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I will be straight up here; I will be writing about some of the biggest mistakes freelancers make on Fiverr very often.

Stay with me on this one, and you would have an idea of how to make your sojourn on Fiverr stress-free and easy.

You may have read my previous article Free Job Alert: The 7 Freelancing Websites you should start searching for Jobs right now

(please do, if you haven’t), and I explained that Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms you can start with.

However, I’ll have you know that getting on Fiverr is one thing, and staying on Fiverr is another thing entirely.

There are some mistakes freelancers on Fiverr make that sometimes make them

get kicked out outright, or make their stay there less comfortable.

I will be letting you in on some of these mistakes so that you can avoid them and lead a happy, stress-free Fiverr life!

Biggest mistakes freelancers make on Fiverr

Having Multiple Accounts

For me, in this list of the biggest mistakes freelancers make on Fiverr, this is,

by far, the biggest mistake any freelancer can make on Fiverr.

Let me tell you why!

Fiverr Team thinks having several accounts gives you an unfair advantage over other sellers on Fiverr,

and as such, would immediately have you banned.

I understand that some freelancers could have created multiple accounts for a genuine reason,

like for example, they keep forgetting their passwords. Even that could get you banned by Fiverr once they discover.

They’ve got some seriously accurate algorithms, which use cookies to detect the IP address of the device from which account is being run.

So, if they find out that two or more accounts are being run from one IP address,

it would look to them like one person is behind those accounts, therefore, they ban.

Sometimes, Fiverr team try to reach out and ask that you clarify why two accounts

are being run from your IP address (which is good for when you have a sibling,

or a friend using your device to log into their own separate accounts).

7 Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make On Fiverr

If you can explain your situation sufficiently well, they might not give you the ban.

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Unfortunately, they don’t even ask questions most times, and they ban once they see some unusual activities with your IP address.

Also, for those of us who log in to our Fiverr accounts using Cyber cafés and other business centres,

you should be careful, and log out once you’re done with your browsing session.

Failure to do so is an avoidable mistake you should not make because it can get you banned too!

So, even if you tried to (or are trying to) run two or more accounts, for any reason,

there is no way you can successfully do that on one device.

If you decide to go ahead with it anyway, you would be making the biggest mistake in your Fiverr experience,

because once Fiverr Team finds out (and they will), you get the ban, no stories!

Reviewing your own gig, on your own account

This is the next biggest mistake amongst Fiverr freelancers, and I’ve noticed that

most freelancers have been tempted to commit it at one time or another.

Freelancers (especially the ones who are just starting out on Fiverr) who buy

their own gig and then review it, think this will attract more clients.

Unfortunately, this is not so; it does seem okay to buy your gigs, to improve the impression your gig has on buyers,

but the thing is, buyers wouldn’t necessarily notice you when you buy your gigs.

So, now you see that this is an obvious mistake because doing it wouldn’t even

get you the desired result, and what’s more? Fiverr Team frowns at it.

If you’re caught reviewing your own gig, on your own account, the account gets banned outrightly.

So, try as much as possible to not review your own gig.

Exchanging contacts with clients on Fiverr

So, this particular mistake is actually two mistakes in one. I say this because,

you would be making a mistake if you try to exchange phone numbers, email and other contacts on the Fiverr, but then,

you’re making a greater mistake by thinking Fiverr Team doesn’t go through all your chats with clients.

Fiverr Team wants all freelancers working on Fiverr to complete all orders they receive right on their platform,

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therefore, Fiverr frowns at freelancers giving or receiving contacts to/from clients, and you would be going against their TOS if you do so.

If Fiverr Team sees through your chats with your client, and discover you given or received personal contact details,

it’s going to be straight suspension or ban.

So you’ve got be careful, and try as much as you can not to make this mistake, do not ask for a client’s contact,

and do not consent to drop your contacts if a client asks; Fiverr Team would get to know sooner or later.

Linking one payment account to more than one Fiverr accounts

However there is one mistake you should avoid making, as it can get you banned on the same basis as being banned for multiple accounts.

Let’s say your friend or sibling, ask that he/she uses your payment account for his/her own Fiverr account till

they figure out their own independent payment account, it sounds okay to let them access to your payment account, right?

Well, Fiverr Team doesn’t see it that way, and it would actually think it’s one person running both accounts, hence the shared payment account.

Like I’ve explained before, 8 times out of 10, Fiverr Team bans the erring accounts.

So, no matter how hard it seems, don’t help a friend out by linking your payment account with your and

his Fiverr accounts, both accounts would be banned, and both of you would wish you never made the mistake in the first place.

Spamming Buyers

Spamming Buyer is a mistake that’s often made by freelancers that are new on Fiverr. I think it is an honest mistake

because new sellers are eager to make their first sale, and because of that, they’d try every means to get buyers’ attention

That’s where most of these new sellers make the mistake of spamming buyers with unsolicited messages and offering to get their jobs done for them.

It’s not wrong to reach out to random people who might be potential customers.

(it’s a kind of cold pitching); but it has to be done in a manner that’s not offensive, intrusive or distracting.

Even at that, you still run the risk of getting reported by one of the people you send messages to, and when that happens,

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Fiverr prompts into action, issuing you a warning, or an outright ban, depending on which they see fit for you.

Bottom-line, don’t make the mistake of spamming random people, in the bid to attract customers,

you do not want to be reported to the Fiverr Team for spamming.

Careless use of words anywhere on Fiverr

Like I’ve explained before, you’ll be making a mistake if you think Fiverr doesn’t see whatever you do on the platform,

right from private chats to the Fiverr Forums.

Therefore, be careful what you post at every point on the Fiverr platform; your account

may get suspended for something you sent to a client

or the comment you made on Fiverr forum which Fiverr Team may have considered wrong.

Call it mean, unfair, or whatever, the point is, watch yourself and don’t make

the mistake of writing and sending messages recklessly.

Only send messages and make comments that are absolutely necessary, as this saves you from getting too carried away and sending something that’s too suggestive. Remember, Fiverr sees everything you post.

Using the Buyers Request to promote your services

This is a technical mistake that’s almost always deliberately made. It’s a mistake you should avoid making

if you do not want your account to get deactivated.

Ordinarily, the Buyers’ request feature allows Fiverr buyers and to post customized

order requests, jobs and services, and is exclusively for buyers.

Out of desperation to get customers to buy their services, some new freelancers

would use the Buyers’ request to advertise their services,

thereby effectively misusing the Buyers’ request feature.

That is against Fiverr’s TOS, and Fiverr would deactivate any erring account. 

One way to avoid this mistake is to keep track of job postings on the Buyers’ request page; because, that way,

you would be among the first to send offers to buyers once a job posting shows up from them.


These are the biggest mistakes freelancers make on Fiverr, and as you can already see,

committing any of these mistakes could actually make you slip into hot soup with Fiverr Team.



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