I must say that this isn’t a show down head-to-head opinion article trying to convince you to leave your job and opt for freelancing.- freelancing for beginners

how to make money freelancing online

Freelancing is any job that is done on a flexible schedule, remote location and expertise. So I can call you the freelancer

It’s a contracted job that expires with time. It’s a part time job that gives satisfaction and isn’t permanent.

Going from writing, to creative services, web design, digital marketing, UI/UX design, freelancing has thrived as a major way of making ends meet in the 21st century.

This article is for anyone who is

  • Tired of the economy and is looking for fresh ways to beat the trend.
  • Has a bit of interest in working but doesn’t have to be in an organization
  • Passionate about his passion, looking for opportunities to express it.
  • Tired of the same routine every day, need a change of job.
  • Running a part-time program, needs something to keep busy.
  • The part time student, the woman on maternity leave, the aggrieved worker, the passionate young man and even the full time university student, almost anyone can freelance.

But I must say that as beautiful is the freedom that freelancing affords, there are risks to be taken, which will be addressed later in this article.

If this article is for you, the you should ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why Freelancing? freelancing for beginners
  • Is it for me?
  • Is it my kind of thing?
  • Am I ready for any sort disappointment?
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You may be wondering, why do I have to ask all this questions?, Freelancing can be very risky,

especially when you get in the spree of the freedom and forget there’s something to protect.

freelance jobs online for beginners

Freelancing gives you the opportunity of earning a pay, a name and respect because they are generally perceived as more productive than in-house workers.

You should also ask the questions and answer them sincerely because it is important to count the cost for all your actions before undertaking them.

freelancer guide for beginners pdf

Following that, let’s give the questions life together.

Why freelancing?

freelancing for beginners

I believe you won’t be at this stage if you don’t know why you intend to freelance.

But you must know, going for freelancing out of fraud, pay, laziness etc is certainly not a good reason to continue.

You may go out unrecognized in no time if you freelance for unsuitable reasons.

Is it for me?

In answering this question you need to know what your very skilled at and have to offer.

Is it my kind of thing?

Here, you’ll need to find out what you’ll willingly do with your eyes closed. That thing that gives you satisfaction anytime, anyday.

For me it’s music, writing and speaking, these particular interests turn me on under any condition.

Freelancing jobs online

It’s best to work with passion, especially as you don’t have any physical boss to put you on your toes.

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Here you’ll have to determine what brings you joy whenever you think about it.

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Although, you may not about anything but have skills in it, you may not have the staying power to keep freelancing even when things are not going as planned.

Am I ready for sort of disappointment?

While building your clientele, you may not have access to regular pay. On the contrary,

you’ll have to sacrifice your pay on some months to establish yourself firmly in the freelance world.

Even when you start, you are not entitled to expecting pay at a particular day of the month, you get payed on the job.

Sometimes, you may not get picked by some clients, especially when you’re new in the industry.

If you’re not ready for this early disappointments, you may not be ready for freelancing.

And also one more thing is you having a International Credit Card which you can get for free online that is why I pick from my of my colleague friend so that you can read more on it All you need to know about Payoneer Card

Pros of freelancing

  • The freedom that comes with being your boss.
  • You’re not committed to solely one means of income, you get to determine how much you get as time goes.  
  • Flexibility. You can work anywhere, anytime, in any condition and from any location.
  •  Your schedule is totally run on your terms.
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freelancing for beginners

Despite all the juicy benefits of freelancing, there are certain risks associated with the job

  • You’re open to disappointments.
  • You’re the sole bearer of any business risks.
  • You can’t take the day off, when you don’t work, you don’t get payed.
  • Inability to predict business trends, since it’s an anytime, anyday business.

freelance jobs that make money

Having met all the requirements of answering a few questions before choosing to freelance, check out the following skills to see which  category you belong.

Writing – freelance writing jobs

You can check out the following sites for writing jobs online UpWork, Indeed, ProBlogger, Freelance Writing, BloggingPro. If you’re skilled in developing contents, expressing yourself through words, writing social media captions etc.

Web development and Programming – Upwork

detailed on freelancing for beginners

Graphics design

Data Analysis

Freelancers are the self employed entrepreneurs. The business seems to be onthe increase everyday because of it’s brooded in technology which is the vehicle of success in the 21st century.

They are the next big thing, you don’t want to be left out of this move

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