It is not everyone that wants an expensive smartphone, and they are only concerned with the best phones under N20000.


N20000 is a very specific price range, but based on the demographic research of smartphone users in the country there are quite a number of persons whom wish to spend N20000 for a phone, and nothing more.

There is a number of reasons why you might want to spend N20000 on a phone;

maybe you want to get it for a much younger person, or you need a backup device to keep when the main phone fails.

Whatever reason it is, N20000 is fine for a phone,

and there some of the Best Android Phones in Nigeria Right Now under N20000 that would make you feel you’ve spent well.

Itel 1513

This device is just fine for N20000;

it doesn’t have an AMOLED display, or a bleeding edge processor, but it sure can do fine with the very basic functions of a phone.

The display spans 5 inches;

you’re not expected to consume multimedia on a screen this small, but web browsing and light video watching would still be manageable. The processor powering that display is a Quad Core one; capped at 1.2GHz, it would handle calls, messages, and not much else.

For storage, 8GB is all you get, and that’s coupled with 1GB of RAM. You won’t be storing much on it, but it’s not like you’re expected to for the price.

Speaking of the pricing, N20000 would get you the Itel 1513 and even now, you can get it for much less.

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Tecno W2 – Common Best Phones Under N20000 You Can Buy in Nigeria

Tecno also makes cheap smartphones, and their Tecno W2 phone can be had for less than N20000.

As far as the features go,

you shouldn’t expect to much from this device, as it does the basics well, and just a little more.

With a 4.5 inch screen calls and messaging would handle fine,

and the 1.3 GHz processor chugs along without complains (so far you’re not doing anything remotely intensive)

The battery pack is just 2500mAh, which should last the whole day if you don’t bug it that much. The camera are a 5MP on the back, and a 2MP on the front; it won’t win you any photography award, but would do fine for scanning documents and things like that.

You won’t even have to spend up to N20000 for this device,

which makes it one of the best phones under N20000

Leagoo Kiica Power

This phone received a lot of media coverage when it was first released,

and that was because of what it was hoping to give customers at under N20,000.

At N20,000, things such as fingerprint sensor shouldn’t be expected, yet somehow,

Leagoo Kiica Power was able to come with that.

It even has 2GB of RAM, at a time that sub-N20000 smartphones come with 1GB of RAM at most. The battery is also big at 4000mAh.

What makes this device shin, is the price of course;

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it is in fact the best phone under N20000 that I would recommend if it comes down to one of them.

Even at launch time, it never got past the N20000 mark, and now you can get it for much less.

It has a handful of features not common to smartphones in the price range,

and would definitely make you feel you have gotten more value for your money.

Tecno W1

Need a small backup phone for the kids while you’re away? The Tecno W1 smartphone is the phone to get.

It is perhaps the smallest phone you can get for N20000,

and it does have its use, even if it is not like the other bigger phones.

The screen is 4 inches in size; that is okay for making calls and reading text messages, but nothing much else; it is for the times you want to carry a small phone that’s still a smartphone.

The camera on the back is a 5MP one on the back, and a VGA one on the front;

apparently, it is not expected that you use them for any meaningful photography,

but they should do just fine for simple document scanning, and “light snaps”

The battery is a 1800mAh; it wouldn’t hold through gaming sessions, but would do fine if all you need a standby phone. Also, you can cop a Tecno W1 for as low as 16,500; it makes for a very good deal for those whom need a backup smartphone, or a first phone for teenagers.

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Itel A32F

The USP (Ultimate Selling Point) of the Itel A32F is its kind of Android OS.

It comes with Android GO edition (version 8.1),

and it is a specialised kind of android designed to run on low-end devices.

It’s also got a fingerprint scanner, and 1GB of RAM; it is able to handle lightweight versions of applications to allow for a smoother user experience.

The screen is an ample 5 inch one, and can handle web browsing and light multimedia consumption.

The 2,050mAh battery is sufficient for day-to-day use,

and the phone does a good job of managing tasks for a longer battery life.

It can be had for around N19,000 (less than N20,000 of course),

and overall it would be money well spent, considering that it is more modern and specially primed to run smoothly.

Wrapping up on Best Phones Under N20000 You Can Buy in Nigeria

There are a lot of smartphones that are manufactured regularly, and this gives you a wider amount of choice.

If all you’re looking for at this time is phones under N20000, you’ve got a lot of devices to choose from as well, and while we have mentioned a handful of them, there is no doubt that there are lot more.

You might be considering a phone under N20000 for a number of reasons;

Budget, the need for a backup phone, buying smartphones for the first time, and so on.

Regardless of the reason, there are smartphones that can offer the basic smartphone functions (and more) for the price.


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