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This is the main reason why this post contains the compilation of some of the best phones under N30000, in order to guide would be buyers on the typical features and specifications they can hope for.

There are an awful lot of smartphones in the market right now, and you can make your choice based on a lot of things.

If it’s budget we were considering (and we should), we find out that there is a device for every budget.

This means that if you have N30000 to spend on a smartphone, or you just need a phone around that price for personal reasons, you should be able to get a decent one.

However, a decent smartphone isn’t enough and most times, more is expected at the price point.

Most importantly, is the fact that the buyer should be getting real value for money, and enjoy certain features such that they don’t regret not paying higher.

Nokia 2Buy Here

One of the main expectations from a phone that costs under N30000 is that it should be easy to use and the user experience shouldn’t be too elaborate.

The Nokia 2 fulfils these, and that’s what makes it worth checking out as one of the best phones under N30000.

The screen size is 5 inches, which is small in a good way.

It fits in the hand and pockets, and okay for day to day usage. The resolution is 720p and not poor on a display this small.

The phone’s software is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, but it is a specialised kind of Android called “Android One”; it translates a cleaner looking user experience and a longer update support.

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The chipset running in the Nokia 2 is Snapdragon one; specifically one that doesn’t isn’t very powerful but would do for day to day use. The battery pack is a beefy one. At 4100mAh, it can power through two days without much stress.

You can get the Nokia 2 right now for around N30000, and I’d highly recommend it for those who want a sleek looking and feeling smartphone for less, and are not bothered about specification numbers.

Gionee P5 Mini – Buy Here Best Phones Under N30000

The Gionee P5 Mini is a smartphone that’s only just decent for the price, which is a lot less than N30000.

The specifications would satisfy those who aren’t asking for much from their smartphones, especially when they spend under N30000. From the 4.5 inch FWVGA display to the gentle little processor, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t be expecting anything other than the basics from this phone.

The battery pack is 1850mAh; and honestly that is small by modern smartphone standards; however, I don’t expect to use this phone to play games, or watch hours upon hours of videos on YouTube (and you shouldn’t too) so it would be fine for light use.

Overall, the Gionee P5 Mini is one of the best phones under N30000 that I would recommend to buyers who want a backup device, and buyers who are just using a smartphone for the first time.

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Oukitel C8Buy Here

Not all devices under N30000 are gentle and little, some of them are fair beasts and you’ll definitely appreciate the extra features they would give you.

The Oukitel 8 is one such device, and it’s got specifications that are not common to devices of the N30000 price range.

A 5.5 inch 720p screen might not be very big, but definitely “bigger than small” on the Outkitel C8. It’s got 2GB of RAM, which is twice more than the usual RAM count on phone under N30000.

It’s also got 4G LTE, which is basically unheard of at that price point.

Every other features is pretty fine for the price. And the sweetest thing is the price.

I totally recommend the Oukitel C8 for if you want a bit of more power and function on a budget.

Blackview A7 Pro – Buy Here

Just like the Oukitel C8, the Blackview A7 Pro packs a decent punch as far as the specs are concerned.

It’s got 4G LTE too, and a sweet feature to have for that cheap. The screen is slightly smaller than the Oukitel C8 at 5 inches, but you weren’t expecting a 6.9 inch screen, were you?

The battery is good at 2800mAh, even if it only just good for the most part of the day.

The cameras aren’t stellar, but should treat you well if you need to take a quick snap.

The price is around N29000, and is absolutely a bang for buck at that price.

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This is one of the best phones under N30000, and I would recommend it to younger people who want a good enough phone for cheap/

Alcatel Pixi 4 Buy Here

This is a small phone; but positively so. It doesn’t break boundaries in screen tech, or processing speed, but it does pretty fine for day to day use.

1GB/8GB memory configurations should allow you make calls, and text without a hitch.

The 8MP camera sensor on the back is fine for casual point and shoot photography; on the front, there is also a serviceable selfie camera.

The battery on this device is small, albeit good for a day, since you wouldn’t be doing much on the phone.

N25000 would get you this phone, and for that price you wouldn’t be complaining much as it is genuinely one of the best phone under N30000.

Conclusion on Best Phones Under N30000 You Can Buy in Nigeria Right Now

If you are only able to spend N30000 on a phone, it doesn’t mean you should settle for a bad phone. There are very solid smartphones for that price.

However, you shouldn’t expect too much from them: typically, anything more intensive than day to day communication and usage might be letdown.

But there are some of the options that manage more functions, so you can be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you’re picking up a backup device, or you’re a young person who’s getting a smartphone for the first time, above is a list of best phones under N30000 you can check out right now.


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