There is a legitimate business that would need some of the best virtual phone number providers.

Now, this post would be listing some of the best Phone Number providers you can get in 2019.

But before I continue, how about we talk about what virtual phone numbers really mean, and how it can be used for business.

Basically, virtual phone numbers are literally what they are: phone numbers that aren’t assigned to a physical SIM.

That is because they use a virtual phone system, instead of the usual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system.

This system allows these virtual numbers to make and receive calls over the internet.

Using the virtual phone number is perhaps the smartest choice for a business that’s having to deal with a lot of visitors on their website.

It allows you to add multiple users to the same number, and generally make and receive business calls.

They can be integrated into applications on desktops and smartphones.

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What makes a virtual phone provider, is the ability to provide services like call forwarding, call recording, call queuing and spam filtering.

It should also give you the ability to add more users to the same virtual phone numbers.

Now that I have explained the basics of Virtual Phone Numbers, I can then proceed to list the best virtual phone number provided for your business in 2019.


As far as virtual phone numbers go, Nextiva is a quite popular provider.

With them, you get toll-free numbers that be operated on from a wide range of devices.

Nextiva would also allow you to convert your local physical number to a virtual business number.

With that, you get to use that number from anywhere, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Pricing for Nextiva starts from $20 per month for each user.


Grasshopper is one brilliant virtual phone number provider, and that’s for good reasons.

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It offers special kinds of virtual phone numbers like toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and so on.

It would even allow you to manage your personal calls and business calls as well, all on one device.

Pricing starts at $29 per month for each number, but it does have 3 plan extensions.


This is another popular best virtual phone number provider because it’s packed full of features.

It gives things like auto call routing, video conferencing, call queuing and many others.

It’s quite easy to integrate RingCentral into cloud services, which your business might happen to be using.

Pricing starts at $19 monthly for each user.


Jive is quite affordable, yet able to provide great features like a virtual phone number provider.

You get VoIP features like auto attendants, call routing and many more.

The service works from any device that’s connected to the internet.

Jive costs around $30 per month for each user.

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FreshCaller has a robust phone system that allows you to get a local number, international numbers, as well as vanity numbers.

You could even convert your physical phone number to a virtual phone number.

You could also do things like setting up business hours, custom voicemails, custom greetings and many more.

It costs $19 per month for each user.

Wrapping up on Best Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers can be very helpful for your business, especially when you consider the fact that keeping physical numbers can be expensive.

You also get many sweet features, which can be accessed by multiple users on multiple devices from anywhere, so long as you’re connected to the internet.

Check out any of the providers I listed above, as they are some of the best virtual phone number providers you can find for your business in 2019.


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