how to open one for your business.


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