I’m here again to talk about one of the most talked-about topics in the Nigerian cyberspace; as you’ve rightly guessed, Best Online businesses for students 2019

most of the things I discuss with you all comes down to ´how to make money in Nigeria” and right now,

the “how” question would be more specific and focuses on a particular group of people. top ten online businesses

online business ideas 2019

I would be talking about some of the best online businesses that are lucrative for students and

effectively answering the question of how to make money online as a student.

By “student”, I mean students of tertiary learning; those people that are in the university or other tertiary institutions.

I would be focusing on this section of the youth and showing them the various sure ways to make money online.

Best Online businesses for students 2019

Run a Blog

This is perhaps the surest, most underrated, most talked about online business there ever was.

Blogging is also the most popular way to start making money online, even as a student.

It could take just as little as 2 hours of your time every day, and could cost you as little as $20 (approx. N7,500);

this fits very well into the life of a busy student, and once he/she keeps steadily at it, it can be extremely lucrative. – best online businesses 2018

There are blogs which aren’t all that elaborate (they just cull contents elsewhere, and rewrite it with little additions of their own),

but sold for millions of dollars! And even before they decided to sell out, they were making thousands of dollars every month in revenues.

most successful online businesses 2017

While all of these sounds like fantasy to the average Nigerian student, it is indeed true.

However, Blogging requires a lot of dedication and hard work; the truth is you would only be making little amounts in the beginning,

but with time, consistency and hard work, the earnings would rapidly increase.

The key is to constantly draw in traffic with contents, and monetizing that traffic; the more traffic,

the more money! It is a really good way for students to make money since it allows for

the time for their other endeavours (which would be mostly academic).

Become an Affiliate Marketer

This is another popular way for students to make their money online. It basically entails selling

products and services for companies and receiving commissions from each sale.

What makes Affiliate Marketing super easy is that you don’t need to produce the things you

sell or even buy them; you can sell other people’s products and still make money!

To give an idea of just how lucrative affiliate marketing is, let’s take a look at Amazon Affiliates Program;

all you need do to get unto this program is to sign up (as an affiliate), sell some companies’ products using a referral link,

and you get paid in commissions for every sale made through that link given to you, the best part of it all is you wouldn’t need to move a muscle!

online business ideas for students

There are growing testimonies on how people are making lots and lots of money from Amazon Affiliates, and you can tell your own money-making stories too.

Being an Affiliates marketing isn’t too time-consuming (and costs nothing to start), so even if

you have a busy schedule as a student, it only requires an hour or two of your day.

You would also need to do some level of digital marketing and propagate the referral link to

as many people as you can, as that’s what improves your chances of making more money.

But that shouldn’t be a problem for a student who has some level of interaction with other students,

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and belongs in several different digital communities in his/her institution.

Sell your Brand

Many people don’t know it, but you could make money and get famous online by selling something of your own.

It could be anything! (So far it’s legal) from products, you came up with yourself, or other of your skills.

If you’re good with writing, you could become a Freelance Writer, and write for people on demand;

you could sell designs and other unique images if that’s what you’re comfortable with,

upload your works on the various suitable platforms available, and then make your money!

Students are generally believed to have their individual talents and skills, and what better way is there to making money than using these talents and skills?

Build Apps

I know, it sounds like something that is meant for the tech-oriented amongst us, but building

Apps might be a lot lucrative and open to all then you originally thought.

It’s 2019, and the demand for apps (especially mobile phone Apps) is on the rise, and that leaves open the door of vast opportunities for app developers.

“online business ideas for beginners”

You can develop Apps for mobile phones, and find yourself making a lot of money in no time;

if you’re scared of the coding and computations required to build an app, I’m happy to tell you that it’s a lot easier these days,

with easy to understand courses and tutorials, anyone can become a mobile app developer in no time at all.

Buying and Selling Domains

You can get into Domain name trade to make money while in school. It takes very little in the way of time and money;

all you have to do is buy a domain name (selling at its registration price or less) and resell it at a profit.

The key to making a lot of money from Domain name trade is to buy a domain name with a popular,

trendy name and sell it when the demand for it is high (normally people are willing to pay more for a catchy, trendy domain name).

top ten online businesses 2018

You would have to do a bit of research on domain auction websites to have an idea of the current trends in domain naming,

and also visit terminated lists of expired names that are back in the market to be purchased again.

Once you start dealing in popular domains, the chances of clocking serious earnings would increase!

Get your own online store

If you’re serious about making money online for a long time, owning an online store is the way to go.

Owning an online store is relatively easier than it was in the past, with platforms such as Shopify.com, owning an online shop requires very little money.

And the sweetest part of it is that you don’t need actual products to sell, you could just Dropship;

this means you just receive the orders from customers and forward the orders to those who have the goods, and then you receive a percentage of the deal.

This is the sort of business that fits into the life of a student; they won’t have to worry

about stocking up goods to sell, and still make money by owning an online store.

Become a Social media Consultant

This is an interesting business idea; why not just become a social media consultant? 

Companies nowadays would like to source for someone who would manage their presence in the social media space

(that is, companies aren’t large enough to have their own full-time social media coordinator), and that’s where you can come in.

With your ample knowledge of digital marketing, you can pitch yourself as the person who would take the business further on the Social media frontier,

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and boost their target audience reach by effectively implementing digital marketing strategies.

