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5 Good Websites To Watch Korean Dramas and Download Korean Movies, or as they call it, “K Drama”, is quite popular regardless of what you think of it.

You probably are into K Drama (which is why you’re here in the first place) or you know someone who does.

This post does both sets of people a whole world of good. You get to know the best websites to get Korean Drama.

DramaFever – Good Websites To Watch Korean Dramas

Kicking off on the list is DramaFever. It is the most popular website for Korean Drama.

It’s so popular, you probably must have heard of it before now, and that’s for good reasons.

It offers free dramas, and you’re free to stream with English subtitles.


AsianCrush is also great for getting your Korean Dramas. For one thing, it is also free.

You get to download and stream your favorite drama titles for free, and with a wide range of subtitle languages.

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Overall, it’s got a good variety of Korean dramas to check out.


Regular streamers of media must have heard of Hulu (for sure), but do you know you can get your Korean Dramas from there?

Well, you can, and you get every bit of quality and experience as every other media you stream on Hulu.

If you’ve got a paid subscription, simply start streaming the latest Korean drama titles. If you don’t, register now and get a free trial.


Viki is a free website for all your Korea Drama needs. It’s got no subscription hassle, no-frills, just head on there and download.

However, you’d have to deal with pop-up ads though, so check if that would bother your experience before heading over there.


On the list of best websites to get Korean dramas, DramaGo is a website exclusive for Korean dramas, which is cool!

That means you’ll be dropped into the world of Korean drama, you get to explore all you want.

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What’s more? The site is fast and super responsive, and it gets regularly updated with the latest episodes of your favorite Korean drama.

Wrapping Up On Good Websites To Watch Korean Dramas

If you’re a lover of Korean drama (don’t be shy!) or you happen to know someone who is, I have listed some of the best websites for getting Korean dramas.

You’d do well to check them out, because, there aren’t many sites left for your Korean drama needs.


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