It’s the New Year (Happy 2020 people!) and it would be nice to kick things up with the best cheap data plans you can find across all networks.

This post would be the compilation of some of the cheapest data plans you can find on Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9Mobile, and even Ntel.

MTN Double DataCheap Data Plans Across All Networks For 2020

For MTN users, the MTN Double Data might not be new; it basically multiplies your data by 100%.

This means that you get 10GB for the price of 5GB, and there’s no hidden data speed difference.

This makes the value of the data you purchase a lot cheaper, perhaps even the cheapest – if you’re eligible that is.

MTN didn’t make it open to all MTN users, so your SIM might be selected or not. If your SIM isn’t eligible, simply send PROMO to 131; you’ll get a message saying “Thank you for subscribing for device bundle at Naira 1/day”.

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If you got that, simply proceed to choose any MTN data plan and subscribe; you get double your subscription.

MTN 3.5GB for N2000

If you are an MTN user, and you didn’t get the MTN double data plan, this one is also really nice: it’s perhaps the next best thing.

You can simply activate it by texting 110 to 131. Or going through MTN Data Bundle to find it yourself,

Airtel Double DataCheap Data Plans Across All Networks For 2020

On the Airtel side of things, we’ve also got the double data plan as well. It gives the exact 100% of your subscription as a bonus, and work as normal.

But like the MTN Double Data, this is also not available for all Airtel SIMs. However, unlike the MTN’s version, there’s no way of becoming eligible for Airtel’s Double Data – you’re either in on it, or not.

To check if you’re eligible for the double data plan, you would have to actually buy a data subscription (make a low volume one), and see if they gave you double of what you subscribed for.

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Airtel 6GB for N1500

This is the second-best on the Airtel network; at least, it is, is you use data in short bursts. With the code 1411504#, you can activate the 6GB for N1500.

Bear in mind that it lasts for just 7 days; 7 days is a little too small for that volume of data unless you want to use it up for downloads and streaming, (or you have a really fast 4G LTE connection in your area)

Glo Monthly Plans

Glo users, Rejoice! Glo Monthly Plans are some of the best cheap data plans you can find across all networks

(I guess the “Grandmasters of Data” tagline isn’t just cheap talk after all) N500 gets you 1GB for 14 days, N1000 gets you 2GB for 30 days, N2000 gets you 4.5GB for 30 days and lastly, N2,500 gets you 7.5GB.

These are really big volumes for less money (at least, it’s less than what you would have paid in 2019 or 2018)

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9mobile 5GB for N200

9Mobile users can join in the fun too (honestly, a lot has changed since the switch from Etisalat) with 9Mobile 5GB for N1000. With the code 92910#, you can get the 5GB for N1000

Conclusion on Cheap Data Plans Across All Networks For 2020

It’s the New Year, and you definitely want data for cheaper than the last year. Luckily for you, you’re covered on that for almost all networks you might possibly be using.

Check out the list above to see where you can find the cheapest data on your network, and subscribe ASAP.



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