Let’s not beat around the bush, you’re here for Glo unlimited free browsing cheat which works in 2020.

The good news is; there is one trick that would give you Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat, and you’ll be learning about it shortly.

You’re on the right post, so sit tight, and follow through with the steps.

Now, it’s an easy set of steps that you need to follow, even easier than the previous methods.

Another thing is that, this method happens to be the only that still works.

First, the things you need to have on ground for this trick are: 2 Glo SIMs (it would be preferable that they’re 4G LTE), the old Yakata Tariff, and N100 Airtime.

The two SIMs is for the fact that this trick isn’t 100% certain; it’s most probably a glitch all the way from Glo.

It might or might not work on the first SIM, then you try the second one.

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4G LTE is for the fact that, if eventually you get the trick working, you get download speeds that are zippy.

This trick wouldn’t work on the new Yakata Tariff, hence you need the old Yakata Tariff. To migrate, dial *230#, *220# or *310#.

So, once you’ve confirmed that you’re on the old Yakata Tariff (confirm by dialling #100#), load the N100 airtime.

Glo would inform you that you have 40MB upon loading the N100 successfully.

Technically you should begin to start unlimited browsing by this point.

You can share the data with second SIM using the code *12701number#.

In fact, it is recommended that you not use the SIM on which you loaded the N100; that’s so that you don’t use the 40MB by mistake (if that happens, no more unlimited browsing).

Conclusion on Glo unlimited free browsing cheat

There has been methods to get the Glo Unlimited Browsing Free Browsing cheat, but this method is the valid one for 2020.

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But still on that, it isn’t 100% certain, as it is obviously a glitch from Glo.

Don’t 100% expect the Trick to work on your SIM, but if it does, do enjoy your unlimited Free Browsing.



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