You would want to know how to activate Glo 7GB for N1500 in 2020. Especially if you’re one of the people that enjoyed the just-shuttered Glo Unlimited trick.

Glo found out about the Unlimited cheat and has blocked it promptly,

which is a bummer for those who were lucky to have used it?

They also realized that users would have developed an appetite for voluminous data for less money, which is why Glo has immediately launched a new data plan,

which is the Glo 7GB for N1500 data plan.

This one is no trick and is a kind of “compensation” for all the free unlimited data you might have been lucky to have used in the past.

It is also for anyone who’s looking for more data for less.

Let me explain to you how you can get the data plan.

First, the data plan is available under the Glo’s data plan, which can be accessed by dialing *777#

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Once you get the pop-up prompt, press 1, 1, 5, 1 in the sequence in which you see the next prompt.

You get the 7GB for N1500 after that, and the validity period of the data volume is 7 days.

If you wish to check your account balance, you can use the same old *127*0#.

Conclusion on Glo 7GB for N1500

Glo, being the “grandmasters of data” is staying true to giving you a lot of data for much less.

They have brought the spanking new Glo 7GB for N1500 data plan. This was off the back of the recent closure of the vulnerability that gave free unlimited data to a number of users.

The 7GB data volume would only last you for 7 days. This means it’s more suitable if you use more data in a short time.

Considering the competition and their similar offerings, Glo 7GB for N1500 is slightly more (for example, it is a whole 1GB more than Airtel’s 6GB for N1500 data plan)

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If you’re a Glo subscriber, you can try out the new 7GB for N1500 data plan.


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