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Hey there! I’m guessing you’re all pumped up, searching for free job alert, getting ready to start working and earning some good money as a freelancer. 

If you are, well, this post is especially for you, and at the end of it, you’ll see how helpful it is to your journey to becoming a freelancer.

I will be on about the top freelancing websites you should be checking out for freelancing job alerts,

right this moment, so you don’t have to be wandering all over the internet, searching for them all by yourself.

I know a free job alert when I see one, and right now, I have compiled 7 of the top freelancing websites you will find free job alert aplenty,

so, I did all the hard work of finding you these sites, so you don’t have to do them all by yourself:

it’s my pleasure doing it, and you’re very much welcome!

Freelancing websites for Free Job Alert


free job alert

I start with the most popular of them all, Upwork. Even if you have as much as a day’s experience in freelancing,

you definitely must have heard of this site (like a thousand times); it’s very, very popular, and therefore every freelancer’s dream destination.

With over 1.5 million clients, it’s got a vast marketplace for you and other freelancers to work your way to free job alert and make money!

Other than that, Upwork offers something for any and every kind of freelancers out there

(be it graphic design, animal husbandry, and some other very niche jobs you can do), no matter what experience level you have.

They break job type down to short-term and long-term, hourly and per-project basis, and even entry-level and expert level engagements;

with all of these features, it’s hard not to see how and why Upwork is a very popular choice amongst most freelancing communities.

However, I must tell you it’s not that easy to get on-board Upwork these days.

For obvious reasons, Upwork jacked up the requirements for an approval process it has set up.

To get your Upwork profile approved isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Means to control the influx of freelancers into the Upwork marketplace

(Upwork has been receiving a ton of freelancers’ entries lately, which could be wrong if left uncontrolled)

and ensures that the whole place doesn’t get too crowded, or rowdy.

So, Upwork really needs to be sure you are ready for business as a freelancer,

and not just some guy who wants to pass the time on the platform, which is why it would

ask you to go through an approval process that’s a bit astringent,

right from the email address with which you register your account, to every other detail in your profile setting.

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Don’t be scared though, I could help you through the process of getting your Upwork profile fast and easy,

I’ve got those tips explained and served in my other post How to get your Upwork Profile Approved 2019 Fast

Upwork is a great freelancing website (some say it’s the best out there) and it definitely is a sure-fire

to get quality free job alert coming your way; provided you’re worthy enough to get past their approval process.


This one’s what I call the “the next best” after Upwork, and it’s got nothing with how much it offers, just the popularity.

Fiverr is one freelance platform I would recommend to you to consider if getting into Upwork is taking a bit of time.

It is a freelancing platform that is specifically geared towards the “creative”;

freelancers such as writers, photographers, filmmakers and the likes; so, if you’re a freelancer who falls in this category,

I would recommend Fiverr the more to you.

Basically, all you have to do is list your services, and a put a price on them, then,

businesses and other individuals that need your kind of service would link up with you and then there is a transaction between you, easy!

It’s super easy to get on-board Fiverr, getting reliable free job alert, making some substantial amount and building some reputation as you do all of those.

Like I’ve said before, Fiverr is a simple and easy freelancing platform for you;

at least, it’s a lot easier to start working on this when compared with Upwork,

although, there are some tiny little other advantages Upwork has over Fiverr.

I recommend you check it out, and try to get yourself on-board; either you’re just starting out fresh, or waiting for Upwork to give you the green light.

Another top freelancing site you should totally check out is

It’s a great site for getting job alerts by their thousands! (Scratch that, by their millions!) 

It’s just like the first two platforms I’ve talked about, giving you the opportunity to showcase your skill and services to millions of potential clients.

However, still has a feature that most of the other platforms don’t.


That feature is the ability to compete with other freelancers in a bidding contest. gives you the opportunity to pitch your service and prove your skill against other freelancers like you with similar skill sets.

I think this is great, as this levels the playing ground for both entry-level and expert-level freelancers alike since clients could now award freelancing contracts to freelancers based on how competitive their prices are. is a haven of job alerts, literally filling your email regularly (daily, just so you know) with job alerts that are fitting for your skill.