I imagine this shouldn’t be too hard for youngsters in school, as most of them are already quite conversant with social networking.

Professional Freelancer Best Online businesses for students 2019

You could go all-in if you like the idea of offering your skills on demand. The world of freelancing affords

a student a wider range of customers who are specifically in need of his services.

All you need to do is register on a freelancing platform (such as Fiverr, Upwork, and so on), and start receiving orders and other bids.

The advantage of utilizing these platforms is that they’ve got international customer base, therefore you stand a chance to make substantial money in the long run,

there’s also the flexibility of working on when there’s an order, so to a large extent, there is little interference with other student activities you might have.

If you deem it fit, you could start a career in freelancing, based on your skill and its demand in the market. It pays off in the long run.

Creating WordPress Themes Best Online businesses for students in 2019

This is particularly for those who can’t keep up with the regimented nature of blogging.

With knowledge in web development (HTML and CSS coding), you could develop themes for

WordPress and sell them on Marketplaces (such as ThemeForest, TemplateMonster and so on),

earning a nice stream of passive income. Web development isn’t so hard to learn these days,

and some are lucky to learn it in one informal way or another; which is why this is a good way of earning if Blogging isn’t your thing.

Be a guest writer Best Online businesses for students 2019

If you’ve got a flair for writing (regardless of your field of study), this is another way to make money off of it. If the idea of a blog is a bit too much for you,

you could write for other sites and blogs (Textbroker, for example) and get paid. Even more, you could write an E-Book;

the nice thing about E-Books is that you don’t have to pay anything to print (you obviously don’t print E-Books anyway),

this means maximum profit, and besides that fact, buyers are more likely to buy something

they’d get immediately, so writing an E-Book on a relevant topic would earn you money as a student.

You could also be a copy editor, and get paid to read and edit articles and correct grammatical errors in the web copy article.

If you’re bummed out on what to write, you could always check out the list of hundreds of writing niches that are in demand.

Do Research Best Online businesses for students 2019

If you can’t code or write or sell something, this is for you (Although, I would strongly advise you try to develop at least one skill before you leave school).

There are organizations that have research tasks that they’re not able to deal with themselves, so they pay other people to do it for them.

You could be a part of this and make yourself some money. You may be required to research on a particular topic,

so, before getting started, have an idea of the topics you’re good at and those you’re not. – Best Online businesses for students 2019

Sell Photos as a Best Online businesses for students 2019

If all you’re good at taking pictures, you can still make money from it. There are sites where

you can sell your photos (sites such as Fotolia, and so on) and earn substantially. – Best Online businesses for students 2019

These sites even have some attractive incentives to bring in more users; you definitely can take advantage of that.

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This kind of online business idea is so convenient; you’re basically making money from something that’s a hobby at best!

You can take these pictures in your spare time, with a very good digital camera

(even a very good phone camera would do, and that’s not hard to get for a student these days)

Be a Virtual Assistant – Best Online businesses for students 2019

Who knew you could be an assistant to someone you haven’t physically met ever? Well, it’s 2019, – Best Online businesses for students 2019

and that sort of thing is perfectly normal. If you look hard enough, you’d see that that this is a huge business opportunity in itself, and I’ll explain how.

There are small businesses that are in need of someone who would help out with their administrative functions,

and they may not actually want to employ someone full-time; so, virtual assistants are those they turn to.

Virtual assistants perform a wide range of functions including bills payment, expense reimbursement, and so on.

online business ideas 2018

They are basically secretaries that can work from anywhere.

The flexibility that “work from anywhere” affords is something that fits nicely into the schedule of a student, and he can earn money at his/her pace.

However, starting out with being a virtual assistant might just be bringing in trickles of passive income,

but with time, you begin to improve on the level of expertise and experience, which in turn improves your earning prospects.

Be a Web Developer – Best Online businesses for students 2019

Being the guy capable of building a fully functional website from scratch, opens you up to so many opportunities.

Other than the fact that there is an outrageously high demand for web developers, you get – Best Online businesses for students 2019

the chance to work for anyone you like, from wherever you please (that is if you’ve decided to be self-employed).

Clearly not for someone who doesn’t have the head for computer codes (which isn’t bad),

students who have devoted themselves to the study of web development could try out this business idea and make some money for their efforts.

Be a Vlogger – Best Online businesses for students 2019

It’s 2019, and there seems to be a shift in the way people would like to consume informational contents.

Needless to say, online videos are fast becoming the go-to way to consume internet contents;

at the forefront of that development is YouTube, and more people are beginning to get engaged in it on a daily basis.

A large percentage of the audience are youths (below the age of 25), and that is a really lucrative audience if you ask me. Best Online businesses for students 2019

Vloggers (video bloggers) are leveraging on the influx of people, and are making money off of the traffic that comes to their YouTube channel.

You can be a part of this trend, working your way to becoming an internet celebrity of sorts and making lots of money.

All you need to do is provide unique contents, and propagate it so more and more people get to see it,

and keep doing that constantly; that’s all it takes to be a YouTube Vlogger.

Keep in mind though, the cost of starting up a decent YouTube channel is bit high, and you would need to invest substantial time and energy into it,

so, as a student, this could be quite demanding; would be worth it once ad revenue and third party brand offer start rolling in.

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