Despite the fact that Glo 4G LTE the worst network is the Grandmaster of data in Nigeria yet people are complaining about their slow 4G unbearable network in some location.

Subscribers have tagged Glo 4g lte the worst network in the country for treating Nigerians badly and terribly with the poor erratic network.

According to some twitter subscribers;

glo 4g lte the worst network

@Goldberg4000, ”It’s definitely not an issue of hyping our own. The truth is, using a Glo Sim card is tantamount to you not making a good choice. Glo will promise you everything and give you nothing in return, they’re the dodgy car salesmen of Mobile Networks.”

@maverickMaM, ”@GloWorld Fix your network, help us to support you. /You can try loading a page with Glo network, picking 3 cups of beans, cook it on the top stove (not gas ooo), fry stew, eat and wash plates. Your page will still be on 70%.”

@Radioanchor, ”@GlobacomNigeria Are quite terrible. Just a few places. You’ll buy 5GB for one month You’ll be begging them to use 500MB before it expires. The data goes off and comes one at will or when you’re asleep. Calls are exorbitant. Unclear channels, just name it. I have a SIM sha.

@Lawdiasa, ”I have said it before that @GloWorld should channel their resources towards upgrading their network rather than advertising, but they will never listen. The next thing they will do is to ask me about my location as if it is peculiar to my location. When they are ready we will know.

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@SHOMOPE, ”Glo do not need more funds. They dish more cash to celebrities than any company here in Nigeria. Their standard is just poor. Am not complaining anyways…we have better substitutes.”

@mercie_jates, ”Been loyal to glo since 2005 but I can tell you it’s been an abusive 14year relationship.”

@KYAQY, ”The only reason why I still use my Glo SIM is that I haven’t made money yet. Wait a minute… What if the SIM is responsible for me being broke by making the connection to my destiny helpers freaking slow?”

@iam_topboii, ”I abandoned Airtel for Glo sim because of their cheap data access, now on whenever it’s a night I end up playing games then go to bed early due to bad network.”

@jurstinnie, ”Glo and Satan no difference, they will give you enough data and take the network away from you, foolish Glo sim.”

@_Tolexy, ”A snail will even cover a 100m distance before a Glo sim will download a 100mb file.”

@perplexed_ustaz, ”Glo Sim with data is like a wife on her period. You think you have her, but you do not have her.” Qalb. If you like, have one zillion gigabyte. Common status you can’t view. Nonsense network providers. I hate to think that we can’t have a single working network in 9ja.”

@ConsciousLoner, ”I called Glo call centre to complain about the bad network on my Glo sim and the customer care agent asked if i didn’t use another network. That it’ll be advisable to get another sim.”

What has been your experience so far with the Glo network?

Source – Yomiprof