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It is no longer news that e-commerce hot business ideas in Nigeria has continually thrived and flourished in the business world especially since the advent internet. – e commerce business opportunities hot new business ideas

Below is a list of some of the factors considered in arriving at the list which contains the Hot Lucrative e-Commerce Business Ideas That Sell Fast in 2019

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Most already established on land and online businesses make so much efforts in keeping their presence online.

Business owners have successfully adopted this commercial means because it reaches large number of people at the same time.

The essence of e-commerce in the 21st century is on the increasing rise.

Talk more of a country like Nigeria where opportunities are not taken for granted, e-commerce is a real opportunity to latch on to in Nigeria.

Hence in order to succeed in Electronic-commercial world, one needs to have that trendy idea to stay afloat in the business world.

You’ll also need to hold on to detailed researched contents that will fuel your interest in that business idea, not forgetting the passion you need to sell your products.

Ideas are abstract without execution, the sale of the products bring the profit to your pockets.

In no particular order, below are best selling ideas to adopt in 2019. You can also learn how to use Payoneer To Make Side Income Online

Profitable Business Ideas 2019

Computer Gadgets and Phone accessories

The world is fast becoming a globally computerized community, the need to stay connected is therefore a major priority.

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Almost everyone is not left out of fufilling this need, young and old, great and small,

all and sundry need to fufill this need of connection in the global village phenomena by Marshall Mc-luhan.

Computer is  a major product to sell on any business day .In the real sense, computers never go out of fashion as the world technologically advances.

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Coupled with that , the rate of internet services usage in Nigeria is on the increase.

The average Nigerian who has a smartphone wakes up to a message from his/her  acquaintance,

an Instagram post to laugh about, even a twitter trend to hold on to and a news gist from a favourite blog.

All these and many more will not happen without stong internet connection and a good phone or computer etc.

I believe this you’re reading this post from a phone, pc or computer. You can’t measure the essence of this product in the 21st century.

Therefore you can sell the following computers accessories and gadgets> Laptops, Power banks, Phones, Scanners, Modems, Power banks, Bluetooth speakers,

Laptop case Memory cards, Hard drive/ USB drive, Laptop charger, Game console, speaker, headset, Airpods,

Laptop bag, Laptop desk, .Screen guard, mouse, keyboard, Screen guards, Earphones, Chargers, Phone case etc.

Make-up and essential beauty products

For Nigerian females and beauty enthusiasts, this is a major part of their lives.

This business can also flow for anyone, irrespective of the gender. Every man has a female in his life,

its either your daughter, girlfriend, mother, sister, aunty, hence guys shouldn’t close their mind on this business. – innovative commerce ideas

Make-up is a big business as its almost impossible for any part of the country not to appreciate it.

It would be a very profitable to adopt this business in the e-commerce world.

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Perfume business is the real deal, anytime and anywhere in the world. You dont just want to look nice but smell nice.

Car Accessories

As technology advances, there is an ever increasing need to maintain your means of mobilty,

especially , in a country like  Nigeria where road bump is a common phenomenon.

Car accessories are essential for the smooth  running of your car. Example of Car accesories

that can be sold are Spare tyres, Car mp3 player, Car tracker, Car battery, Foot mat, Car chargers,

Toolbox, Car key holders, Car seat pillows, Road signs incase of an emrgency etc.

Wigs and Hair Extensions

Every Nigerian woman is proud to be black and naturally beautiful but its almost impossible

to step out on the streets of Ikeja on a Monday morning without seeing at least five women wearing make-up and beautifully plaited hair.

Nigerian women glow don’t just with make-ups but hair extensions. No matter how expensive it is,

they will go a length to to get that fibre, synthetic, malaysian, peruvian, bralizillian and human hair.

In this era of natural hair boom, it will be a big plus for you to sell products in that line. The natural oils, curly creams, hair sprays etc.

Wardrobe and Style essentials

Clothing is one of the basic needs of  humanity, every man has the need for putting on something

no matter how the cost. Selling shoes will also give you an edge in the online marketplace.

Examples of essentials to occupy your wardrobe are tops, denims, trousers, underwears, skirts, etc.

On the other hand, footwears occupy a major place in any man’s life, depending on its type

they bring class and style to that individual. The boots, canvases, sandals, heels, slippers, brogues, snickers etc.

ecommerce business ideas 2018

Jewelry is also a major style ingredient for any weather, you dont need that special occasion

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to put on a neck or hand chain. It is therefore inevitable to leave this out of your shopping list.

In essence you can make a huge pay for your online business while marketing wardrobe essentials.


With the implementation of the new minumum  wage in Nigeria, more and more Nigerians will be able to purchase certain products

and this will be a very good edge for your business if you take advantage of it. No matter

the economic capacity of any household, every section of the home has its own share of electronics..

Electronics are not far from any household, the low income earner will have that rechargeable lantern to light up the room

on a no-electricity day, the middle income earner may have a generator or solar plant to cool off,

while the high income earn were have more access to electronics, any day.

Electronics play a vital role in the day to day activity of every person, hence, its a vital product to sell.

You can tie your business around this category of products, Companies like sony can testify.

Products in this range are Television, Generators, DVD players,Water dispensers, Refrigerators, Clippers, Microwaves, Electric cookers etc.

Books and tutorial videos

Knowledge is power, Public speaking videos, Audio books,  Ebooks, Courses and training, Templates, Services, Webinars are all sources of knowledge and you should give this business a try.

Music Albums

This business is one of the major reasons why Apple has made its mark in the music industry.

You should try this out. Sell albums and see how your site will go from a moving at a train speed to the aeroplane’s.

Conclusively, Before starting out this business, don’t forget to contact wholesalers and manufacturers to get regular supply for your products.

You can as well drop your comment and subscribe below and I will give you the best store website where you can start getting good at the cheapest rate.



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