This post shall be on the necessary details that surrounds getting the GTBank Dollar MasterCard

So, you own a domiciliary account with GTBank, you might want to get it.

The card, also known as GTBank World MasterCard is a premium dollar card which allows you to make and receive payments in dollars; you also get travel and purchasing benefits.

To get it, all you need to do is fill an application form, and you’ll have the application processed and the card available for pick up after 7 working days.

Bear in mind, that this is for if you already have a domiciliary account in GTBank. For non-account holders, you would need to open a fresh dollar domiciliary account, and leaving a minimum opening account balance of $50.

Once the Dollar MasterCard is ready, and you’ve picked it up, you then activate it.

You can do that by approaching a customer care rep for directions.

Or do it yourself, by calling GTCONNECT yourself; do not change the PIN before calling GTCONNECT.

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Conclusion on GTBank Dollar MasterCard

Getting it is really easy, and straightforward.

The fact that you have a GTBank Dollar Domiciliary account makes it even easier.

If you’re a dollar domiciliary account holder, get it today, and start enjoying the privileges and convenience it affords.


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