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Blogging is a fertile land that is yet to be fully exploited. In fact, blogging in Nigeria is the next big thing in tech. – is blogging lucrative in nigeria

You know why? Because the demand for information is endless.

I know you must have heard about blogging. But you discarded the idea before it arrived… Oops! The attitude of a typical Nigerian youth.

how much does it cost to own blogging in Nigeria

If you want to make it in the blogging industry, you must be strategic about it.

You don’t need to be a gossip columnist. That niche is long saturated. The likes Linda Ikeji and Naijaloaded have milked that niche dry. Lol..

Do you know that blogging pays more than you can imagine? But you have to be strategic about it. – how to create a free blog in nigeria

If you started this year with dreams, I’m sure you all did.
You should know that December 2019 is closer than January 2019.

how to make money from blogging in nigeria

Am I trying to scare you? No.

What I’m trying to establish is that you have used more months in this year than what is remaining.

What would the other count for? Will you still have broke issues the rest month of the year?

how to monetize your blog in nigeria

For ₦300 000, we have people who make that in a day, some in a week or less than.

I’ll help you try to make that amount this month just follow along.

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First thing first. Rethink the amount. Instead of seeing the money as ₦300 000, why not see it as $834?

Break the money into a form that can be achievable.

In Think and Grow Rich, one advice is to see the money as a batch instead of a whole.

₦300 000 will equal ₦10,000 for 30 days or ₦75,000 coming four times.

Then determine what you will offer that will make you that money.

Money doesn’t come for free. Even if you have a generous father, he’ll need a reason to give it to you.

What service can you offer? We’ll come to that soon.

Make sure that you achieve that money goal.

You do not need to make the ₦10 000 in a day.

But make sure you make ₦75 000 in a week.

how to start a blog

I can advise you here if you have a skill.

If you don’t, you shouldn’t worry.

If you spend a week, you might pick up a skill.

Go to YouTube, search for videos, use website. Udemy has free and paid courses if you can pay for the paid one fine but if not, will work fine.

I can help you for free if you need help in acquiring a skill.

If you write, you can even make this money in a month easily. I’d tell you how.

If you’re a writer, you need to follow several top people – Neil Patel, Jon Morrow, Income School on YouTube, Walter Akolo and others. Walter is a Kenyan BTW.

Advice from these guys will help you.

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Not those people who want you to write 40000 articles for ₦300 000.

Besides, as bloggers, you should know this.

how to start a blog and make money

These steps can help you as a writer to make money this month.

Go to

Create an account.

Take your time to write great contents.

One good content is better than 10 worthless articles.

Make sure you link every post to your blog.

Use canonical to import the post so it doesn’t cannibalize your SEO.

Do this for a week.

You will start running from writing jobs.

If this looks confusing to you, I can spare some few minutes?.

Learn cold emailing.

It’s through cold email that you will land big jobs.

how to start a fashion blog in nigeria

I’m not saying you can’t land with other platforms, but you can’t go wrong with cold email.

Also, make sure you keep an email list.

I’ve seen a situation where a subscriber asks a blogger to create a blog for him.

If you do graphics or other gigs, use, or other platforms to search for jobs.


I don’t know much about graphics, so my advice here might not be worth it.

YouTube Marketing

Oh my God!

If YouTube is not part of your marketing strategies, then I don’t know what to say.

If you’re doing fine without YouTube, it’s fine.

You can make good money from YouTube monthly from posting videos or interacting on the platform.

The rule for monetization is too easy to meet.

So, if you’re struggling with getting approval for AdSense, YouTube AdSense and monetization might come easy for you.

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Why did I say so? Contrary to what people think, making videos is one of the easiest things to do.

When this year started, I had a near-zero idea of video editing.

How long did it take me to catch up with it?
You won’t believe the answer.

how to monetize your blogging in nigeria

What do you need? 4000 watch hours over one year and 1000 subscribers.

Again, it’s to think of the 4000 watch hours in a different number. 4000 hours will make 240 000 minutes.

This means you need a video that has 240,000 views with a watch time of 1 minute to hit that.

cost of setting up a blog in nigeria

What if you create more videos? Increase the time and others?

You can hit it.

YouTube marketing is vast.

This post can’t cover it.

Well, I’m doing a YouTube training where I’d hold you by the hand and help you start earning on YouTube this month.

I’d give you a guarantee if you buy the course.

blogging in nigeria

If you make nothing from the course in 30 days, call me, I’ll refund your money.

It doesn’t matter whether you follow the steps or not.
It’s for a limited set of people.

My gift: I’m giving you a free copy of some of my important files on copywriting.

If you know the value of copywriting, you will ask for it.

Contact me here in case of any help or support on Blogging in Nigeria


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