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So, it’s really worth it to consider, especially when you really need to keep the stream of job alerts coming in.


This is one of the lesser-known higher-end freelancing platforms that are available here in Nigeria,

but it worth mentioning in this list of freelance websites you need to check out.

One of the reasons Toptal is a big deal is a simple fact that it is a high end; this means

it gives you the unbridled access to big clients such as Airbnb, JPMorgan and so much more.

It also means there are no low-bid contests, and freelancers are relative,

what’s more? You can join Toptal community for meetups and other events.

However, bearing in mind that this Freelancing platform is kind of higher-end, you would need to understand that it’s not for the average freelancer:

Toptal is for the professional, seasoned, and talented freelancer, and you would

seriously need to prove that to them, bypassing their screening process. 

Free Job Alert 2019

Most of the time, this requires that you take up freelancing full-time and focus on gaining freelancing experience.

This might be okay for some, I can imagine this not being too comfortable if you’re a young person and in school;

having to deal with school work and part-time freelancing is already enough in itself,

and there not much time to devote to a full-time freelancing career.

Also, if you consider that some of the features of Toptal aren’t entirely suitable in a Nigerian setting,

like the Toptal community where you can meet up and attend other events,

I recommend that this shouldn’t be your primary freelancing platform, but your second or third choice.

All in all, Toptal is a very good freelancing platform worth checking out anyway,

especially when you hope to get job alerts from the big guns such as Airbnb.


Let’s say you are a freelancer, and you offer design-oriented services (like graphics design, or painting),

you may be tempted to think there aren’t many platforms where you can get clients who specifically want your kind of skill.

Well, worry no more, 99designs is that platform that’s specifically for freelance designers.

They are home a lot of clients who specifically in need of design-related services, and design freelancers who can provide those services.

99designs even has that interesting feature whereby they let you compete in design contests,

and receive feedback from clients who would choose the overall best, and pay for it: how cool!

So, if you’re a design kind of person who has quite the talent, and you don’t want to feel left out in the freelancing world,

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99designs is just the right freelance platform to have your presence in.


You know, there’s something for almost all kinds of freelancers, no matter how niche his/her skills are; which is really a good thing.

Kolabtree is that sort of freelancing platform that caters for a small, unique niche: freelance scientists and academic writers.

Kolabtree is a platform for people who are looking for help with research, scientific reports, and other academic writing.

Freelancers (who are mostly PhD qualified) provide services ranging from writing, editing, consultancy, to even data analysis!

You must have realised two things by now; one, you need PhD. or at least be deeply rooted in academic writing.

This means it’s not the kind of thing for most youths.

The second thing you wouldn’t miss about Kolabtree is how it’s trying to cater for a very niche area.

In Nigeria, you would be hard-pressed to find who’s willing and capable of offering academic and scientific writings as a freelancer (most PhD. qualified personnel are often preoccupied with some other ventures).

Anyway, Kolabtree is still worth considering, for the minor fraction of the population that are interested in offering help in science and research for a fee.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs is a freelance platform that’s unsurprisingly for freelance writing

(it’s obvious from the name!) and should be given consideration if you write.

The good thing about Freelance Writing Gigs is that it’s not just for writers alone,

but for anyone else that have one or two things to do with words. This includes Bloggers, editors, proof-readers, or even a combination of all those.

Freelance Writing Gigs is a good complimentary freelance platform, for when you hope to expand your reaches,

and get job alerts from beyond just one platform.

Also, it’s nice to know that there is a freelance platform that focuses on a particular group of freelancers,

and wants to help develop their skills and talents when it comes down to writing.


As a freelancer, you’ve got to pay attention to the kinds of the platform you try to utilise for your freelancing ventures

(you don’t want to be that guy who just keeps wandering all around the internet, hoping a client would miraculously locate him)

And then, in Nigeria, you should also consider the level of inclusiveness too.

Find the right freelancing platforms that give the opportunity to make money here in Nigeria, without stress.

I’ve come up with 7 of the most trending freelance websites that cater to freelancers based on their experience level,

and their skillset, so you can visit them and see what they offer, and see which one of them better suits you.


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