Let’s talk about some of the most essential android apps for content marketers out there.

Content marketing is something that more people are getting into right now, and I recommend that you give it a thought yourself.

If you’re already a content marketer already, that’s good; I can understand how creatively demanding it can be.

Which is why what I’ll be writing in this post would be echoing ways you can make things more convenient for yourself.

I’ll be listing out the essential android apps for content marketers shortly.

No iPhone apps… because… sorry, not sorry (just kidding, that would be on another time!).


You must have known Quora based on the weird questions people ask on it that you get to see on Google pages.

Well, if it isn’t good, people won’t be using the app as much. Turns out, that it is one of the most essential apps you should have if you are a content marketer.

Essential Android Apps for Content Marketers [Updated 2020]

Ever heard of the saying “Content is King”? Yeah, it really is, despite the impact of SEO.

In fact, there won’t be SEO (or the impact of SEO won’t show) if there isn’t good content in place.

How does all of these concern Quora? It does! Given that the app is a question/answer type of forum, it can be of one huge benefit to you: Content Idea Development.

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Simply download the Quora (Hereif you please), and open it up. Based on what niche you’re based in, type out related terms and you’ll be shown questions asked about that term, and answers to those questions.

As far as content development goes, that is perhaps the easiest way to go about it; bear in mind, however, you’d have to employ your own creativity as well (that shouldn’t be a problem since creativity has brought you into content marketing in the first place)


Remember that no man is an island of knowledge, and to better exploit content marketing, you need to be in the know of what other content marketers are doing.

Pocket helps you with that. Allowing you to curate articles and other posts from content developers that you follow and are interested in.

Essentially, it is a sort of bookmarking app that also allows you to save reading webpages for later.

As a content marketer, you can download Quora (Here) and start saving article pages, then start developing yourself based on the trends and patterns that you have noticed from those pages.


This app would boost your overall productivity levels rather than enable to be a better content developer.

One of the major distractions to you as a content developer is your phone’s notifications. PushBullet would sort that out for you.

Upon downloading it (please Download it Here), automatically sync with your phone and channels your phone notifications through your browser.

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So, imagine you’re doing some hard research and typing on your PC, and you don’t really have the time to keep checking your phone, PushBullet ensures that you don’t miss out on the important notifications while you keep working.

It does, even more, it basically also allows you to share files between your PC and your phone.

Give PushBullet a chance today, and you could have your productivity levels shot up through the roof. You get to pull off more work in less time, and that would be a good development.

Facebook Pages Manager

Content marketers are almost always bloggers, and Facebook Pages Manager is looking to bolster that part of your job.

It is there for when you put contents on your blog and you want a presence on social media also.

Everyone knows how much reach Facebook has, so if you want to benefit from that, Facebook Pages Manager is the way to go.

It allows you to make posts, engage people under them, and get rich insights from them.

It’s an app, of course, and you can download it (Here) and try out features that could put your content to more people.


Another fine one for you, and a very popular one too. Evernote is a note-taking app on steroids.

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It’s the one you should be using for a more productive notes management – unless you’re already using Google Keep Notes (honorable mention).

The biggest feature of Evernote is its syncing function. What this means is that you can have your notes appear on numerous devices simultaneously.

You won’t have to worry about losing your beat, and materials once you start using Evernote; it’s got many more features that would have you better stuff and create generally better contents.

Get it Here.


Be you a content developer, or a blogger (I think they’re interchangeable, don’t @ me though), you really need to constantly deliver high quality in as little time as possible.

This enables you to be ahead of the curve, then you see an increase in the value you add to yourself and others.

Luckily, there are third-party apps that you can use to get things done. And if you use an Android phone, I have 5 of the most essential android apps for content marketers listed and explained up there.

They help you to manage your productivity levels, develop more quality content, and make research into the current trends and patterns within your chosen niche.

Try these apps out, and see if they can be incorporated into your workflow. I bet you’d start seeing improvements in no time at all.

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