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Let’s go over some of the business ideas for students in Nigeria in 2020, because, we really can’t talk about it too much.

Year after year, being a student becomes more stressful; a lot to worry about, with so little resource.

It’s even worse for those of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon (that’s like 96% of students everywhere), and you have to shuffle through limited funds and time.

In that case, you would quickly realize that every extra income counts a whole lot!

how to make money in nigeria university – Business Ideas For Students in Nigeria

What I’m about to share with you, students didn’t get it 10 years from now, and when they did, they paid money for it. – business ideas for students nairaland

Needless to say, being a student might be harder now, but many valuable opportunities abound now, and you would get it if you’re looking in the right direction.

This is the right direction; I would be dropping some really good business ideas that you can try out as a student in 2020.

The best thing about these ideas is that it won’t take all your time, so you have time for your books too.

Tutoring – business ideas for students in university

Are you really good at a subject (primary, secondary, or tertiary level)? and have a flair for teaching?

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Well, this business idea is not trying to say you should become a full-time teacher

Tutoring -   business ideas for students in university

What it is saying is to set up a part-time tutorial session for people who need it, and make some money from it.

Check with your department, and your neighborhood secondary school; gather those in need of and are willing to pay for a tutorial in a location, or you go to their houses (if it is a more private tutorial)

While you won’t become a millionaire from teaching students after school hours, you would definitely get some money, which is everlastingly better than nothing at all. – good business near university

Freelance Writing – small scale business for students

Freelance Writing -   small scale business for students

You must have heard of this a billion times already, so why not just hop on it already?

Freelance writing might just be your ticket to ensuring that little fees and charges in school doesn’t bother you anymore.

How to begin? Try out freelance platforms such as, and so on; and if you don’t get into those, watch out for ads seeking the service of freelance writers on forums you frequently visit.

A few hours in your entire day is all it usually takes to carry out freelance duties

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Blogging – things a student can do to make money in nigeria

How about Blogging? You can totally become a blogger once and for all.

Blogging -   things a student can do to make money in nigeria

But I have to be honest with you, it would require more time devotion than any other idea in this list; that’s the only way you can make money out it.

Of course, it would also require that you have a laptop and a good phone for your trade.

Graphic Design – things to sell in nigerian universities

Graphic Design -   things to sell in nigerian universities

Here’s a secret for you (it’s a secret because most websites would never, ever tell you); learn graphic design whether you think you will need it in the future or not.

This single business idea has made people that I know of becoming wealthy and well connected.

It can also be of help to you as well. Between getting clients and advertising yourself, graphics design could make money than you’ve thought previously.

It’s worth it to give a try; and like I’ve said, even you don’t feel like you would use it, just learn it.

You never can tell when someone comes up with a juicy job offer for someone who can design a simple logo; God forbid you to regret you have that kind of skill by then.

Mini Importationbusiness ideas to start at university

Mini Importation -   business ideas to start at university

Mini-importation is a small scale version of importation, you need is just a PC, a functional Bank account, active internet service, a real address; be it home or office and of course your email address.

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You need to source for products, you can get them from some companies. You can also get them from platforms like AliExpress, Alibaba, Dghate, Amazon, and IPmart.

However, for you to get products from these platforms, you need to have an account; creating an account on this platform is super easy. Alibaba and AliExpress are particularly easy to have an account on.

After paying for your products, you anticipate delivery. One special thing about mini importation is that you can get products at a discounted price and sell it at a higher price wherever you are.

Conclusion on Business Ideas For Students in Nigeria

Whether you’re in your final year, or about to begin the journey, it is wise to broaden your horizon and try out business ideas as you go on with school work.

That way, you make some money, which you could really use for things and expenses.

I have listed some of the business ideas that you can venture into as a student, and I’ve made sure they are not all that time-intensive, so you can have time for more student-related works.

Do try out these business ideas for yourself as soon as you can


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